5 Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners (My Picks!)

5 best boxing gloves for beginners

When you are just beginning to boxing, you need a couple of really important qualities in your gloves as you are not an avid boxer yet and can’t punch with the perfect form all the time. I know all of these qualities and what exactly you need since I have been doing boxing for a long time and also trained with a lot of seasoned fighters as well.

In addition to these, thanks to having a boxing site, I read a lot of people’s experiences over the years as well. From these, I picked 5 best boxing gloves for beginners and provided short reviews below for each of these. Also, you don’t need to break the bank for your first pair of gloves as these are budget friendly.

Table of Index

  1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves (My Pick!)
  2. Twins Special Boxing gloves
  3. RDX Cow Hide Boxing gloves
  4. Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing gloves
  5. Venum Challenger Boxing gloves
  6. How to Choose the Right Size?
  7. Why are These Gloves Ideal for Beginners?

1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves (The First Pick!)

best boxing gloves for beginners (My Pick!)Pros

  • Protective foam
  • Lots of layers
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good durability for the price
  • A lot of color selections

Venum Elite has triple density and quite firm foam to protect your hands. Any beginner would appreciate a little bit more protection, right? With that, the triple density foam disperses the shock quite fast as it becomes ideal for bag work.

Venum Elite is made of Skyntex which can give you good three years of usage. It is kinda rougher than the other synthetic leather types. Seams are solid and this glove is handmade in Thailand. It has large mesh panels to provide comfort. It also has an attached thumb which has a natural curve for sparring. This provides protection for your partners as well.

It accommodates for all the training types as the rest of this list and considering everything (the price, quality…) it is the best choice for beginners.

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2. Twins Special Boxing Gloves


  • Lots of good padding
  • Good padding distribution for punching faster
  • The genuine leather lasts a long time
  • Lots of amazing designs and colors


  • Some people find it bulky

Twins Special offers you a quite bulky pair which has a lot of padding. The design is good for punching faster as it has more padding density at the knuckle area. However, it has also decent padding quantity on the upper side of the gloves. So your upper hand can be protected better from your sparring partner’s punches.

The air flow is constant. The inner lining is quite soft and good at wicking the moisture. Considering the comfort, Twins Special is one of the best. It is made of genuine leather and has a relatively small velcro closure which is tight and firm.

You basically don’t have a break in duration with these gloves. As a side note, this pair is preferred a lot for mitt work and many professional boxers without sponsorship train with Twins Special all over the world.

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3. RDX Cow Hide Leather

really good beginner boxing glovesPros

  • Long-lasting leather
  • 4 layers of padding
  • Thin and firm velcro closure
  • Decent comfort
  • Great feedback from users


  • Short break-in period

It is made of quality leather which is full-grain and it feels smooth.

The mesh is also decent but it is not perfect as it is advertised. With that being said, it is above average. RDX has tetra padding which is made with the latest technology. It is basically quite firm and has 4 different layers. For example, sponge foam is good for protection when the intensity of shock is high. If you are a heavy puncher, this foam can come in handy. The downside of this pair is that you have a slight break-in period. After a few weeks, you can punch comfortably and make a fist easier. However, at first, you can feel a slight discomfort with your knuckles. If you already have this pair, you can check out these methods and if you implement these, this duration will be less.

As a final note, velcro closure is really easy to use and thin yet supports your wrist quite well. Considering these, RDX Cowhide can be considered as one of the best beginner boxing gloves.

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4. Hayabusa Tokushu


  • Really sturdy leather
  • Padding is made with the latest technology
  • Great for long usage
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Mesh does the job very well
  • Anti-microbial liner
  • It is a snug fit


  • The price might be high for some people

Alright, this glove is higher end and it has a high price tag. However, don’t just skip this pair after you read this. Hear me out for a minute. The synthetic leather is very sturdy and basically, it is made for constant punishment. The padding also changes location pretty quickly and gets back to the original place without losing any quality. It is basically superb and one of the highest quality padding. In addition to that, the writs support is quite snug and makes a quite good job to stabilize your wrists. Basically, if you have a weak wrist and worry that you can hurt it during hard blows, Hayabusa is your glove.

Lastly, this glove can last 3+ years without any problem. The color may fade but other than that, you won’t run into any issues with the construction. It fits snugly a bit especially wrist compartment.

Even though you are just a beginner, you may be really determined to go to a boxing gym or train at home for long years. If you are sure about yourself, Hayabusa is truly for you.

