7 Amazing Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises

benefits of hand grip exercises

A lot of people do hand grip exercises however what is the reason behind it?

Some people want to get better at playing guitar, some do it for improving climbing skills and some people want to improve their boxing and martial arts training performance.

Stronger hands

There are many incredible benefits of hand grip exercises and below you will find all of these.

1. Stronger Hands

When we do regular workouts, boxing training etc. some of our muscles don’t work as much as the others. For example your wrist and hands don’t work much as your shoulder or back muscles during heavy bag sessions. These hand grip exercises put lot of tension on hands directly and improve muscles and also increase bone density. This provides you to have stronger hands and grip. You can also have a look at how to strengthen hands for other methods as well. As a side note hand grip exercises are best for having a strong hand. And if you really want to have stronger hands, I strongly recommend you to do it with equipment in that way you can also keep track of your progress as well.

2. Endurance

Hand grip exercises also increase your endurance a lot.

Some guys in my boxing gym can do very long and challenging punching bag workout sessions and I am sure that if you have seen their body you would be impressed as I do. However, they just can’t do battle rope training sessions for five minutes. So what does it tell you? They just might not have any hand endurance whatsoever (The same thing also happened to my sparring buddy as well). And after they experience that they generally start doing exercises for improving hand endurance. Because they immediately realize what is the problem.

If you fall in this category you might want to increase your hand endurance. And you can get it with hand grip exercises.

When you have more endurance you can do many workouts way longer and this increases your overall training performance so you can get more physical benefits as well.

When I have more hand endurance, I can do techniques like power slam, double waves etc. way more properly and I am extremely sure that many of you also have the same experience.

3. Forearm Muscles and Wrists

Hand grip exercises also increase the forearm muscle mass and also condition your hand. And if you have weak forearms like me you might want to check out these best hand grip strengtheners. I am really sure that these will help you to have amazing and more muscular forearms. These also have many force adjustments so it really does not matter that you are just a beginner or have incredibly strong forearms and wrists, you can start benefiting right away.

4. Reduces the Likelihood of Injuries

Doing hand grip exercises makes your hand work and obviously you can use your hands more efficiently and faster. And these will also make your hand bones denser. These reduce the risk of injuries significantly.

Also, hand grip exercises make your skin tougher and I noticed that after I had used hand grip strengtheners, my hands are way less sore after my boxing training routine.

Reduces the likelihood of injuries

5. Dexterity

We basically don’t exercise fingers directly however we do many sports or some of you might have professions that require dexterity.

According to the University of Southern California hand exercises improve your hand dexterity and I also know that many musicians and guitar players can confirm this.

Also it can help you to show way better training performance in martial arts like MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu. And I think I don’t need to tell how vital that is. These exercises really can help them to be better fighters. And based on my experiences it is such a shame that many people, who do boxing and martial arts training, don’t even consider doing these.

Even though I witnessed only a few people do these exercises, their first mission is generally to improve their dexterity for their profession. And I also checked many boxing, fitness and music forums about it, people usually give very positive feedback for results of hand grip exercises.

6. Tones the Muscles

Obviously hand grip exercises shouldn’t be your first choice for toning your muscles. There are way better options including jumping rope, punching bag, speed bag etc. However hand grip exercises challenge your muscles in very different ways. When that happens, different muscle fibers will be activated and your forearm and arm muscles will be more toned. I don’t know about you but I would love to have more toned arms.

benefits of hand grip exercises

7. Calmness

According to many studies (I will add references at the end of the writing), hand grip exercises also help you become calmer and it lowers your blood pressure. It basically does what stress toys do. So hand grip strengthener can be your new stress reliever.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion if you do boxing, MMA or any other martial arts training, you simply need to do hand grip exercises, period. Hand grip exercises do not only provide stronger punches it also provides you to have more dexterity. And keep in mind that we don’t train our fingers directly during any exercise. Even though this might look like a small detail it can benefit you in so many ways. If you are a guitar player, it can even help you get better at playing guitar. And let’s not forget that thanks to more bone density and stronger hands you will have way less hand injuries. As you can see that there are many amazing benefits of hand grip exercises and even though many people overlook this exercise, it is simply a must and I seriously think that more people need to do it. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have anything to share just have a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “7 Amazing Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises”

  1. “I’m headed to the gym… it’s hand day,” said no one ever. Hand muscles are definitely overlooked. I’ve been doing a lot of landscaping in my yard lately, and I’ll tell you that after a day of shoveling I’ve got sore muscles throughout my hands that I didn’t even know existed.

    1. Man many people never train their hands and when they do battle rope training they just complain about sore hands. If a sport branch requires hands to work then we just need to train hand muscles. Yard work can work too 😉

  2. At UC Santa Cruz, I am an officer in the Muay Thai Club. You would think you would not need grip strength, but it goes a long way in the sport. When you pull someone down to knee them, the grip strength helps quite a lot.

    I do have a question though. What would be a good exercise to include in a Martial Arts training regime to increase hand strength? I am sure your answer would benefit a lot of Judo, UFC, MMA, and Muay Thai fighters.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. The hand grip is really important for martial arts.

      Exactly, it is quite important for clinch work and definitely improves the performance significantly.
      I am experienced about this stuff but I am not an expert. However, according to my research, many trainers suggest battle rope training and doing different techniques with them.

  3. This post definitely made me think:
    I’ve never paid too much attention to my hands when training…Should probably start to work on that!
    I especially like the part where you’re talking about improving the hand’s dexterity – never thought about that either!
    I do now though, thanks for sharing this article!

    1. You can show way better performance in many sports branches with more dexterity and unfortunately, it is generally overlooked.

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