6 Really Cool MMA Gloves!

cool mma gloves

There are a lot of cool MMA gloves on the market which can provide good MMA sessions and look aesthetic at the same time.MMA gloves with really cool design

I personally don’t care about how my MMA gloves look. As long as these do the job fine and protect well, I am good. However, there are many people who want their MMA gloves, shin guards… to look cool while training in the gym and I get that.

So I gathered really cool MMA gloves on the market and below you can find short reviews for each of these.

1. Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Grappling Gloves

MMA gloves with cool designEven though the name includes “grappling” this glove is a training type glove which is also mentioned in the product description.

You can use it to punch the mitts then go on sparring. The leather is SBL engineered which is artificial and looks just amazing. It lasts a couple of years. The padding is mostly concentrated on the knuckle part and because of that, it has a “puffy” look. It is good for striking but the bulky design does not help while grappling. So you basically give some and get some. As you can understand from this, this glove is more ideal for striking.

The lining is antimicrobial and wicks sweat at a normal rate while allowing it to escape as well.

It is basically mid-range MMA gloves which have above average qualities. The finger compartment has a bit more room than usual and it is suitable for grappling sessions.

It has a velcro closure and it also leaves a bit extra room for hand wraps. Considering cost efficiency, it gives you the best bang for the buck.

Lastly, Sanabul has awesome color selections.

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2. Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

This is one of the most popular gloves of this popular brand. Challenger series like headgear is known to do the job just fine and has a good price. This pair of MMA gloves is not an exception.

This one has denser padding which protects your knuckles from constant punishment. The padding is equally distributed and does not have angular or puffy look like many other MMA gloves. Many readers of my site commented that Venum Challenger has a cool design as well. Even though I have not used this particular glove it is obvious that it has a certain look which many people just like.

This glove has a more bulky wrist protection and it is snug fit. When you consider the protection, it is actually the most protective gloves on this list.

It has a logo and hardcore design which many MMA lovers prefer.

It has a soft inner lining and it is quite comfy. Considering the comfort, many models of this brand offer top-notch comfort. The inner lining is soft and the company definitely knows what they are doing about this topic.

Venum Challenger has a lot of vibrant colors other than black. It has red, gray, yellow color selections as well.

3. Fairtex Ultimate Combat Open Thumb

It is actually my favorite pair of gloves on the list. Fairtex Ultimate has a quite unique design and as you can see it is “open thumb” style which is many MMA fighters’ first choice of style.

This Thai brand has various designs and open thumb particularly works well for grappling. It can be also used for bag workouts.

The wrist support is extra tight and has a couple of layers to absorb the shock well. Thanks to that, it has a minimal design and has a soft lining.

Check out More Detailed Information (review) 

4. Everlast Pro MMA Gloves

You can see this pair in every MMA gym. It is one of the best-selling MMA gloves on the market. The brand is popular and has decent reviews online so people go for it.

This glove has a classic design and it is made of synthetic leather. You can beat the bag for a couple of years without any issues.

After punching the mitts or bag, the padding absorbs and delivers the shock throughout the glove. This pair is commonly used and people generally give decent feedback for the protection. When this is the case (being too popular), seeing generally positive reviews for protection is a really good sign.

The wrist closure is long and provides quite good support.

Everlast Pro will last around 2 years. The liner’s quality is a bit below average and your hands will sweat more than usual. And Everlast is definitely not the best about the comfort so you should definitely keep in mind these before buying. The padding also moves to right after a year or two. I know that is quite odd and as you can guess it is not wise to punch this glove after that point as you can severely injure your knuckles.

One thing is to consider that some people reported that the lining is rough on their hands. Other than that, it is pretty basic and affordable pair of MMA gloves.

This glove has that classic Everlast logo.

Cost Efficiency: The cost efficiency is quite high and if I was on a budget, I would go for Everlast Pro MMA Gloves.

5. Venum Attack MMA Gloves

Venum Attack caught my attention a long time ago and I had reviewed it quite thoroughly. Venum uses classic Skyntex Leather for these gloves and it works quite well for gloves as it is sturdy and does not have defects, soft or rough spots for quite some time.

It has layers of padding which provide glove to have an ergonomic design. I can say that it is the ultimate training pair and this is definitely one of my favorite gloves on the list.