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5. Venum Challenger 2.0


  • Very good padding
  • Good design for punching
  • Decent air in and out
  • Sweat can escape
  • Very affordable


  • Don’t last long as the pairs above
  • Low-quality cover material

Alright, this one’s cover material is not the greatest, in fact, it is below average. It is PU leather and made in Pakistan. The gloves’ materials, which are produced in this country, don’t have a good reputation. Unfortunately, PU fits this and the leather tends to get soft spots within one or two years.

However, this pair has the same dense and quality padding as other Venum pairs and considering the knuckle safety, protection from hard blows, it is quite good. Thermal regulation is decent but the sweat can’t escape well and it lowers the durability of the cover material. With that being said this pair gives good training sessions around 1-2 years and considering the extremely good padding if you want to buy your first pair extra cheap, I highly suggest you check Venum Challenger out.

6. How to Choose the Right Size?

All of these are training type gloves and if you get your own glove according to sizing information below you can be sure that it will be a right fit as these gloves have quite good feedback for fitting. There are also hand circumference measurements as well however most companies started using weight measurements a long time ago and people tend to give very high fitting rates for it.

Children 8-12 oz.
Between 101 and 150 LBS. 12-14 oz.
Between 151 and 175 LBS. 14-16 oz.
Over 175 LBS. 16-18 oz.

7. Why are These Boxing Gloves Ideal for Beginners?

Firstly, these are training gloves. It means that you can use these gloves for any training type out there. These training types are double end bag, focus mitts, bag work… You can just put it on and do whatever training you want with them. So that is an obvious plus as other boxing glove lists online have sparring gloves etc. as you simply can’t use them for the other training types.

Secondly, these gloves have good prices. These are definitely not the most expensive, higher-end gloves. Let’s face it. No one wants to spend a lot of money, right? These gloves have a certain quality construction (leather), decent padding for regular training sessions. So these will do the job just fine. Other than this, I have seen a lot of people who started boxing with dedication and some even said they will do boxing forever but after a week or two, they disappeared. So basically there is no need for any beginner to spend a lot of money. However, once you are sure that you will go on boxing training and know your style, you can pick one which is higher end. And trust me on this, these pairs will cost a lot.

Thirdly, who do want to lace up boxing gloves constantly? Well, I certainly don’t want that even I have been training for almost a decade; I really don’t prefer my partner or anyone to lace the gloves after I work for 10 hours in the office. I just want to put gloves on and punch the bag or do any other workout. I just want to be relaxed when I arrive at a gym. Do you know what I mean? I am also aware that many starters don’t want to deal with that because boxing is already challenging and you need as much as comfort you can get. So I picked all of these gloves which have velcro closures. Sure there are some advantages of lace-up gloves like providing better fit etc. However, in your circumstance, it is better to have velcro gloves.

As a side note, if you want to know more about these gloves, above I provided links to my extensive reviews and only two of them don’t have extensive reviews however I am working on them. If you want to make a more comprehensive research about the gloves, you can just follow the links.

Should You Care about the Glove Brands at all? No. Even though some brands like Cleto Reyes have a lot of outstanding gloves in its catalog I don’t think that you should give much attention to brands. After all, a good pair is a good pair.

What Kind of Training Will You do?

If your aim is to do all boxing training types the gloves on this list are suitable. These all have decent padding quality, quantity, decent wrist support and many more qualities for you to use them in all training types.

With that being said, many people are looking to get a good sweat with a heavy bag for fitness purposes. When it is the case, your glove should have more padding to protect your hand and obviously choosing bag gloves is ideal for this.

However, you don’t want to have gloves, which have a lot of hard padding, for focus mitts. These are softer than heavy bags and you don’t want to injure the mitt holder’s hand, do you? So you should pick gloves like Twins Special for mitt training.

Which one would I pick?

If I was a beginner and knew my preferences beforehand I would have chosen Hayabusa Tokushu which was my third pair. I would choose it since I will continue going to boxing gym classes and train with angry trainers for years. Hayabusa Tokushu lasts a lot longer than the others and had a great anti-microbial lining. Some people on forums even reported that it lasted 4 years which is just astonishing. The padding quality is superb and considering the wrist safety, even when you punch as hard as you can you don’t feel a thing. If you are interested, check it out on Amazon.

These are everything beginners need to about choosing boxing gloves. When you are a year in obviously you need to know more and maybe prefer different pairs for each training type but for now, these are more than enough. With that being said, if you have a question about these best boxing gloves for beginners or related to this article just have a comment below. As you can see, I always reply to my readers.

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49 thoughts on “5 Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners (My Picks!)”

