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Best Boxing Boots – The Complete Guide

Boxing boots have many unique features. For example I just love the ankle support of them. I just feel more “locked-in” and I feel the shoes “more”. I also know that many people who only get boot type. In this content there are reviews of top 8 boxing boots. Also some of these boots are preferred a lot by ladies and you can also see them in feature parts.

ALL of these boots get amazing ratings from boxing and martial arts forums (sherdog and couple of others). I also used 2 boots on this list and below you will also find my experiences as well.

Please keep in mind that all products on this list boxing boots and not shoes. 


Without further ado let’s start best boxing boots…

8. Ringside Ring Master Boxing

Training Quality + Ankle Support Rating: 8.3 / 10.0

Durability: 8.2 / 10.0Best Boxing Boots

Comfort: 8.0 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Best place to buy: amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Good ankle support
  • Lots of grip (rubber sole)
  • Light
  • Comfy
  • Very good quality price ratio


  • Air regulation is not good
  • Made of “regular” materials

This boot has rubber sole and as you may know it just makes a lot of traction. You won’t slip with these boots. Secondly thanks to its design it has more ankle support. This boot is for people who want a lot of grip and it is a bit harder to pivot. However this is the thing with boxing boots. When you prefer more grip you will have harder time to pivot. But this changes from one product to another. If you prefer lots of grip, you will definitely love this one or you can hate it if you want to pivot very easily.

Let’s talk about the cons of it. If you think of doing very LONG boxing training sessions then simply don’t buy this boot. There are other models which have way better air circulation. Also its materials are not premium. For example it is not made of genuine leather. However considering the pros and its affordable price, Ringside Master Boxing definitely deserves to be on this list.


7. TITLE Hi-Top Boxing Boots

Training Quality + Ankle Support Rating: 8.3 / 10.0

Durability: 8.5 / 10.0TITLE Hi-Top Boxing Boots review

Comfort: 8.5 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Very light
  • Great arc support
  • Good for people who want “less” grip and easier to pivot
  • Look great
  • Very good price


  • Synthetic leather

Firstly, Title Hi-top Boxing Boots have good design. It is “light” and has very good ankle support. And unlike many other Title models (some of these have very long break in period), Title Hi-top Boxing Boot’s break in period is almost non-existent.

This boot is suitable for people who prefer “less” grip however it lets you pivot a lot easier. And it is also “light” for a boxing boot. These features make it ideal for people who want to do their fastest footwork.

Its price is just great (last time when I checked it was even below $60) however it uses synthetic leather. With that its durability is “alright” and if you are on a budget and liked the features above, then Title Hi-top Boxing Boot will be just excellent for you.

In my opinion the design just looks great, don’t you agree 😉


Note:  All boots on this list have sizing charts at the amazon’s product pages.


6. Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots

Training Quality + Ankle Support Rating: 8.7 / 10.0

Durability: 8.8 / 10.0Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots review

Comfort: 8.9 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • “Comfortable” ankle support
  • Flexible materials
  • Perfect for people who want a lot of grip
  • Best Lonsdale boots
  • Upper part is made of leather
  • Very good quality price ratio


  • Short break in period

Firstly I really don’t like Longsdale products. These generally don’t provide any quality and just after couple of months these can tear apart. However it does not mean that ALL Longsdale boots are bad. This boot in particular definitely has very good quality.

Its upper part is made of leather. Its leather and textile stretch just enough and make these boots more comfortable than synthetic and this is why I give more points for its comfort. Its sole provides a lot of traction and it is just excellent for people who prefer more grip and these boots have also very good quality padded ankle support.

Longsdale Mens Contender is mid-cut and it is a very solid choice for people who have big calf muscles. It won’t bother you even not one bit.

5. Adidas Box Hog Men’s Boxing Boots

Training Quality + Ankle Support Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Durability: 8.9 / 10.0

Comfort: 8.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 8.8 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Incredible ankle support
  • Lots of grip (rubber sole)
  • Light
  • Good thermal regulation and comfort
  • “Lighter heel part”

Unlike first boot on this list, Adidas Box provides incredible air in and out. So this one is suitable for your long training sessions. This is the thing with “shoe” companies, these just provide better air regulating features and material quality and it is definitely not the case with MANY boxing companies. Also Adidas Box secures your ankle very well.

It is made of textile and it is sturdier and more “comfy” than boots with synthetic leather.

And here comes the best and unique feature about this boot…

It is already lighter than many boots however its heel part is even lighter than other parts. So mass center is close to front side of the boot. So what can it bring to you? Faster movement, faster punches… Simply you can attack “better” with it. If these are appealing to you, get your own Adidas Box Hog (You can also see a size chart there. Just click size chart near the product and then you will see it).


4. Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker review

Training Quality + Ankle Support Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

Durability: 8.9 / 10.0

Comfort: 8.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Incredible ankle support and have ankle strap
  • Lots of grip (full rubber sole)
  • Durable, sturdy
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Very suitable for people who have weak ankles
  • Very short break in period
  • Thin sole

Reebok Men’s Boxing boot makes sure that your ankle stays stable. It does not only have great ankle support but also has an ankle strap which makes your ankle incredibly secure. In my opinion this has also physiological effect as well. When I wear boxing boots with ankle straps I just feel more confident and I also see similar online reviews and feedback time to time.

Reebok’s material stretches just a bit so your foot can place fully in it. This quality is really important for people who have wide feet and this boot is one of the most suitable boots for wide feet.

Its rubber sole gives a lot of traction and its grip is a lot. With that the sole is very thin, it allows you to move and pivot relatively easier for a boot which have a lot of grip.

