Are Everlast Boxing Gloves Good or Should You Prefer Other Brand?

Is being famous brand everything now? In my opinion, it is definitely not. Normally being famous or having good advertisements should not matter, what matters is producing quality products. But nowadays lots of companies do the opposite of it and sell their products. Sadly, most of them have succeeded about it. Is Everlast one of them, too? and are Everlast Boxing Gloves good? In this short content, I will give answers to these questions.

Lots of people already have seen that Mohammed Ali using Everlast over and over again. What can be a better advertisement than best boxer of all time using this glove? When you watch him training or knockout his opponent, it is way more effective than any advertisement. After that, some people even don’t even question of buying an Everlast. Who can blame them?


muhammad ali in a match with everlast boxing gloves


Do all Everlast Boxing Gloves Suck?

I have been doing boxing training for very LONG time now and I can easily say that I am addicted to it. I have experienced lots of things about the industry. Ever since my site is up and running, I also have connected people in the industry, done LOTS of researches and learnt more things. When I first used my Everlast Training Gloves, I had quiet bad experiences and I could not get a good performance or safe training. I actually bought an another pair just a few weeks later. Because I already experienced how quality boxing training can be. And I was not getting nearly close to a good training with Everlast. Back then, I was not aware of safety features and I was assuming it was all about the padding quantity. I could not be any more wrong. I did not have an idea about features like wrist support, thumb lock or padding’s ability to forget its memory fast. I learnt all of these a year later after using Everlast. Then, I realized that I had a serious injury risk  when I was using these gloves. You may think that “I just got a bad pair” or “Everlast might have quality boxing gloves” Fair enough.

However I witnessed that some of my friends’ experiences with different models of Everlast. I also saw LOTS of buyer’s testimonials like very bad leather quality, punching experience… Then, I decided to search for a quality pair of Everlast. But, it needed to have decent and enough reviews. I could actually found one. Then, I sent lots of e-mails to buyers who briefly reviewed it. I could reach out 4 of them and asked about its durability etc. They seem to be extremely satisfied with the product and they mostly used it in heavy bag training. This model is Everlast ProTex2 EverGel Training Gloves. Even though I searched very extensively both offline and online, the results were pretty disappointing and I could found only one very quality boxing gloves. And if you are looking for an Everlast Gloves ProTex2 should be your first choice. PLEASE keep in mind that this is only about boxing gloves not about Everlast’s MMA gloves, punching bags, boxing mouth guards or any other products.


My Good Experiences with Everlast

My old gym had used lots of Everlast heavy bag stands. These provided very good stability and stayed durable for a long time. We had used them for 3 years and before I moved the other country, they were still using it. Also, I  always hear how customer services take care of their customer’s needs. Personally I had an experience with them and I was quite happy with their service. Anyway, all I can say is that Everlast is definitely not a bad company. But, their boxing gloves seriously need to have more quality and safety features. Even the boxing community calls Everlast as “neverlast”. Its leather quality is that bad. However if you are just looking to use a glove for just “fun” or as an “accessory”, by all means you can get Everlast Training Gloves. It is the most popular Everlast boxing glove but it won’t give you any training performance, durability or even SAFETY. With that, if you are looking for a really quality glove, I suggest you to have a look at Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves Review. I am sure that there you will find a pair of gloves for your need.

In conclusion; yes, Everlast boxing gloves are bad and you should avoid them but it does not mean that Everlast is a bad company. It has very quality complete heavy bag stand, speed bags, platforms customer service… In fact I think Everlast is a good company but they absolutely need to change the way of producing boxing gloves and give lots of care to their pairs like Winning or Cleto Reyes.

“Are Everlast Boxing Gloves good?” Tell me what you think and your experiences with them.


Image Courtesy of East Coast Gambler via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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10 thoughts on “Are Everlast Boxing Gloves Good or Should You Prefer Other Brand?”

  1. It’s funny how we get so programmed with a brand name. I would have bought Everlast if I needed gloves because that’s all that I know from watching boxing in the 70’s.
    After your great in-depth review I know that not to be the case. Really well done, thanks!

    1. I know right, when I watch videos of 70’s 80’s all I see is Everlast.I think Everlast is good company but they produce very bad gloves. And lots of people refer to them as “neverlast” I really hope that it will change. You are welcome Peter

  2. Hi Furken,

    It’s easy to assume that the Everlast brand would be one of the best brands since their company has been around … forever.

    My husband used to box (for fun) and he used Everlast and Grant brands, but he didn’t have a preference.

    But it’s good to know that safety features should be considered before buying them especially if you’re taking up boxing as a profession.

    Thanks for the post

    1. Grant is really excellent choice. I have used one and really loved my trainings with it. we need to be safe as much as possible when we train 😉

  3. I like reading honest reviews about products – thanks for this one!
    It sounds to me, correct me if I’m wrong, that maybe for a person who likes to just play around with boxing at home, sort of just starting out, Everlast gloves might be fine. As long as they don’t hit hard and often.
    But for someone who really wants to get in shape and do some serious punching, it’d be VERY GOOD to have boxing gloves with safety built in! We need our hands, joints, wrists, and shoulders for LIFE! 🙂
    Great review!

    1. You are absolutely right, If they are not serious and train for fun then they don’t need to have quality pairs. When I review pairs, I always focus on safety because as you said we need them for life 😉

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with everlast gloves. Maybe I just don’t go hardcore enough to notice the flaws. Good post. Very informative

    1. Well you maybe use Everlast pair which I recommend 😉 you probably have not used it long. In the beginning these can give “normal” experience

  5. Honest article about a glove that has been around for a century. Aside from competition gloves Everlast has been producing mostly mediocre training boxing gloves for a long time. It marvels me, cause most boxers know this to be true, and yet the Everlast company do not correct themselves in this area. They have neglected their forte, and that is why companies like Ringside and Title are now the entry standards when it comes to training gloves. On a side note I do have experience with Cleto Reyes gloves. The padding in the knuckle area is not as well protected. Reyes being a gloves for kings is not a glove I would recommend for beginners.

    1. Man I try to be open as much as possible 😉 Thanks for your nice words. Everlast sells a lot just because people heard the brand before. So they generally make gloves with “cheaper” materials and bad designs. I really don’t think it will ever change as well. Because people just buy it. You are also right about the padding in the knuckle area of Cleto Reyes. But even though I sometimes could not punch with a proper technique it protected me. So a bit sore hands would not hurt anyone 😉 I also totally agree what you say about Title Boxing Gloves as well.

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