Body Action System Reviews – Are These any Good?

Product:  BAS Body Action System X2

Check It Out: on Here

Guarantee: 90 days of warranty (30 days trial period)

Extras: Two instructional DVD’s

Max Height: 79”                                                

Training Quality Rating: 10.0 out of 10.0

Durability Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Body Action System Reviews

BAS Body Action System X2 Product Overview

When I first saw Century Bob XL, I said to myself  “the martial arts definitely benefits from technology”. Honestly I could not have guessed how they can make this kind of developed equipment and I have been doing martial arts training for several years. Then, some company made even better and more developed product than “Bob” itself and it is not even the same company. The unique features of Body Action System make it the best and ultimate choice for ALL kinds of martial arts. This includes boxing, krav maga, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA….

In this Body action system reviews, you will find the unique features of BAS, also differences between Deluxe and X2 models.

Endless Number of Variations

Most punching bags’ height is the only adjustable setting. Well, this situation is completely different for BAS. There are two fully adjustable T-bars within the system. You can adjust ANYTHING. This even includes the exact positions of BAS’s hand and leg pads. Can you imagine ALL the striking variations? I certainly can’t.

This system can also be used for self-defense. You can attach a gun or knife to BAS then practice getting a weapon from it or hitting the target safely. You can even change the position of the weapon. The variation number is truly endless.

Below there is a video and you can see how it is used for striking and self-defense.

 Get the Most Quality Martial Arts Training Equipment

Vital Differences between X2 and Deluxe

As the main difference, BAS X2 has two more pads at the lower side of the system. The older system (Deluxe) doesn’t have it and it is not possible to practice low kicks. This feature provides more variations for kicks and makes X2 excellent for Muay Thai, MMA, kickboxing…

Body Action System Deluxe Review

However if you are looking body action system for doing only boxing training, I strongly suggest you buy Deluxe on here. The only difference between X2 and Deluxe is that Deluxe model does not have lower pads which are useless for boxing training. You can save a lot of money and get the same quality of boxing training.

It Reacts Like a “Real Person”

When you punch or kick a heavy bag, it gives too much resistance to your strikes and hold you where you are. When you strike real person’s hand, your striking body part slips and continues moving. The EXACT same thing happens when you train with BAS Body Action System’s pads. This feature is unique and only belongs to the Body Action System series. Working on “after striking position” definitely provides very important skill improvement and makes you ready for how to react after striking.

Explosive Strength, Speed…

With BAS, you can do every training type including precision, strength and many others. After you punch as powerful as you can, it does not swing like a heavy bag so you can get very efficient aerobic training. Thanks to this feature, you can strike with all your power over and over again. After a strike, your striking body part slips and this makes it easier to strike again.

Explosive strength starts improving and in that way you can get fit and lose fat faster. No other system or heavy bag can give the same opportunity to improve explosive strength other than Body Action System and it is a very vital skill for martial arts and self-defense.

Realistic Fight Experience

After I had started training with “Bob XL”, my striking precision has improved greatly. I still get new experiences and get used to punching vital areas even more in every single boxing training session. This feature is the most important reason of why I love training with “Bob” and BAS Body Action System X2 also has it. I think that only improvement can be a realistic torso for BAS X2. Other than that I honestly can’t see any room for improvement.


There is 30 days of the return policy for this amazing product, no questions asked. When I see these kinds of descriptions from reputable companies, I immediately realize how much they believe in their product. Based on really good feedback on martial arts, boxing forums, they are right to believe in Body Action System X2. There are 2 training Dvd’s where they show how to use and do “fun” training with it.

Unique Features and Pros

  • An excellent choice for ALL martial arts and self-defense
  • Provides every training type including precision, aerobic, explosive strength…
  • Very realistic fight experience
  • Endless striking variations (adjustable pads)
  • It folds up so easily

What about Cons?

As you can see, it is just superior to other boxing and martial arts training equipment out there. It will improve your skills, precision better than other equipment and bag types. Let’s not forget that Body Action Systems have anatomically correct pad places. These are truly unique features. And these are made of highly durable materials so it will only initially cost you more. Price can be slightly expensive however this product will definitely compensate its price with its incredible durability. The durability gets very good feedback from boxing forums and martial arts forums as well.

Final Thoughts

BAS X2’s features like explosive strength and endless striking variations can’t be found in any other punching bags on the market. Also there are LOTS of training types that you can do with Body Action Systems. I am also sure that you will love doing every single one of them with Body Action System X2 and sharpen your skills in the process. And if you are interested, check out the most recent price of Body Action System X2 on amazon.

However if you are looking for only boxing training equipment, then Deluxe is for you. Because you don’t need extra lower pads and can save some money. I hope you enjoyed the Body Action System reviews. If you have any questions or personal experiences with the product, please leave a comment below.

