8 Incredible Benefits of Box Jumps

Plyometric exercises are just a vital component of boxers, MMA fighters, weightlifters and many other martial artists’ workout routines and there are truly many reasons for it.

Box jump training is one of them and has seriously amazing benefits. This is why many people get their own quality plyo boxes for their homes or religiously train with them in a gym.

Without further ado let’s start with the physical benefits of box jumps.

8 Incredible Benefits of Box Jumps

1. Lower Body Workout

This training improves your leg muscles incredibly well. You can get toned calves in no time. I actually know that many people in my gym, who want to have better calves, do this training religiously.

When you jump, your thighs work in an intense level and considering that this workout is an explosive exercise, your thighs will have more tone in no time. You can also change the height of your plyo box and you can change the tension on your muscles. In this way, you can even improve your muscles and strength more.

I will talk about having more bone density below however when you have more bone density, your bones can carry more muscle so it also helps you improve your muscle building potential as well.


2. Coordination

You need to stand in a right way before you jump and after you land. Also, your legs and upper body should work in a coordination while jumping so you can jump properly and jump higher. Coordination is simply necessary for having a proper session and a key to better results.

If you are interested in learning about how to do this exercise efficiently and want to know about really quality plyo boxes, simply click here to check out my writing.


3. Cardio

Since it is an explosive exercise, your cells need to use more oxygen than ever. So while you do this explosive movement during your session, your body will start utilizing the oxygen better.

It is also an excellent cardio. Box jumps can even help you burn 1100 calories per hour. Is not this unbelievable?

This exercise is also suitable for many cardio types including HIIT. So, you don’t have to worry about changing the type of your cardio intensity.

You can change the intensity (fast, slow etc.) and even do HIIT for burning even more fat!

Plyometric box training is a good Cardio for boxing, MMA, and other martial arts

4. Explosive Strength

There is a reason why many athletes, fighters (MMA fighters, boxers, martial artists) and people, who need explosive strength, train religiously with jump boxes. Since many sports types require you to exert a great amount of force in a very short amount of time. Jump box training is just a great way for your muscles to adjust to it.

Considering many authoritative figures, it is the best way for improving explosiveness of your lower body.

Even though it will be really hard to train with a box at the beginning, your body will eventually adjust to it and your explosive strength will improve.

Since it is an explosive workout, every time you do it, more muscle tissues will be activated. So this exercise helps you reach your bodybuilding and strength goals directly and indirectly.


5. Lower Body Bone Density

When you do an exercise, your bone density improves.

However while you are doing an exercise, which is an explosive type, it improves even more.

With that, there are not many explosive exercises for lower body so if you add plyometric box training in your routine, it will be probably the best workout for improving your lower’s body’s bone density and having more bone density reduces the injury risk and also helps you add more muscle.


6. Improves Balance

If you can’t land on a plyo box properly, well you are screwed. You can sprain your ankles and even fall and break your bones. Well, these have been happening to many people constantly and in order to get a good workout and avoid injuries, you need to provide balance with a good stand.

If you are constantly increasing the height (once every couple of weeks), maintaining a proper balance after a jump always will be a challenge and consequently you will improve it.

Plyo box training Improves Balance

7. Motivation

Obviously if you do any kind of training you will get stronger and you can track it. However jumping higher just gives me more motivation than any other exercise. When I see that I jump higher, I just feel more motivated for my next workout session,


8. Low Impact on Your Joints

Like jumping rope, plyometric box jumps have relatively low impact on your joints. So if you are a kid or elderly you might want to prefer this workout instead of high-impact workouts.

As you can see there are many physical and health reasons to start doing plyometric box jump training. If you are interested doing this training, there are really quality plyometric boxes which are durable and these offer height selections as well. If you are interested, definitely check out my best plyo box list. I also included my experiences with some of these boxes in that writing.


Conclusive Thoughts

When you search plyo box jump exercises on YouTube, you will see that many famous athletes, boxers etc. do this exercise constantly. This exercise will benefit many sports, obviously improving vertical jumping will be useful for basketball or if you have more explosive strength, you will have a more chance to knock out your opponent in a boxing ring or MMA cage. I am really sure that jump boxes will help your sports training somehow.

I am a big fan of plyometric exercises and I know that a myriad of people benefit from them every single day. Considering the incredible benefits of jump boxes above, if you have not started training with a plyo box, I highly suggest you do so. Also, it is a really fun training and jumping higher just satisfies me more any other exercise types. I hope that you enjoyed reading and if I missed any benefits of box jumps, please leave it in the comment section and let’s talk.


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2 thoughts on “8 Incredible Benefits of Box Jumps”

  1. This review is an incredible example of the new form in exercising. A simple workout with one of these ‘boxes’ or ‘steps’ not only builds muscle but also balance and body coordination. The pricing of some of these examples is also really great pricing compared to some of the other products available online.
    I like the idea of using one of these plyometric boxes for jumping is also very forgiving on your joints.
    I am curious as to what type you would recommend for an older person who needs a way to strengthen their body for better balance?

    1. Plyometric box training puts very little pressure on your joints so as you said you don’t need to worry about it at all. I just provided a link in the writing for recommendations and I am sure you will find something you really like 😉

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