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Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners – Get Stronger and be Safe with Right Gloves

So you want to find quality all around boxing gloves for rookie days, first sweat of your palms will touch this glove. I am going a little sentimental 😉 However you are in right place. Because I was in your shoes just couple of years ago and this decision can make huge impact for your first months of training. In this post, you will find features of Venum Elite and why it is best boxing gloves for beginners.

best boxing gloves for beginners

 Product: Venum Elite Boxing Gloves                                                                          Best Place to Buy: Amazon                                                                                     My rating: 10.0 out of 10.0 (for beginners)                                                          Color: Wide Range of color selection including green and pink

Exclusive Features

  • Durable
  • Air regulating features for comfort
  • Have ALL safety features
  • Incredible quality price ratio
  • Perfect choice for a beginner

For a beginner to boxing, one decent quality pair is enough. A few months later when you get more expert and you will spend more time with particular training type. For example you won’t do sparring at first. However when you get expert you will surely need an exclusive pair for that.

But right now, you only need quality and all around pair. Let’s start with the amazing features of Venum Elite.


Durability against Different Types of Deformations

Quality of leather is very important. You can see cheap vinyl ones all over internet and these have not good quality and wear off too quick. You will do lots of training types and these just can’t handle intensity.

These gloves expose to lots of different kinds of deformations in very short amount of time. Its leather should be ready for this and the pair should hold the padding where it should be for your hands safety.

I know some boxing gloves tear apart, lose padding place just a few months later and become completely useless. Also, I witnessed my second boxing gloves (all around) to last nearly 18 months of training and I used these gloves 4 days per week sometimes even more. Quality of leather always shows itself.

Hands are Your Most Important Asset

Quality of Padding

Padding of gloves should forget its memory too quick otherwise striking quality gets lower and lower every next punch. Venum Elite is reviewed as one of the fastest for forgetting its memory. After a punch it returns the original state very fast. It is the most important aspect for punching bag training where a glove faces high intensity shock in very short period of time.

Size of Padding

After you check the quality of padding, now it is time to choose size of it. All boxers tend to use it more than 1.25” in training. This is the minimum you should aim for protection especially in punching bag training. So your knuckles will be relatively “comfortable” 😉  and always remember to use boxing hand wraps.

Reinforced Palm

Last but certainly not the least one is reinforced palm. If your glove has this safety feature you simply get more protection and even though lots of gloves have “kickass” design, if they don’t have reinforced palm they don’t have  “kickass” protection. Venum Elite has both of them.

Also wrist wrap feature protects your wrists during heavy bag session. It provides extra stability and actually I never consider training without it. Of course this pair has it.

How to Handle Hand Sweat?

Your hands get extremely sweaty because you are using a single pair for every training type. When I first trained I had no idea about textile composition or hand liner. My hands were sweaty and I was not comfortable at all with gloves. It was giving “sliding affect” and I hated it. This continued until I get my second pair. Even then I did not know that. Gladly I learnt that feature with my new pair.

Even you train heavily, your hands will be comfortable with textile composition and hand liner. These also provide gloves to last longer due to their sweat fighting nature. Lots of pairs do not have at least one of these qualities and your starting days may not pass so comfortable. These also can wear off in shorter period of time.

But it is simply not the case with Venum Elite.


Hands Needs to Breath too

If gloves don’t have air circulation bacteria can invade the pair. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves have nylon mesh feature and it allows inside air in and out. Secondly, it provides thermal regulation and allows hands to be even fresher.

You can choose the size of Venum Elite according to sizing chart.

venum boxing gloves sizing chart


Velcro Fasteners

This type of boxing gloves easy to wear and it is VERY comfortable to use in training. Considering you will just begin boxing training your life can be a lot easier 😉 Also more and more people train alone in home or gym. So they buy gloves with velcro fasteners. Companies are managed by humans too and they follow the common sense and give more attention to production of boxing gloves with velcro fasteners. So pairs with velcro fasteners generally have more quality than their lace up matches.