  1. Great review! I would not have considered about the textile composition but it makes complete sense. All I do is hit the heavy bag and I admit that, for that, I simply went to the local sports store and bought a pair of Everlast gloves. I’ve had them a few months and have been happy with them for the amount I use them (I don’t do any sparring and don’t plan to). But when it comes time for another pair, I’ll come back here. You make a really good case on the features and benefits on a better investment.



    1. Hi Kevin, Textile composition definitely helps. Everlast is poulalar brand but not all of their boxing training gloves are good. You can start sparring training after you get new boxing gloves but you might want to get all around. I am happy to help you out if you have any further question about boxing gloves for beginners or the training.

  2. Hi, Nice review. I never considered the mechanics of the boxing glove itself. You give some very good information on this glove. I’m too old to box now but I see that for the beginner, these are some pretty good gloves. Thanks!

    1. This boxing gloves for beginners is just perfect all around. Never late to start boxing training:) Thank you Horace.

  3. Great to info!! I think is good to have gloves that won’t slide with the sweat, it can be very annoying. Not sure if boxing gloves are different for men and women…Question regarding gloves size, is it the same for women and men or is there any difference?

    1. I really hated the sweat feeling. I am glad lots of gloves have that feature to get rid of. It is the same size. You can use chart above:)

  4. Thank you for a helpful and thorough post on gloves for beginners. I have gone down the route of buying cheap, only to pay for it later. You are so right with this tip. Good to know that I only need one pair to start with until I get more experienced.

    1. that happens more often than you think:) All you need is all around one pair of boxing gloves for beginner. Then you are good to go for months.

  5. This review is so good that it left me thinking about boxing gloves..and I never tried boxing in my life! 🙂
    I also wonder about the women size question 🙂

  6. So I have a question. I’m really petite, and I see the sizing for someone of my weight. But does hand size need to be taken into consideration? I have tiny hands and wonder if the even small size (based on weight) would actually fit better. Because I want them to be snug right? We got a punching bag at my work gym and I’ve taken a liking to it. 🙂

    1. when you buy boxing gloves for women or youth, this is the only thing you should consider only the chart, When I see punching bag, I feel the same way:)

  7. I never considered all that goes into boxing glove design! I’ll have to keep the all-around gloves in mind for future reference. I believe that when buying anything, I get what I pay for. If I by cheap, then the purchase will give cheap results and do me more harm than good in the long run. If any equipment is worth it, I’ll definitely pay the extra price and/or do the research. These gloves are definitely an example of making an overall good investment; especially safety-wise.

    1. Well definitely you should keep in mind this. Because it is simply the best boxing gloves for beginners. I hope you will get good and safe training Dawn.

  8. Nice review. I enjoy watching boxing but never knew there were different choices for boxers gloves. Even down to the quality of padding in a boxing glove. You reviewed a great quality glove for a beginner. All this time, I thought any boxing glove would be alright as long as it fits.

    1. Actually once upon a time I think that too. but gosh so much has changed and I learnt so much over the years. Padding is extra important since you will be doing heavy bag training or speed pag. Lots of various training made padding weaker and weaker. So, its quality is essence for a beginner.

  9. I used to box with my two older brothers and my dad and then I went to a youth club to do some boxing and I liked it at the time, but that was decades ago.

    I’ve enjoyed your review on these boxing gloves, I would agree if that if you are going to buy a pair of gloves even if you are starting out, then get a quality pair of gloves like the Venum Elite, well done.

    1. Venum elite boxing gloves definitely do the job and I hope you go back to boxing it is never to start boxing again Adrian.

  10. Hey there! =)

    It’s awesome that you have gone into great detail regarding the mechanics of the gloves.

    I’m very positive you can help many people start out with the best boxing gloves =)


  11. Hi Furkan,

    Thanks for this post, very informative. I think I could give boxing a try..a good way to relieve stress and keep fit:)

    1. Definitely you can use it for freeing the stress. Even I did not have training on some days, I go to gym and doing this sport. I feel so relaxed after I finishing it and even I forget why I go there. Thanks Tasleem and I hope you can start and get leaner.

  12. Hi, I think this glove would be great for a beginner like me. I can not take sweaty shoes, and I am sure I would hate a sweaty glove as well, so I am glad that this takes care of that.

    1. Yes I know how that feels too. When I was younger I was into soccer and I experienced same thing. It was not nice. Yes this boxing gloves gets rid of any moisture.

