9 Amazing Benefits of Battle Rope Training

Battle ropes became quite popular in the last decade and there are literally many reasons for it. You will most likely see it in every gym.

Also, many boxers and many people, who do boxing or MMA training, use battle ropes to get into shape and benefit from this amazing workout. I will also explain why they started doing it at the end of the writing as well.

Benefits of Battle Ropes

1. Your Whole Body will Build Muscle

During battle rope workout your legs need to provide you a stable stand, your core should be tight and obviously your back, chest and your arm muscles are involved in the training.

battle rope training

It is a compound exercise and this exercise type helps you to build muscle way more effectively.

2. Burn fat

Basically it is a cardio and resistance training at the same time. And as you know your whole muscles will work together and you can change the technique so these will provide different resistance intensity for your fat cells. The direction of the resistance also changes constantly. On top of that you can also do high-intensity interval training with battle ropes and it is one the most effective ways to burn fat.

There is a lot of scientific researches that show that you can burn 200 calories per 15 minutes session. It is truly a remarkable number for such a short duration.

3. Denser muscles and more Growth Hormone

Doing resistance training at a high heart rate will give you denser muscles. And as a result of it, your body composition will increase and your muscles will be toned. I know that so many people including me are after that.

Even though it is whole body training, you will see the biggest change on your shoulder and arms.

Also when a workout is an aerobic exercise and provides resistance training at the same time, you will have more growth hormones with it and well your muscle cells will grow more.

There is no wonder why many bodybuilders do battle rope training religiously.

4. Improve weak parts of your body

When you use the ropes, some of your muscles may not keep up the pace and you can lose your rhythm and even your balance. One of these will happen if you have weak muscles. These weak muscles basically need to have more endurance or more muscle mass. And battle rope training will give you just these.

As you can imagine that after many sweaty battle rope sessions all your muscles will have almost equal force.

After you can do all techniques (double waves, power slam, shoulder circles etc.) easily, then you can continue training with longer, heavier ropes or you can simply get shorter ropes, which provide more resistance and train with them.

5. Variation

There are endless techniques in battle rope training. You can increase your explosiveness with power slam and your muscles will get sore after doing alternating waves.

With that when you have better skills, you can even combine them or change the speed. These variations will make your brain work and your mind will be readier for “what is coming next” and you will get used to reacting accordingly.

It is really crucial for boxing or any other martial arts.

And you simply can’t get these benefits from treadmills or any other basic cardio tools. If you are interested in doing this amazing training, I highly suggest you take a look at these best battle ropes. One of these also used my boxing gym over and over again and we have only good experiences with it.

benefits of battle rope training


6. Battle Rope Workout is Healthy for Everyone

Battle rope workout is considered as a low impact exercise. It means that it won’t have any bad effects on your joints or bones whatsoever. This is why this training type is recommended for kids and the elderly as well. If you also have some kind of bone disease, again it can be a really good option.

7. Save time

I can easily say that battle ropes challenge your muscles a lot and make your heartbeat like crazy. You can get benefits of 60 minutes cardio and 60 minutes weightlifting with just 15-20 minutes of battle rope session. And let’s not forget that it also provides more growth hormone.

I also see that many people just do not have time for long training sessions because of their busy schedule (school, work etc.) and if you fall in this category you just need to find 20 minutes of spare time and then you are good to go 😉

8. Better Posture

In order to do battle rope training properly, you need to stand in a certain way. Your core should be tight and your back needs to be straight during the workout. Also, you should not round your back. If you do round it, sooner or later you will feel unnatural pain in your spine and after a certain point, it will be unbearable to continue your workout. A good stance is more than necessary for this training.

After you spend considerable time with battle ropes, you can expect to have a way better posture.

9. Coordination and Timing

According to the technique (power slam, side slam etc.)  you need to use the ropes in a certain way and you need to make sure that the technique is done properly so you can continue training smoothly. In order to provide these your grip, applied force on ropes should be adjusted properly and without timing, you just can’t have a decent workout let alone a good session.

Eventually, you will have pretty good timing sense with battle ropes as well.

Why do Many People include Battle Ropes in their MMA, Boxing Training?

As you may have already realized that this training type has many similarities with boxing training. For example punching bag training also a workout type that provides resistance and is cardio at the same time.

why battle rope is ideal for boxing training 

Also, speed bag training’s main mission is to keep you on the task and make you keep going. In order to get a good workout, you need to maintain a proper rhythm during battle rope workout as well.

These are the reasons why many people include battle rope training in their boxing routine. Even though it can’t replace any boxing training type, it gives many “desired” benefits for boxing.

As a side note while training with battle ropes obviously you will choose the best and most comfortable grip for yourself however if you change your grip style time to time (overhand and underhand) your body will be challenged even more and this will also improve your coordination massively.


You can train with them almost anywhere. You just need ropes, a tough floor and a solid anchor then you are literally ready for training.

Battle ropes are also portable. My friends have carried them around to many places and it seems like these can be carried with any boxing gym bag.

As you can see that there are countless benefits of battle ropes and these benefits explain why it is so popular and in my opinion, this training will only be more popular. You can also train with them anywhere in a very short amount of time. I hope you enjoyed reading and if I missed any benefits you can mention in the comment section.

Media Courtesy of stroopsmma, Lance Cpl. Donald Holbert  and U.S. Army via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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10 thoughts on “9 Amazing Benefits of Battle Rope Training”

  1. I like. I like a lot!
    This looks to be a very beneficial workout for all muscles. Even like to say about changing your grip can change the muscles you work out.
    I do this even for lifting weights… Changing how I hold the bars change the muscles that take the brunt of the weight.

    Thanks for laying out the benefits of battle rope training.

    1. You are welcome man whenever I find free time or if I don’t do boxing training that day I generally train with battle ropes. I am glad you liked them.

  2. Hey man. I don’t know. I feel like I am way too out of shape to get this. It would definitely whip me into shape. I appreciate the information though. I think my area gyms are behind the times. There is one that I know has the ropes. Others don’t. Regardless, I may have to get over there and give it a shot. (When no one’s looking.)
    Do you ever write about social issues like gym-heads that make the fat guy feel bad about being there?

    1. Hi Alan, I am glad to see you here again.
      When you try battle rope you will have difficulties at first but you will get used to training with it before you know it 😉
      And I really understand what you meant and I will definitely include this issue in future. When I do, I will send you an e-mail.

  3. I do a lot of training but not heavy ropes like this. Definitely going to look to incorporate. Thanks for the Post!

  4. There might have been a time I would like rope training, but now it would kill me. I have a question concerning rope training. Did this training evolve from rope jumping for cardio? It’s amazing how far training has come from where it once was. Oh, to be young again! lol

    All the best to you,

    1. Man, it is totally different. This training is done for improving strength, muscles, balance and explosive strength etc. Jumping rope also improves some of those but these are totally different and if you want to have just cardio, you can just stick with skipping rope.

  5. So that is what that is! I think I saw this in a movie about the military. I can totally see how this could be a benefit for most peoples fitness routines.

    What is the history behind this workout? And if you take the ropes with you (like your friends), what do they anchor it to?

    1. Well, I honestly don’t know the story behind this workout, but almost 7 years ago I started slamming these ropes and have regularly trained with them. I think that I did at least one session every two weeks and still see results. Military also includes battle rope training sessions for soldiers’ workouts since as you already know it has many incredible physical benefits.
      You can actually buy an anchor. It is very easy to set up and in some cases, you actually don’t even need to buy. If you have a look at these good battle ropes, many of them actually come with an anchor.

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