11 Incredible Benefits of Heavy Bag Training

benefits of heavy bag training

Nowadays everyone seems to start training with a heavy bag. After lots of celebrities and models shared their heavy bag routines on their social media, it has been even more popular. Below there are 11 incredible benefits of heavy bag training and reasons of why you should definitely include it in your workout routine even if you don’t train boxing, MMA or other martial arts.


Let’s start with obvious reasons…

1. Everyone Wants to Build More Muscle

Heavy bag provides a lot of resistance and the training puts different intensity tensions to our muscles. Also, we can change the intensity of strikes punches, jabs, kicks… during the training. Different intensity on muscles is the biggest factor for surprising muscle tissue and forces it to grow. In that way, this will provide hypertrophy and your muscles will develop especially your shoulders.


2. Burn Fat without Getting Bored

According to Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services’ study, we can burn more than 500 calories in abenefits of punching bag training single training session. With that, we are the one who chooses the duration and intensity. Also, as we get stronger we will burn more and more calories.

And let’s admit it how many of you listen to music or something during any kind of cardio session? I know I do. Many people in gyms do their cardio without any real exertion. But have you seen someone like this with a heavy bag? Well, I actually did, but its number is far less than the number of people who use treadmills. I think the reason is that heavy bag needs a lot more focus and most people actually find it more fun than other cardio types.


3. Cardio Plus Resistance Training Equals…

There are only couple of training types which give cardio and resistance training at the same time. A rowing machine is a good example for it. Heavy bag training gives you the same deal and thanks to this feature, you will achieve incredible muscle tone. And heavy bag workout’s this particular feature is the most important reason of boxers getting in shape rather faster.


4. Cardiovascular Health

Your muscles benefit from training and so do your lungs and heart. With that, if you don’t wait a couple of seconds between the punches, you can get the maximum benefit of this aerobic session. So even if you get tired, you can adjust the tempo and continue moving, striking. In that way, your lungs and heart continue getting benefits.


5. Footwork

Sparring training is the best place for practicing footwork, but let’s not forget the heavy bag. For striking the heavy bag constantly, you will be moving with the bag and according to its reaction to your strike, you will react as well and change your position. With time, this will be your second nature and your footwork will benefit from it greatly.


6. Timing

After you punch or kick, heavy bag will obviously swing and you will be looking for a right time, place to punch again. Sometimes you will be punching hard and sometimes you won’t. Also, there are lots of different angles and strike types including jabs, cross, hook, uppercut… So punching bag’s reaction will be different every time when you strike. There are truly endless variations for timing and you will have way better sense of it with time.

benefits of heavy bag training


7. Hormones

As all aerobic exercises, heavy bag training also provides the release of endorphin. As a result, you will feel more relaxed.


8. Release Your Stress

Actually this benefit is directly correlated with the former one. You can punch the heavy bag hard as you can and personally, it gives me incredible relaxation and at the end of workout I am always

boxing gloves

Stress-free. I had a friend, who hasn’t done much sports in his life, said that he always train with a heavy bag once a week. When I asked him why, he answered that he relaxes at most with a heavy bag. Well, I exactly understand what he meant and I am sure you understand too if you have trained as hard as you can.

With that, safety should always come first and if you think of training with heavy bag safely, you need protective gloves which can help your hands to stay safe and give you an incredible workout. You can check the guide for heavy bag gloves to find more info about needed features and which pairs have it. With right and protective boxing gloves, you can even push your limits more and relax more 😉 Obviously, you will also need to get quality boxing hand wraps as well.


9. Perfect Coordination

In order to punch the heavy bag as hard as you can, you need all necessary muscles to work in incredible harmony and trust me it won’t happen when you punch the heavy bag first time. In my first training session, I could not provide any proper balance whatsoever. However, I got better about it with time. Then I realized how much I had developed my coordination and it was not just the coordination of my muscles, I also started reacting well to swing of heavy bag. My eye hand coordination improved as well.


10.It Makes your Punch Combinations Ready for Sparring

Punching bag workout is an incredible place to try your strike combinations before the sparring session. You can try every combination which you can think of, then get expert about it. After that, you will have much better chance to try them on your sparring opponent


11. Self Defense Skills

I know lots of guys including my little brother say that he can beat anyone. But, do they even know how to strike? I know that most of them haven’t punched and kicked even an item in their entire life. Well, heavy bag training gives at least an idea for how to punch and position yourself etc. Even though it won’t give all necessary skills for self-defense, it will at least give you an idea.

There are lots of reasons to do heavy bag training and being fit is obviously not the only reason. I hope you enjoyed the content and if you know any other benefits which I haven’t covered, please leave a comment 😉


Media Courtesy of Pavel Ševela, Warren and Marines via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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8 thoughts on “11 Incredible Benefits of Heavy Bag Training”

  1. Christmas is a stressful time and I might need a punch bag to relieve it! lol! Actually, that’s not a bad idea! I think I’d get pretty bored if I didn’t have music to listen to, that’s a good idea! My brother is getting into muscle building, perhaps he’d like a punching bag for his birthday! It’s a bit too late for a Christmas present 🙂

    1. Yes it is late for Christmas present 😉 and when he starts bodybuilding, you can definitely recommend heavy bag training to him

  2. Hello Furkan,

    I like how informative your article is. Never really knew that heavy bag training can bring so much of benefit to our body. I would consider buying a punching bag to use it at home. Any recommendations on which one is the best? Thank You very much.

  3. Hello Furkan,
    Well it seems heavy bag training is really beneficial. I thought most people use it just to release some stress. But it also looks like a great cardio exercise.

    1. It is really beneficial training type and as you said punching bags are seriously great for cardio and many people use it solely for cardio.

  4. I like how informative your article is. I never really knew that working out on the punching bag helps release endorphins which help keep you more relaxed as well as helps perfect the overall body coordination. Thank you so much for the insight

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