The air regulating qualities are top notch and it allows sweat to escape quite well. As a final note, this cool MMA glove is made in Thailand.

Check out my Venum Attack Review

6. Hayabusa Hybrid

Hayabusa Hybrid is a hybrid type glove and it is suitable for many martial arts including Muay Thai, kickboxing. As you can see it has more padding than regular gloves which makes this glove ideal for any bag workout as it protects your knuckles quite well.

Due to the design, it has a really bulky look. However, it is flexible enough to do any grappling training as the finger compartment provides enough freedom to do that.

In addition to that, it allows you to jump rope, do battle rope training without taking off the glove as it provides versatility and freedom to do that. It is especially good for people who do martial arts training for fitness purposes. You basically don’t need any other glove to train with and you can do a lot of different training types with it.

The dual closure is quite small and shorter than the others and it is made of good quality leather. You can wipe your sweat during a session. I guess that Hayabusa don’t want us to stop for a second while training and apparently they made a really good job.

It is also the most flexible glove on this list and actually, you should expect it from this glove as it provides punching, grappling and regular workout routines (skipping rope etc.).

As you can see, it is higher-end however it definitely deserves the price tag.

It has quite vibrant colors and the leather looks quite smooth and has a quite good design. Some of the colors are green, purple and blue.

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Let’s Wrap It Up

There also many other MMA glove models of the brands but I limited these selections to six as I don’t want this writing to go on forever. It seems that many Thai brands like Venum and Fairtex really care about the looks of MMA gloves and many people agree that Thai brands’ gloves look more aesthetic. There are many other MMA gloves which look great but they are lack of quality so this is why even though you want to train with a glove which looks awesome you should definitely check out the overviews online.

Shortly, there are seriously many MMA gloves with hardcore design and amazing description but many of them are lack of quality. Just be aware of that.

With that being said, these MMA gloves can also make a good present for MMA fighters as well! One of the reasons why I actually decided to write this writing is that I got a lot of requests from people for it. These also have reasonable prices as well so if you want to get a present for someone who does regular MMA training sessions, you really can’t go wrong with these as these look awesome and provide good striking and grappling performance.

If you have any other suggestions for cool MMA gloves which are good for MMA training, feel free to leave your suggestions below!

Image Courtesy of  Karnaz and MartialArtsNomad.com via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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6 thoughts on “6 Really Cool MMA Gloves!”

  1. Oh, I think I would agree with you. I would just want a pair that work really well. To me comfort and functionality is a lot more important than looks. But if I did have to pick from these, I do really like the Venum Attack MMA gloves. I am curious if you use any that you have listed here?

    1. Yeah, we are in the same boat. I never cared about aesthetics. It is just a nice extra. Yeah, I used some of these. I used one of them for years and I grappled with one of them for a couple of weeks. After reading your comment I provided links to my extended reviews. You can check out them if you are interested.

  2. This is an excellent review! Like you, I am not too worried about looks. I have tried Fairtex MMA gloves when I trained many years back. I did not try the ones you describe here but I can vouch for the brand in general. They are durable, comfortable and offer just the right amount of padding in my opinion. I am also familiar with Everlast. Most of my experience is with their punching bags, mitts and boxing gloves. They are a solid brand, with a great reputation as well.
    Thanks for this great post!

    1. I also clinched with one of Fairtex models and I can vouch for it as well. Yeah, even though Muay Thai Gloves of the brand is in demand many people are also satisfied with the performance of the MMA gloves.

      I think Everlast should change a couple of things including the padding type as it is quite odd. It is not tough and solid as many other MMA gloves’ padding.

  3. Hi Furkan,

    Have you used any of these? I’m concerned that the synthetic leather wouldn’t last very long with the continual abuse. My personal experience is that they start to rip along the seams.

    I’m quite impressed with the hybrid ones. They’re more expensive, but you can use them for more than one routine.


    1. I used Fairtex Open Thumb and included my experiences in the extended review. You can find it in that section. Genuine leather MMA gloves seem to be more resistant to ripping and even though I am not particularly a fan of hybrid gloves many seem to prefer it, however, I just can’t grab efficiently with them.

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