About Brands

I should give an example for better understanding here. There are good boxers make excellent uppercuts, that uppercut have everything; speed, power etc…  But only next year they may lose ability do this excellent uppercut because of focusing on footwork too much or maybe they get lazy and don’t train well 🙂

Same goes for brands, some companies can produce good boxing training gloves with amazing reviews and next year new product 3.0 version releases. It is not a good pair but hey surprise surprise it places on best seller section. I am basically saying there are not good brands however there are good gloves and bad gloves. And Venum Elite is definitely a very good quality pair.


It is OBVIOUS, These Gloves are Excellent for Beginners

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves get lots of excellent ratings and feedback from boxing forums. Also it is in best-seller in its category. It is absolutely BEST boxing gloves for beginners. Thanks to premium skintex leather and textile composition, you can train more and surely it will take constant punishment for a LONG time. Venum Elite has also the best quality price ratio which I have ever seen and I am also sure you will love training with it. I highly suggest you to get Venum Elite on amazon. If you have any questions and related experiences, you can have a comment below. I would be more than happy to connect with you.


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Reader Comments

  1. Great review! I would not have considered about the textile composition but it makes complete sense. All I do is hit the heavy bag and I admit that, for that, I simply went to the local sports store and bought a pair of Everlast gloves. I’ve had them a few months and have been happy with them for the amount I use them (I don’t do any sparring and don’t plan to). But when it comes time for another pair, I’ll come back here. You make a really good case on the features and benefits on a better investment.



    1. Hi Kevin, Textile composition definitely helps. Everlast is poulalar brand but not all of their boxing training gloves are good. You can start sparring training after you get new boxing gloves but you might want to get all around. I am happy to help you out if you have any further question about boxing gloves for beginners or the training.

  2. Hi, Nice review. I never considered the mechanics of the boxing glove itself. You give some very good information on this glove. I’m too old to box now but I see that for the beginner, these are some pretty good gloves. Thanks!

  3. Great to info!! I think is good to have gloves that won’t slide with the sweat, it can be very annoying. Not sure if boxing gloves are different for men and women…Question regarding gloves size, is it the same for women and men or is there any difference?

    1. I really hated the sweat feeling. I am glad lots of gloves have that feature to get rid of. It is the same size. You can use chart above:)

  4. Thank you for a helpful and thorough post on gloves for beginners. I have gone down the route of buying cheap, only to pay for it later. You are so right with this tip. Good to know that I only need one pair to start with until I get more experienced.

    1. that happens more often than you think:) All you need is all around one pair of boxing gloves for beginner. Then you are good to go for months.

  5. This review is so good that it left me thinking about boxing gloves..and I never tried boxing in my life! 🙂
    I also wonder about the women size question 🙂

  6. So I have a question. I’m really petite, and I see the sizing for someone of my weight. But does hand size need to be taken into consideration? I have tiny hands and wonder if the even small size (based on weight) would actually fit better. Because I want them to be snug right? We got a punching bag at my work gym and I’ve taken a liking to it. 🙂

    1. when you buy boxing gloves for women or youth, this is the only thing you should consider only the chart, When I see punching bag, I feel the same way:)

  7. I never considered all that goes into boxing glove design! I’ll have to keep the all-around gloves in mind for future reference. I believe that when buying anything, I get what I pay for. If I by cheap, then the purchase will give cheap results and do me more harm than good in the long run. If any equipment is worth it, I’ll definitely pay the extra price and/or do the research. These gloves are definitely an example of making an overall good investment; especially safety-wise.

    1. Well definitely you should keep in mind this. Because it is simply the best boxing gloves for beginners. I hope you will get good and safe training Dawn.

  8. Nice review. I enjoy watching boxing but never knew there were different choices for boxers gloves. Even down to the quality of padding in a boxing glove. You reviewed a great quality glove for a beginner. All this time, I thought any boxing glove would be alright as long as it fits.

    1. Actually once upon a time I think that too. but gosh so much has changed and I learnt so much over the years. Padding is extra important since you will be doing heavy bag training or speed pag. Lots of various training made padding weaker and weaker. So, its quality is essence for a beginner.