  13. Hey Furkan!
    I have never done boxing but I know something about using the right equipment for sports right in the beginning. It is extremely necessary to have the right stuff at the beginning because if you don’t it will take all the pleasure away from the thing itself and you might loose interest. Even a small detail can play a huge role in the end.
    Great that you have put together such a useful article. I bet a lot of boxing beginners will thank you for the information 😉

    1. You are right bot pleasuere and safe a pair of qıalit boxing gloves can give a beginners all. You are welcome, I hope I can help all the beginners:) Thank you

  14. Hi Furkan

    Great detailed review, about the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves.
    I admit to watching Box from time to time, but I never practice it, and I certainly wasn’t aware of how many boxing gloves are in the market!
    My Elder kid had been trying to persuade me of letting him do some Boxing, this pair of gloves will work well for a 17 year?

    1. Hi Ruben, There are certainly lots of boxing gloves in the market. It will definitely work however you should check the sizing chart and can buy one. It is a great pair and I am sure he will make lots of good training wtih it.

  15. Hi, Furkan!

    It is a very helpful article you have written. I was looking for boxing gloves for beginners and came by your site. I was happy to read that you recommend the Venum Elite boxing gloves for beginners. Think I’ll go for them and give them a try. 🙂


    1. Hi Andreas,you are welcome and It is really good that you start boxing training and I am sure you will have the best workouts with it.

  16. I really like the look of these boxing gloves! Although I do not know much about boxing, I could imagine all the sweat hands can out of in these. Is there a way to clean the gloves without damaging them?


    1. These boxing gloves’ style is incredible and have lots of color to choose from. You can clean with moisture napkins and you should be careful about not leaving nepkin parts. It is good that you will begin boxing training and you are welcome Rina.

  17. Hi Furkan,

    Who would have thought there are different gloves for beginners interested in boxing? I personally didn’t have a clue about this and your review will most certainly help a lot of boxing enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the world. All the best to you mate.

    1. There are a lot of pairs on the market. I hope it will at least give an insight about how to choose and Venum is definitely one of the best choice. Thanks man

  18. A lot of beginners don’t know the importance of the gloves at first. I boxed for a couple of years and I learned that the hard way.
    Those Venum gloves seem to have some all around decent attributes on them, and they don’t cost a lot at all comparing to what you’re getting the way you described it above, from deformation adjustments to handling sweat and letting the hands breath, which are the most important aspects of every glove not only beginners.
    Great review and great product. Good find!

    1. I was one of them too but I was lucky that I figured out very soon. It has all around qualities and I am sure it will help people to kick start their boxing training journey. you are welcome 😉

  19. Hi Furkan. Thank you for your very informative post on boxing gloves. I had no idea that there were so many different types. I’m certainly no boxing expert. That’s what led me to this sight. I have a favourite nephew who recently won a major world title for veterans, over 40 I believe. But I want to learn more about different aspects of the sport. Just reading about the glove types was an eye opener. I will be returning here for more information. All the best Jim

    1. Yeah, there are definitely things to consider. Your age actually is not old for boxing. I am glad that it provided necessary information as you can use them for future gloves. I have other guides about training coming soon so be sure to check out these newer posts as I will also include tips for older folks.

  20. Dominique Strydom

    Thanks for the thorough review! My brother’s old pair of gloves is busy dying and this is a really helpful guide on what he should look for in a new pair.

  21. Great review.
    Is this a case of you get what you pay for? Are the linings better depending on the price?
    Is there a case for buying gloves from certain countries?

    I know many manufacturers keep moving their factories around trying to get the best deal, and the quality suffers. I have found that with a lot of leather goods, like shoes and bags. What are your thoughts?

    1. I can’t answer the first question of yours as I don’t know which boxing gloves you are talking about. Yeah, there are advantages. For example, if you buy Twins Special or any other glove, which are made in Thailand, in Thailand it will be cheaper.

      You are right about that as well. Many other companies do that. For example, Venum has factories in Pakistan so they can cut the price down.

  22. Furkan,
    I just bought two gloves for my teens. I wish I had read your post before.
    Thanks for sharing anyway.

    All the best.

  23. My son of 14 years old is on my case to start boxing (as his friends are doing it) and wants me to buy him a new set of gloves but I know next to nothing about the subject, this post was really helpful so thanks for the work you did, any suggestions for a young teenager?

  24. Right now I have some Everlast boxing gloves and they are just no good. I wish I had stumbled on this article before making my purchase. The Venom Elite Boxing gloves look splendid. I have their shin guards and they work well, so I expect the gloves to do just as well from your description. When my Everlast fail (as they are bound to do), I will get the venom elite gloves.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. You are not alone. Many beginners’ pair is Everlast but then people realize it just does not have any quality protection or padding. Elite Series is amazing and the quality of them is always above average. You will love the comfort and the dense padding of Venum.

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