6 Amazing Benefits of MMA Training

6 amazing benefits of MMA training

Doing MMA training sometimes can be intimidating but the rewards are truly incredible. I remember that when I first started, I got really intimidated. I did boxing before but I have never kicked or done grappling in my entire life. With that, when I get used to it, I become addicted to it. There are seriously amazing benefits of MMA training and these are the reasons why this sport became insanely popular.


1. Coordination

We kick, grapple, punch during the sparring and our whole body gets used to working in coordination. TrainingMMA training teaches self defence types are actually chosen for achieving better coordination. Some of these training types are groundwork, battle rope and heavy bag training.

Even though these training types are hard to master, these will work your muscles in coordination.



2. Self-Defence

In MMA classes you learn how to punch, kick… and many other techniques to protect you and you also practice these a lot. When you run into a difficult situation in the real world, you can implement these techniques auto-pilot. Obviously, this is another huge plus of MMA training.


3. Discipline

Continuing painful training sessions regularly is a difficult task. I know it because I have been there. I asked myself “why do I go there to get beaten” over and over again. Sometimes we can be upset, depressed and don’t want to go to spar with another person and get beat up in the morning. This is understandable.

However, once you get used to going every painful session and get the benefits, you constantly do something which is really difficult and beneficial. This will give you some sort of satisfaction. As a result, you will be a more disciplined person.

This is why parents encourage their kids to start doing MMA training.

If you are interested in doing MMA training or have an old pair of gloves and replace it with a brand new one, you can have a look at these quality MMA gloves. I also used some of these and you can also find my experiences and sizing information in there.


4. Fitness Benefits

You can build muscle and lose fat with many workout types. However, there are some serious advantages of doing these with MMA training types. Firstly MMA training types are pretty versatile. You have sparring, groundwork, heavy bag, punch mitts, speed bag… Each one of these challenges your muscles in different ways and intensity. As a result, you will have denser and better-looking muscles.

Another benefit of endless training types is that you can even burn the most stubborn belly fat.

physical benefits of mma training

These are the reasons why fighters (boxers, MMA fighters) have awesome bodies.

Also, many MMA gyms include plyometric exercises like plyometric boxes and battle ropes for improving explosive strength and plyometric exercises also strengthen your weak sides so you can push yourself even more and have more endurance as well.

MMA training also requires improving your whole body balance and flexibility with various training types. These also have some unique benefits as well. For example, when you have more flexibility, you are less likely to get injured.

Is not this awesome?

There are many people who do MMA training to get in shape and gyms all around the world put a myriad of transformations of their members on their websites because these people want to show the results to the whole world so more people want to start doing it.

I have been in many regular gyms in many different countries and considering my experiences; people, who do MMA training, do way more training types than the other people and these people generally get in shape faster than others.


5. More Confidence

Let’s say that you started going MMA gym and have been in many painful sessions over a year. Now you have more muscle and you also lost fat. You have more endurance and you are way stronger than before and let’s not forget that you are a more disciplined person now.

You also learned how to fight and probably think that you can beat up more people now.

Well, if these don’t give you more confidence I don’t know what will 😉

6 amazing benefits of MMA training

6. Mental Benefits

Firstly, MMA training offers a lot of training types and each one requires different things. You will grapple in sparring, hit the heavy bag with a proper form and do different battle ropes techniques.

These will create mental stimulation and you also exert an incredible amount of energy in a very short time.

These help you have a more “relaxed mind”

I even had friends in college who do MMA training just to relieve their stress. Let’s face it, most of us don’t exactly have problem-free lives and MMA training can be just what you need.

Also, you will have more focus since every time you do something different and need to prepare yourself accordingly. Sometimes you try punching your sparring partner, sometimes try getting away from a heel hook. Then you will go slamming the battle ropes and try doing it in a harmony. As you can see that you need to adapt yourself to a new training type after another one. This helps you have more focus.

Also, many people, who go to MMA classes, make friends. Because this is a great place to meet with like-minded people. After all, some of them even have the exact same goals and they are also willing to spend a lot of time to achieve it.


Final Thoughts

MMA training provides a lot of benefits and I have really fun time while I am training. I also have been in many local and commercial MMA gyms and I met many people in these gyms. They have one thing in common. After they go to MMA gym for at least 1 month, they continue doing MMA training for years. It is seriously addictive and once you realize how much it can benefit you, you will become even more addicted to it. Before I finish the writing I want to mention something. MMA training will benefit you alright however always have the quality and protective gear for your session. Even though it is rewarding always keep in mind that it can also jeopardize your health. I hope that you enjoyed reading and if I skipped any benefits of MMA training, feel free to mention it in the comment section below 😉


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9 thoughts on “6 Amazing Benefits of MMA Training”

  1. I have been a wrestling coach for two decades now. I too believe combat sports like MMA boost confidence, discipline, and especially fitness. Very Nice Read on MMA.

    1. I could not agree more man. This is quite some time man congrats, I have been doing MMA for only 3 years. Thanks man

  2. thanks for the info! i have been toying with the idea of getting in the ring. i took judo years ago, but have not done anything in about 20 years. i have wondered if this might be something best left to the younger generations, but i think i might go and give it a shot!

    1. Man, it is never too late to start martial arts training. You have at least background. However, avoid commercial gyms these don’t teach you anything and well they can act like you are a baby. So definitely go to centers or local gyms.

  3. jackie thompson

    My daughter would love this she is always talking about MMA. She is taking some training herself and talking about putting my grandson into it when he gets older. I will definitely send her your way. Great site.

  4. I have always found mma to be really cool, so I could easily see how it could help you have more confidence in yourself, plus give you a good workout.

    Also I think it is a better way to learn how to fight since your using your whole body and not just your arms.

    How long have you been doing mma for?

    1. When I first started I thought the same and it was true however before I sparred, even though I had a boxing background and learnt, mastered quite a few MMA techniques I felt really insecure.

      Using the whole body is just crucial and this separates MMA from many other martial arts. After all, it is mixed martial arts. I started MMA just 21 months ago to be exact however I have been doing boxing training for a really long time.

    1. If you have an illness which can prevent you from doing MMA training or some physical condition, I suggest you consult your doctor.

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