  9. I used to box with my two older brothers and my dad and then I went to a youth club to do some boxing and I liked it at the time, but that was decades ago.

    I’ve enjoyed your review on these boxing gloves, I would agree if that if you are going to buy a pair of gloves even if you are starting out, then get a quality pair of gloves like the Venum Elite, well done.

    1. Venum elite boxing gloves definitely do the job and I hope you go back to boxing it is never to start boxing again Adrian.

  10. Hey there! =)

    It’s awesome that you have gone into great detail regarding the mechanics of the gloves.

    I’m very positive you can help many people start out with the best boxing gloves =)


  11. Hi Furkan,

    Thanks for this post, very informative. I think I could give boxing a try..a good way to relieve stress and keep fit:)

    1. Definitely you can use it for freeing the stress. Even I did not have training on some days, I go to gym and doing this sport. I feel so relaxed after I finishing it and even I forget why I go there. Thanks Tasleem and I hope you can start and get leaner.

  12. Hi, I think this glove would be great for a beginner like me. I can not take sweaty shoes, and I am sure I would hate a sweaty glove as well, so I am glad that this takes care of that.

    1. Yes I know how that feels too. When I was younger I was into soccer and I experienced same thing. It was not nice. Yes this boxing gloves gets rid of any moisture.

  13. Hey Furkan!
    I have never done boxing but I know something about using the right equipment for sports right in the beginning. It is extremely necessary to have the right stuff at the beginning because if you don’t it will take all the pleasure away from the thing itself and you might loose interest. Even a small detail can play a huge role in the end.
    Great that you have put together such a useful article. I bet a lot of boxing beginners will thank you for the information 😉

    1. You are right bot pleasuere and safe a pair of qıalit boxing gloves can give a beginners all. You are welcome, I hope I can help all the beginners:) Thank you

  14. Hi Furkan

    Great detailed review, about the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves.
    I admit to watching Box from time to time, but I never practice it, and I certainly wasn’t aware of how many boxing gloves are in the market!
    My Elder kid had been trying to persuade me of letting him do some Boxing, this pair of gloves will work well for a 17 year?

    1. Hi Ruben, There are certainly lots of boxing gloves in the market. It will definitely work however you should check the sizing chart and can buy one. It is a great pair and I am sure he will make lots of good training wtih it.

  15. Hi, Furkan!

    It is a very helpful article you have written. I was looking for boxing gloves for beginners and came by your site. I was happy to read that you recommend the Venum Elite boxing gloves for beginners. Think I’ll go for them and give them a try. 🙂


    1. Hi Andreas,you are welcome and It is really good that you start boxing training and I am sure you will have the best workouts with it.

  16. I really like the look of these boxing gloves! Although I do not know much about boxing, I could imagine all the sweat hands can out of in these. Is there a way to clean the gloves without damaging them?


    1. These boxing gloves’ style is incredible and have lots of color to choose from. You can clean with moisture napkins and you should be careful about not leaving nepkin parts. It is good that you will begin boxing training and you are welcome Rina.

  17. Hi Furkan,

    Who would have thought there are different gloves for beginners interested in boxing? I personally didn’t have a clue about this and your review will most certainly help a lot of boxing enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the world. All the best to you mate.

    1. There are a lot of pairs on the market. I hope it will at least give an insight about how to choose and Venum is definitely one of the best choice. Thanks man

  18. A lot of beginners don’t know the importance of the gloves at first. I boxed for a couple of years and I learned that the hard way.
    Those Venum gloves seem to have some all around decent attributes on them, and they don’t cost a lot at all comparing to what you’re getting the way you described it above, from deformation adjustments to handling sweat and letting the hands breath, which are the most important aspects of every glove not only beginners.
    Great review and great product. Good find!

    1. I was one of them too but I was lucky that I figured out very soon. It has all around qualities and I am sure it will help people to kick start their boxing training journey. you are welcome 😉

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