Best Balance Boards Reviews – The Complete Guide

Balance has vital importance for every sport branches including boxing. I always witness that many people, who know what they are doing, train for improving balance with balance (wobble) boards. Because balance board training is the best and fastest way to improve balance and coordination.

I travel a lot and have trained in many boxing and MMA gyms. I have a chance to train with many tilt boards. I also researched and gathered the top wobble boards and according to all of these, below you will find the most popular and the best balance boards’ reviews. Some of these boards are suitable for your sport and I also mention them in the reviews as well.


Let’s start with the most quality one….

Indo Board Balance Board Original with Roller

Exclusive Features
Best Balance Board Review

  • Top notch, sturdy materials
  • Quality molded roller
  • Suitable for every level and every sport
  • Instructional DVD (step by step)
  • Used in many commercial fitness and boxing gyms
  • Professionals use it for their regular training sessions

Training Quality: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Some wobble boards are for beginners and some are for intermediate and advanced people. However, some really good designed balance boards are for everyone and you can do many different training types with them. You can change the position of your foot and the foam roller. These all increase the versatility incredibly. Please keep in mind that many other “regular” wobble boards are just not built for a lot of force. So many of these regular ones don’t even allow it.

There are many different balance board types and finding a workout for yourself can be a quite challenging. Sure you can find a video but it does not necessarily show a workout for your level. With that, this balance board comes with an instructional DVD.

This length of DVD’s is more than 120 minutes and these workouts in DVD are quite easy to follow. The best part is that they show the exercises step by step so you can implement them easily. With that when you get more expert with it, you can also find very advanced exercises as well.


Well, it is made of top notch quality materials. The wooden deck is solid and so is molded plastic roller. I read many verified buyers reviews and all of them are really satisfied with it. It is also really good sign that many commercial boxing and fitness gyms prefer it. One thing I like about the commercial gyms and that is the product selection. These gyms always get the best model possible.

Why is Indo Board the Best?

It is suitable for everyone including skaters, boxers… Any person, who wants to improve balance, can train and improve balance with it. You will even see that people get on it and punch the heavy bag.  With that thanks to versatility, you can do any suitable training for your own sport.

I also included a video for Indo Board. This is one of the official videos and you can see that the guy explains and shows exercises clearly.

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StrongBoard Balance

Exclusive Features
StrongBoard Balance Product Overview

  • Military grade materials
  • Spring system
  • Suitable for every training type
  • Can be usable explosive training types (battle rope)
  • 3 years warranty
  • Improves fitness level greatly

Training Quality: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 9.8 / 10.0

Warranty: 3 years

This one is military grade and as you may know, in order to be classified as “military grade” the product has to pass certain tests for durability and training performance. All I can say is that these tests are no jokes. I don’t know what are the tests for this balance board, however, I know the tests of Nexersys (top notch boxing equipment) and these were really detailed and result oriented tests. You can expect to use this balance board at least 4 years. Keep in mind that StrongBoard Balance has already 3 years warranty period.

Thanks to the spring system, you can do many different workout types so this is not just a balance board. You can do pushups with one hand or two hands, squat jumps and I have seen that people in my boxing gym do battle rope training with it. I have never tried it because right now I don’t have the skill set for it. But it looks really challenging. This is the thing about this balance board. This spring system challenges you more than you can ever imagine. According to “military grade” tests, it burns more calories than any other balance board and it is not hard to guess this because you won’t be able to find any balance point during your session and this provides you to burn more calories than usual.

The most important point is that this board is not only a board. You can do various bodybuilding exercises as well. As a side note, according to (one of my favorite sites) and various authoritative fitness sites, this board is chosen as “best workout tool”. By the way, MMA news is one of the most trustworthy sites out there and this site doesn’t do only advertisements like rest of the websites.

Price: Keep in mind that, it has 3 years warranty, spring system and provides endless training types,.StrongBoard Balance will cost you only initially more.  Check out the latest price on Amazon.


GoofBoard Classic, Surfing Balance Board

GoofBoard Classic, Surfing Balance Board ReviewExclusive Features

  • Made of quality wood
  • Sturdy (Weigh level up to 450 Lbs.)
  • Suitable for every level
  • Environment-friendly
  • Made in USA


  • Only suitable for surfers, skaters etc.

Training Quality: 9.1 / 10.0

Durability: 9.4 / 10.0

Goofboard is designed for skate sports. If you do surfing, skating etc. then this is a really solid option and provides you very realistic situations. However, if you do any other sports training, I highly suggest you go with any other balance boards on this list.

With that, it is made of quality wood and it is environment-friendly. It is really sturdy, however, the roller does not harm surfaces and company even says that you can train with it on carpets. I don’t have any experience with this board, but please keep in mind that this board is really popular and gets amazing feedback on forums (surf, skating etc.)

Price: Check out Amazon for the accurate price.


Let’s continue with cheapest and quality balance board…

TheraBand Rocker Board

Exclusive Features

TheraBand Rocker Board Review

  • Good quality materials
  • Suitable for every level
  • Very light and portable
  • Will do the job just fine and has very good price

Training Quality: 8.5 / 10.0

Durability: 8.3 / 10.0

This wobble board is made of “average” material which is molded plastic. I also train with this one in my local boxing gym. The surface is smaller than premium ones and it just does the job fine. You can do many training types, however, keep in mind that it is not versatile like others. You can’t change the location of the point of stabilization or do pushups with one hand etc. I think you get the point you can’t do “fancy” training types with it. So you can improve your skills only to a certain point.

So if you have already advanced skills, you may want to stay away from Theraband. With that, you can do all classic stuff.

It is light and not too bulky as other balance boards, so you can just put in your gym bag and train with it anywhere. Many people do yoga outside with it.

Price: It has an incredibly affordable price, does the job fine and provides you at least 2 years of solid training sessions. It has truly the greatest quality price ratio. Check out the price on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

These are the most commonly used and best balance boards on the market. With that, if you are looking only for improving your balance then definitely Indo Board is for you. If you are interested, check out the price on Amazon. However, you may prefer improving your balance with incredibly challenging exercises. In that case, start training with StrongBoard Balance today.

Even though balance board training is hard to master, it provides amazing benefits which are just vital. Obviously, you will improve your balance with it and if you do boxing; you will punch faster, dodge from punches better… Shortly it helps you to master other skills easier and faster. Is not this great? With that you may lose balance while doing skateboarding, surfing etc. and you need to react in a millisecond. This is another reason why many people train religiously with balance boards for improving reflexes. I admit balance board training does not feel like fun at first but once you have a sense of balance, it will start feeling like fun 😉 I hope you enjoyed reading my writing and if you have any questions, just have a comment below.


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4 thoughts on “Best Balance Boards Reviews – The Complete Guide”

  1. Nice review about balance boards. Indo board is a very interesting choice. This can board can improve my balance. The DVD just like manual book how to use the board. Is there is a weight limit? Thanks

    1. If you refer to balance board at the video which is Indo Board, it is 275 Lbs. Thanks for the question man I will include it in this post.

  2. Hi,
    A very thorough review, thanks for reviewing 4 different boards. I personally am not into boxing, but I definitely will be sharing it with some of my family and friends, they are enrolled in boxing classes.

    Do you know if there is an age limit for it? Can kids aged 11 use it?

    1. Thanks mate, these don’t have any age limit but some can challenge you more than others. If you choose it according to it, you won’t have any problem whatsoever.

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