According to me, it is just perfect. I prefer very good quality ankle support and a lot of grip. If you are like me, Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot is a really solid choice. Let’s not forget that it is also a solid choice for people who have wide feet.



Training Quality + Ankle Support Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Durability: 9.0 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.3 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.2 / 10.0

Exclusive FeaturesRIVAL BOXING BOOTS-RSX review

  • Incredible ankle support
  • Lots of grip (rubber sole)
  • Genuine leather at the upper side
  • Great thermal regulation
  • Most suitable boots for people who have wide feet
  • Cowhide at the upper-side
  • Many women also prefer this one

This boot’s leather (cowhide) just stretches enough to make your foot really comfortable and it has great mesh. Shortly, it has great comfort. With that if you have wide feet, Rival Boxing BootS-RSX will allow you to place your foot fully in the boots and your foot won’t be “out” of the base. In this way you won’t lose your balance during the training. You can read more about it on “boxing shoes for wide feet“.

With that it is made of flexible materials and you can move your foot better. Its meaning is that you will do your footwork just faster. I rarely see a product which can directly affect training performance in a positive way and Rival Boxing Boots RSX is definitely one of them.

Its suede gets very good ratings for comfort. It is a small detail but it is one of the most important factors for why Rival gets only positive feedback.

This boot is also preferred a lot by ladies. In my opinion its cushion comfort and design are big factors for it.

You can see detailed sizing information at the product page for both men and women.


According to many boxing, martial arts forums and me 😉 these 2 below are just superior to others. This superiority includes durability, training performance (grip and pivot) and comfort. Of course there are some boots above have better comfort or some other feature but boots below are just way better as overall. So both of them are truly the best. 


1. Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top

Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top review

Training Quality + Ankle Support Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.9 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Incredible ankle support and very easy to move
  • Lots of grip (rubber sole)
  • It eliminates the tension at the upper part
  • Very comfortable
  • Most durable product on the marketreviews of best boxing boots
  • Genuine leather at the upper side
  • Wider upper side
  • Great thermal regulation
  • Easy to use with zippers
  • Gets only amazing feedback
  • Cleto Reyes

In my opinion it is the best boxing boots on the market. I have used it and it was incredibly comfortable and even that zipper parts at sides just gave me a “custom-made feeling”.

You should also definitely keep in mind that Cleto Reyes always uses best cover materials on the market. This definitely helps with the durability of the products and this one is no exception. I had used it around 4 consecutive years and many people reported that they use around 5.  It definitely gets A+ for its durability.

Let’s talk about training performance…

Firstly it has rubber sole as some of boxing boots on this list so it will provide good grip. With that it is exclusively designed for boxing and it definitely does not lower your footwork performance. As you may know some boots have lots of grip and lower your training performance but it is not the case at all with Cleto Reyes.

Thanks to its design you can also move and pivot faster than many other boots with lots of grip (As you may know that more grip equals harder to pivot). These features get literally amazing reviews from high authoritative boxing forums including sherdog, a few other martial arts forums and amazon.

What about its comfort? Its upper part is wide and comfortable. You can lace up and make sure that it is right fit for your foot. Also the inner area of sides is made of flexible and very comfortable materials (suede and leather).

All I can say is that Cleto Reyes Leather Lace up is truly the most quality boxing boots on the market.


1. Adidas Pro Bout Boxing Boot

Adidas Pro Bout Boxing Boot review

Training Quality + Ankle Support Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Comfort: 10.0 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Flexible sole
  • Genuine leather
  • Lots of grip (rubber sole)
  • You can pivot relatively easier
  • Light
  • One of the most durable products on the market
  • The most popular boots for sparring
  • Great thermal regulation
  • Many females also prefer it

Adidas Pro Bout Boxing Boot has flexible and durable sole. It also has truly amazing airflow. This is the advantage of shoe companies. The company already knows how to do it perfectly.

It has reinforced construction for most used foot parts and many other boots don’t even have that. This will provide way better durability. And in my opinion this is the most important factor for why it is used so much for sparring in MANY boxing gyms. It is just so durable.

Its training performance is again very good like Cleto Reyes. It provides a lot of grip and this does not make you trip or it does not impede your footwork at all. Even though it provides lots of grip, it is still “relatively” easier to pivot than many other boots (very similar training qualities to Cleto Reyes). On the top of that its heel part is exclusively designed for pivoting and you will definitely get amazing training performance from Adidas Pro Bout Boxing Boot.

Whether you get Cleto Reyes or Adidas Pro Bout, I know that you will be extremely pleased with your choice and wear them for long years.

I hope that you enjoyed reading the complete guide for best boxing boots and if you have any question or anything at all please leave a comment below.


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Reader Comments

  1. I played basketball and ankle support was a big deal to me. So I am pretty sure for boxers it means just as much. These are some great products you displayed.

  2. Is it necessary to wear boots specifically designed for boxing? I’m currently wearing my Chuck Taylors and they seem to be working fine but I’m just beginning so not doing anything too fancy just yet. What’s the best way to break these in?

    1. If you do boxing you should get a boot or shoe with great ankle support. I don’t think that Chuck Taylors cut it 🙂

  3. You have some great choices here. I work for a company that sponsors boxing tournaments, I will definitely give them a few good pointers on which boots to buy for their next tournament. Thanks for narrowing it down for us. Cleto Reyes Leather Lace up looks like a great choice very durable, comfortable and great ankle support. Your post has saved us a lot of time. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi, it is really great that it helped you. Cleto Reyes also looks cool;) As you said you will have incredible ankle support and you are welcome.

  4. Great article ! I myself tried the : Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker and really like the build. I find it great to keep my ankle in place. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Reebok is one of the most sold ones and I just checked it, it even started selling more. I also know that Reebok provides a good grip without making you trip. You made a good choice.

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