Best Boxing Glove Brands – Which Ones are Addictive?

There are tons of boxing glove brands. Of course lots of companies have good and bad products. However some brands always produce better than average quality boxing gloves and care a lot about their every product. When I think of this subject, two brands just stand out more than others. I am not saying that other brands are bad but they are simply not in the same class of Cleto Reyes and Winning. Title, Rival… are pretty good companies and have produced lots of quality boxing gloves. But even they are not in the same class with these 2 brands. In this writing, you will find why Cleto Reyes and Winning are best boxing glove brands and also some interesting facts.

manny pacquiao with cleto reyes boxing gloves


Well, where should I start… okay lets start with my first boxing gloves. When I was buying my very first pair, to be honest I have not done any researches and got a very crappy one. It basically didn’t have any good features whatsoever. These hadn’t hurt my health but they had a pretty good chance to do it. I am not even talking about performance here. It also sucked even more than the protection. I did a rookie mistake which I just looked at the price and asked the seller ‘ Is this a good pair? ’ That was the only thing that I had done. However, I started looking for a new pair less than a month later. Even my gloves’ break in period did not finish.

Anyway, after I had learnt my lesson, I made both online and offline researches about it. In that years, I could barely find any online information and it was not enough. So, I asked my trainer, who made excellent uppercut knock outs in his professional matches. I got his advice and took a new pair. I am very glad that I took his advice. My performance improved drastically, especially with the heavy bag.

Nowadays, we can find online information about boxing and MMA gear and see ratings of people, who already have used the gear. This makes choosing process very smooth and I am more than happy about it.Even though some companies make lots of advertisement to introduce their new releases, two companies don’t solely rely on it and put lots of effort to make a good quality pair. Cleto Reyes and Winning truly does that for their every single product. Even though I have used only one Cleto Reyes and one Winning pair in my life, I have witnessed LOTS of people’s experiences about boxing training. I also searched very extensively on boxing forums about it and even get in touch with some of the people. I always get the same result which is Cleto and Winning being superior to other brands. Lets start with my favorite…


Cleto Reyes

At the age of 12,  first work experience of Don Cleto Reyes Castro was in baseball gear company. Isn’t it a goodBest Boxing Glove Brand base for building industry leading boxing gloves company? In his first and last amateur match, he was so GOOD that crowd threw money into ring.  However he got beat up pretty intense and never step up to the ring again. Then, he decided to make gloves for boxing matches and his boxing gloves were used in 1945 World Championship. After Don Cleto’s health had serious problems, his son continued his hard work, started the brand and now it has top notch boxing gloves on the market.

I have used Cleto Reyes Training Gloves for a very long period of time and only con of this pair is long break in time. Every glove have break in time however Cleto have it much longer. If you are looking for other features and more info about the gloves, you can read Cleto Reyes boxing gloves review. Honestly it is the best boxing gloves I have ever used. Is it the most quality product of Cleto? According to me, Yes. I saw that training gloves have been used by many people and after their pairs are useless, I even witnessed that they get exact same model of Cleto.

We sometimes see a boxer who uses a glove for commercial and they MOST likely will get a very big paycheck after it. There is also a big chance that they will never use this same glove again. Who can blame them? They test a pair, if it does not have good quality, they simply don’t use them. However, I have seen lots of testimonials and videos where boxers always use Cleto in their training routine. Some of the famous people, who use the brand, are Amir Khan, Manny Pacquiao, Kelly Pavlik, Juan Manuel Marquez… When a company accomplishes that,  in my opinion it is the best brand.

Lots of people get exact same model of Cleto Reyes when the old one is toasted. Also great champions have preferred  it in their gym sessions. What can be a greater accomplishment than that?



We have seen Canelo Alvarez, Erik Morales and  Floyd Mayweather using Wining boxing gloves in the ring. Also many other great boxers use its various models in their training. I have witnessed that when people start using Winning, they get addicted with the brand just like it has been with Cleto. After the pair is useless, they just get another one and generally same model. They don’t even believe that there can be a better quality pair. There is no other brand that I have seen it happening constantly. And I have been doing boxing training, going bovictor ortiz and floyd mayweatherxing classes and matches for very long time.

I have only used one Winning boxing gloves and it is the other best boxing gloves which I have ever used. I was training a lot in the gym and actually doing boxing training more than trainers. They got some pairs for trial and gave me one as well. I was surprised and very glad to use one. In these years, I was a student and it was certainly out of my price range. Well it was a very nice day 😉 Just couple of months later, I realized that I was totally satisfied with my training. Lots of people, trainers have used it and I heard ONLY amazing things from people who use Winning. If you are interested in Winning pairs you can have a look at the Winning Boxing Gloves review for detailed info.

Winning boxing gloves are definitely top boxing gloves on the market. Even though it has less variety than Cleto, all Winning boxing gloves get always good rating and reviews. Definitely it is best boxing glove brand with alongside with Cleto.

As a conclusion, there are good, bad and best boxing glove brands. However there are 2 brands have made all of their products with lots of care and I really hope we will see more this kind of approaches in future. I hope you enjoyed the content and if you have any personal experiences with these brands, please have a comment below and let’s talk.


Image Courtesy of Mario javier castaneda,  manny pacquiao fan and Bryan Horowitz via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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  1. Hi, I’ve been a boxing fan and an amateur boxer for quite a while. I have Everlast gloves, do you think Cleto Reyes’ Gloves or Winning’s Gloves can compete with them?

    1. Actually Everlast’s lots of models don’t have much quality and possibly can’t last as Winning or Cleto. You can have a look at this post and find unique features of these gloves 😉

  2. Interesting article here. And to think I have only heasrd of everlasting gloves.Lol Kind of opened my eyes up to what works best. I didn’t know about test gloves and that’s pretty interesting as well. I learned something new here. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Hi Furkan, interesting article about the best boxing glove brands
    I’m aware of Everlast and I think they are the best

    Do you think Cleto Reyes is as good as Everlast?

    Thanks for the article and have a great day!

  4. would you still recommend shelling out the bigger bucks for training gloves if I just use the heavy bag for cross training? as opposed to someone who competes and obviously NEEDS top gear

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