8 Incredible Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the fastest growing trends and every day many people sign up for classes and many kids, women also started doing grappling and rolling on mats! There are seriously many reasons for these and in this short and informative writing, you can find 8 incredible benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


1. Burn Fat

I imagine that almost everyone wants to burn more fat. Even though you need to be in a calorie deficit to burn fat, doing BJJ training attacks fat cells from many different angles. So you can actually burn your stubborn fat for good.

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amazing benefits of BJJ

2. Flexibility

In BJJ, more flexibility equals better training performance and this is why many people, who do BJJ training, also started adding yoga exercises in their training routines. Also, if you are not flexible enough, you simply can’t do many submission techniques properly and triangle choke is a good example for that.

With that, if you are not flexible enough you just can’t do some of the movements at all. A good example for that is gogoplata. With that, there are many movements, escapes, submission techniques which can help you become more flexible. These also improve the blood circulation.

3. Build Muscle

In order to implement the techniques you need to be strong. So if you do BJJ training regularly, you will see an increase in your strength. And considering that you eat right (calorie surplus, sufficient protein intake etc.) you can build dense muscles.


4. Self-Defence

BJJ’s purpose is to teach a smaller person to beat a bigger opponent. With that, even though it is originated from this purpose actually everyone can use it to his/ her advantage in real life so there is a myriad of gyms which teach self-defense with BJJ techniques. Also, did you know that many places, which train Special Forces, also include many classes for BJJ? (As always, all references can be found at the end of the article)


5. Commitment

It does not matter which martial arts (MMA, wrestling, BJJ) you learn and master, all of them are really hard. With that mastering jiu-jitsu movements seem to be harder for many people and I definitely agree. So if you want to learn and get better at it, you need to commit to your BJJ training, period.

Also, when you start a move, you need to go on and continue doing it. There is no other way around. I honestly think that many people in the world can definitely benefit from this.


6. Improve Your Memory

There are many moves, submission techniques (triangle, armbar, bow choke, cross collar choke) and many escape techniques such as hip escape, roll escape etc. Learning and implementing all of these improve your memory.


7. Other Mental and Personal Attribute Benefits

Imagine that how you would feel after you do sparring or compete in tournaments or have rolled on mats a long time and master many submission techniques one by one.

You would feel pretty confident, right?

All of these are tough and honestly, these can try your patience and can be pretty stressful while your opponent does 10 finger guillotine on you. Just after a couple of months of training, you will start handling stress better and when you go back to your daily life and bad or unexpected situations happen, you can react better.

Also, just after a couple of sessions, considering my experiences, you will definitely feel calmer.

mental health benefits of BJJ sessions

8. It will teach you to be Patient

Learning and mastering a myriad of techniques is pretty difficult and takes time. In order to get to a new level, you need to work really hard. Let’s say that you are blue belt and getting to purple belt may take ages. Shortly, BJJ teaches you how to be patient and this is another personal quality which you can develop with BJJ.

My Experiences: I was training with a grappling dummy in an MMA gym in Samut Prakan, Thailand. As you may already know, I had to dress the dummy and was responsible for cleaning and taking care of it. Considering the huge amount of workload, it seemed impossible for me to train regularly. But I did it and that was the point. This was just one of the difficulties which I had faced. Shortly, BJJ developed my commitment significantly. In addition to these, learning submissions, escapes, doing sparring… provide you satisfaction and improve your self-confidence.

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In martial arts gyms, I have witnessed many injuries. Because some people don’t even bother wearing necessary gears for the safety. For example, many dental injuries can happen if you don’t wear a BJJ mouth guard and secondly if you want to avoid rashes, stay “hygienic” and improve the durability of your jiu-jitsu Gi, you need to wear a rash guard underneath your kimono. Shortly, always have the necessary gears for the safety!

If you started and want to get the most out of your BJJ training, you need to have better stamina. Many people (professional and amateur) actually use high altitude training masks for improving it. These masks directly improve it and also many people, who do BJJ training, reported that they feel calmer during practice! BJJ training sessions can take a long time and if you are having a hard time to catch your breath during these sessions, I highly suggest you train with a good training mask. Many BJJ practitioners already started training (do cardio etc.) with them and you can see MANY testimonials all over the internet!


Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many amazing benefits of BJJ training. You don’t only learn how to defend yourself and get fit, you can also improve your memory. There are also other really awesome benefits and if you have not started doing BJJ training, I highly recommend you to do so! If you have experienced any other benefits, which I did not mention, or have anything to share, just have a comment below and let’s talk.


Image Courtesy of parhessiastes and Team Ironside via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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  1. I stumbled onto your website searching for ways to improve memory. I have a terrible longer term memory for some reason. I would be interested in learning more about how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can help my memory.

    1. Well, that is good. I hope it helps. There is a myriad of different chokes, submissions etc. If you can remember these I am sure you will remember a lot of things.

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