5 Really Cool Wrestling Shoes

coolest wrestling shoes with awesome colors

When you watch wrestling matches or people who wrestle in the gym you can see a myriad of different wrestling shoe models. Some have cool designs and some look really plain.cool wrestling shoes with amazing designs

You might want your wrestling shoes to stand out and deliver quality at the same time, right? I know many of you do and after tons of requests, I gathered 5 really cool wrestling shoes which you can perform really well on mats. I also provided the qualities of these below.

ASICS Mens International Lyte Wrestling Shoe

wrestling shoes with awesome designThis shoe is made of a synthetic and suede leather blend. The sides are quite bulky and it can be a great option for people who have big feet. This blend is strategically used for maximum durability. For example, the ankle part has more of it.

The sides have holes for extra breathability which drastically improve the comfort.

It has relatively big rubber gum which provides good traction and it has a split sole which reduces the weight and provides more flexibility. But even though it offers great traction please note that it is not the best one.

As a final note, the fitting feedback is really good. I mean I looked at the sites’ data and watched enough people who drove forward with incredible speed while wearing this shoe. I am convinced that it provides a good fit. So while choosing a size you don’t need to worry about “should I go for bigger or smaller sizes?” etc. Just get your regular size and you will be perfectly fine.

This one got feedbacks like coolest looking wrestling shoes even I heard wrestler trainers talk about how aesthetic the shoe is instead of talking about how the guy secures his opponent’s legs. Shortly, the shoe stands out big time.

Considering the quality, Asics Mens International Lyte deserves the number one spot on this list.

Also, you just need to check out orchid, Atlantis color. The colors are quite vibrant and unique.

Adidas Men Mat Wizard David Taylor Edition

wrestling shoes with cool designAdidas Men Mat Wizard David Taylor is one of Adidas best sellers. Being a shoe company’s one of the best sellers tells something.

This shoe has a blend of synthetic and genuine leather. The synthetic leather is placed on the parts which have more deformation for you to wear this shoe more. It has synthetic leather on the sides and the ankle part.

This shoe has mesh at sides and can stretch. This can actually hurt the durability. However, the stripes do not let that happen. At least, it decreases the amount of deformation. The stripes have a decent amount of elasticity so it widens as it should during you are on mats and these don’t lower the freedom of movement and are comfortable during the workouts. There is a really delicate balance here and according to feedback, Adidas pulled it off.

It has die-cut EVA midsole and it increases flexibility and stability even while your foot is not completely on the sole.

Adidas has a great cushion and has a big mesh. When you look at the sides and even upper sides, you will see a mesh. This increases the air in and out.

It has color selections like Olive green and solar.

This shoe is actually my favorite shoe on this list and has an awesome simplistic stripe design and the stripes add a nice touch to Adidas David Taylor.

Adidas Men’s Pretereo 3 Wrestling Shoes

Apart from the cool design, this shoe has some unique qualities. The ankle part is longer and provides more stability for your ankles and protects them well.

The ankle part has some advantages for safety and while you are doing takedowns and various other movements it improves the stability but it has some disadvantages as well including discomfort.

With that being said, it provides a lot of traction and considering all of these, Adidas Men’s Pretereo is for wrestlers who are more passive.

Adidas Men’s Pretereo 3 has a single layer which is durable enough. It provides lightweight but after all, it is only a single layer and this is why this shoe is not the most durable wrestling shoes. So I don’t think that you can get more than a year of training from this shoe. It will probably have a classic looseness after a year.

Pretereo 3 also has added cushion and support at the heel part. It definitely protects your ankles well.

The lining is made of suede and even though when your shoes are really sweaty, there will be minimum slippage. Thanks to suede and lightweight construction, you can show good performance and feel comfortable with it. As a side note, the break-in period does not exist and when you do not feel awkward with the sole, you will be satisfied.

Adidas Men’s Pretereo 3 has a unique slim design and awesome colors.

Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4-M

This wrestling shoe is made for aggressive wrestlers who move a lot on the mats. It is made of genuine leather and this Adidas shoe fits like a sock as it is quite thin.

It has a split sole as well and rubber for increasing the traction on mats. With that being said, you can see that the surface area is a bit smaller than usual. Actually, both soles are a bit smaller than usual. However, these provide more traction because the line frequency is more than usual. This increases the amount of traction for the surface. So traction feels different and it is ideal for people who want to move fast as the shoes get off the ground with less resistance.

When you consider these, these qualities are perfect for being light and if you are really aggressive on mats, then honestly look no further.

Men’s Combat Speed has bigger air channels than usual and there will be constant air in and out during your wrestling sessions. This is quite useful particularly for this shoe as you spend more calories and sweat more than usual.  So this quality comes in handy.

I know that because of the qualities this shoe may not fit every wrestler’s style however it is one of the most quality ones in its class so I had to include it on this list.

As you can see having an awesome design is not the only reason for buying this shoe. But still, it is a reason. If you are interested, check out Men’s Combat Speed on Amazon.

ASICS Matcontrol Shoe Men’s Wrestling

Asics does not run out of quality and nice-looking wrestling shoes. This is another one which has split sole which has three soles for extra traction. This shoe provides more traction than other split soles as it has three parts so the area is a bit bigger than usual.

Asics Matcontrol is made of synthetic leather and it has a decent mesh. The comfort is nothing spectacular but it allows good amount of air in and out as it also has holes at the sides.

This shoe does not allow sweat to escape much so if you train longer period of time, the shoe may slightly get heavier but it is really not much. Because when the air circulation is good and the shoe also lets some of the sweat to escape so this will not be a big issue.

However, there is a detail about the comfort. It has a little padding at the tongue compartment. If you are one of the people, who complain about swelling of your foot you can give this shoe a shot. The sole of the shoe is also softer. Even though it is only “standard” about the comfort, it gets pretty good feedback for preventing swelling, bruises etc.

The integrated closure helps laces stay in place. Even when your partner steps on it, the laces will not untie. It is important as not only it should be in that way in wrestling tournaments, many wrestling clubs also take that into consideration.

This pair of wrestling shoes helps you do wrestling moves while offering decent protection for ankles. It also has really cool color selections like Indio Blue.

As a final note, this shoe has a lot of .5 sizes for a better fit.

Conclusive Thoughts

Guys, I know you want your wrestling shoes to look cool and have awesome designs but you also need to be careful about which models provide good grip and help you stay on your feet and are flexible at the same time. These shoes provide exactly these. Cool design, awesome colors are important but if you don’t perform well on the mats the shoes are worthless. So I highly suggest you read this kind of web-site writings as I am sick and tired of complaints about the “cool” wrestling shoes, which people buy without proper research, do not perform well. It goes without saying but it is important to pick a quality one which looks amazing and International Lyte definitely fits the criteria. With that being said, there are all types of wrestling shoes above and I am sure that everyone can find a suitable pair of shoes.

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I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have a question, just have a comment below.

Image Courtesy of 2017 Canada Summer GamesSimon Q via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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