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28 thoughts on “Body Action System Reviews – Are These any Good?”

  1. Wow,the new system is cool.This is a great body action system,it like people get all in one system for this great deal. Very good I hope people take the advantage of that. Keep up your good work, very nice website.


    1. Thank you Sophie, it is the best for mma training. Lots of people already buy this and it is getting more popular day by day 😉

  2. Hah. From the title I first thought this was Bas Rutten endorsed product 🙂

    How stable is this? I would think after a while it starts moving around bit with only couple sandbags to hold it down.

    1. It is actually version Bas Rutten 😉 Lots of people know it by the name of Body Action System and even they search it with this name, you really know about this subject Panu. It is quite stable and these sand bags are heavy and these are strategically placed and it always get best reviews about its stability even it is more stable than lots of free standing bags

  3. Great review on this product. Product looks like a fine compact and mobile way of training. Have you personally used this product or know anyone who has? It looks awesome!

    1. It is very easy to set it up. I have not a chance to use it yet but I have seen demonstration in the mall and my gym probably will get one

  4. Gosh — I didn’t even know they made things like this, but my son would love one! He has done martial arts for years and it looks like it has everything he could possible want for training.

    1. it is very good for all martial arts, I know so many people do boxing and martial arts training with it. He can definitely use it.

  5. Very in depth review and very well written, thank you for sharing I know some people who love martial arts that would like this.

  6. Great review! Thanks for sharing! It looks pretty cool and it seems to tick all the boxers for a perfect training equipment for martial art. I can imagine it can give you a realistic fight experience.

    1. It gives incredibly realistic experience. because of body action system, some of my friends started doing lots of sessions in their home

  7. Really good information and hey! many thanks, really, I didn’t know these things even existed.
    I might give it a go.
    thank you.

  8. Dang

    This is rather intense lol. Attach a gun, that’s amazing, and it would make sense too. No better way really then to teach some self-defense for sure. Martial Arts is amazing to me, and this takes it up a to a whole new level. Great post.

  9. Wow! Great article! Never knew there is such technology out there for martial arts practice. In Asia here, we mostly have classes where people train with others. I hope this catches on here in Asia, and the gyms start to have these too. Of course, it is great for personal use, too.

    Thanks Furkan! Very in-depth article with useful info. I especially like that you have tried this, and shared your personal experience with it.

    1. Right now I am actually in Asia as well 😉 It is simply amazing system and I am sure it will help anyone who trains boxing or martial arts.

  10. Hi Furkan,

    This is really cool. Learning Krav Maga over a period of 18 months is one of my goals over the next 3 years, and with classes being so infrequent where I am, this BAS would make for an excellent complement to that learning. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I shall be looking into this.


    1. You will surely get lots of benefits from it 😉 And I know so many people, who do boxing training, use it however I also know how much it can benefits Krav Maga as well. I am sure you will love using Body Action System.

  11. After reading on of your previous reviews on Bob XL, I went right out and bought one. It has been a great help so far with my training and I am very happy with it. After seeing your latest review on the BAS system, I am afraid BOB XL just isn’t going to cut it any longer. I am in love with the BAs design and extra options. I really think it can help me raise my training to the next level. Do you know if they ship this product in the US?

    1. Well BOB XL is just great. I mean it is the most quality training equipment which I have ever trained but Body Action System is just at another level. And I am sure that you will have amazing workout, improve your skills even more with it.
      Amazon has it in US. So you can just order it from there.

  12. This is a great setup. I like how you can use it for boxing or martial arts. Thanks for the tip on saving a $100 by choosing the Deluxe if you are a boxer. I like the realistic action you get with this system. I think it develops coordination better than a heavy bag. Do you have articles with different workouts you recommend with this?

    1. Man, it is really not fair for heavy bag. Body Action Systems just offer too much. As you said coordination is just one of them. There are free DVDs which come with the shipment. You will have plenty of workouts to do when you get the system. And you are welcome for tips 😉

  13. Maurice Jackson

    Although this is martial arts related. I can see its use for bettering a physical condition for individual limbs of the body. It is a nice piece of equipment.

    1. It is perfect for boxing and martial arts, however, it is perfect for fitness as well. I saw many people in the gym, who don’t do any boxing training at all, do workouts with this Body Action Systems.

  14. Hello Furkan,
    BAS-X2 is like a real person to train with. With growing population of young people or people who are interested in joining a fitness training is a super A equipment to own one.
    I will keep this in mind and will let my son read your article.
    Thank you,

    1. It has all limbs and body parts so it can’t be better : ) This is why you can see Body Action System in many different gyms. However, many people also get it to train at their homes, backyard as well.

      In my opinion, children can benefit from it a lot as well. Since learning how to strike kick, punch with more precision at earlier ages will surely bring them advantage.

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