Best Boxing Gloves for Hand Protection – Most Important Asset for Training

I used to do lots of heavy lifting workouts and because of that, my right wrist started having some pains time to time and plus to that, I train 3 times per week with a heavy bag for years. I honestly can’t handle any injuries. When I choose boxing gloves, most important criteria is my physical health. Because boxing training is my passion and I want to continue it as long as I am alive. You may think I am exaggerating, well I don’t 😉 Below, you will find best boxing gloves for hand protection, their features and also sizing information for your hand.


Lets start with the best protective and sadly most expensive one

Winning Training Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves for hand protectionProtection Rating: 10.0

Training Quality Rating: 9.8

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 7.8

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Unique Pros

  • Perfect leather
  • Safest gloves which I have ever used
  • Ideal for all training types
  • Last around 3-4 years

It is the most protective and durable boxing gloves I have ever used. I used these at least 3 times in a week for 3-4 years.  Even though Winning is not the best one for my training performance ( my favorite is Cleto Reyes) it provided very good quality training, especially sparring and pad work sessions. I never felt any soreness with my hands whatsoever. It has great all around padding quality to protect your knuckles, also  has wrist support to prevent any serious injuries. I actually used only one Winning pair and the reason, why I just used only one, is expensive price tag. With that, its premium leather can and will last more than 3 years. Even tough the durability does not compensate the price, keep in mind that you will always get very quality training performance. This pair deserves to be the number one in safest boxing gloves list and in my opinion, it is the best all around boxing gloves on the market. Lining is soft and made of horse hair. Also, it is little more snug than other pairs. According to sizing chart, you can choose Winning Training Gloves. If you want to learn more about this pair, check out the extensive review.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart                                                      ========>Get the Safest Gloves on Amazon<========


Title Gel World Bag Gloves

quality protective boxing glovesProtection Rating: 9.7

Heavy Bag Training Quality Rating: 9.8

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 8.8

Unique Pros

  • One of the safest pair to train with heavy bag
  • Lots of quality padding
  • Delivers the punching impact well

I have used 8 boxing gloves until they are toasted and always make my choices according to lots of researches. With that, this is the second most protective pair which I have ever used. Its padding quality is superb and forgets its memory very quick. Thanks to this feature, you can punch the heavy bag all day and it will give the same and safest punching experience. Even product description says ” Friends, after you try this you will never go back to other gloves” Well they made a right point. If I want the safest glove, I would go for it again because Winning is too pricey 😉 and Title World Bag always get amazing ratings for its protection on boxing and martial arts forums. Also this pair has great inner lining and thermal regulation to keep your hands fresh during toughest heavy bag workout. You can also check its review for more info.

You can choose according to sizing chart below and go on amazon for the latest price.

heavy bag gloves sizing chart


Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis

alternative protective boxing glovesProtection Rating: 9.7

Training Quality Rating: 9.0

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 9.6

Unique Pros

  • Incredible protection technology
  • Lots of quality padding
  • Can provide all training types
  • Incredible price

I have never used Hayabusa and I think I can buy this one, because I have seen more than enough excellent reviews on boxing forums. Hayabusa puts all safety features to their gloves which I really appreciate  and according to real experience of users, Hayabusa produces to its gloves. Based on ratings and reviews, I can say that it definitely pays off. Lots of people use only Hayabusa for their heavy bag training and they make it clear that Hayabusa Fightwear provides excellent trainings. It has perfect wrist and hand alignment, also  has great support for wrists. You can check out the review for more info. I have to say that you truly get more than what you pay. Fightwear is ideal for all training types, lasts long and has incredible protection. In addition to these, it has an incredible price. You can choose all around training (suitable for heavy bag, sparring, focus mitts…) pair according to sizing chart below on amazon.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

review of best boxing gloves for hand protectionProtection Rating: 8.8

Training Quality Rating: 10.0

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 9.5

Unique Pros

  • Delivers punching impact very well
  • Quality padding
  • Safe to train with
  • Ideal for all training types
  • Genuine leather

Cleto Reyes is puncher’s glove. Its design and weight distribution are made for better striking. With that, it also provides good wrist support and padding quality. Even though it provides the best training performance, I felt pain in my problematic wrist time to time when I trained with Cleto. I have included in this list because it is far more superior than other gloves on the market. Even though it won’t give the protection of “pillow” Winning, it is still very quality pair for protection and deserves to be on this list. You can have a look at its review for other unique features of Cleto Reyes Training Gloves. This handmade Mexican pair has very sleek design and wide range of color selection. Keep in mind that this pair has very long break in time. It took 6 months for me to finish it. Below, you can find sizing chart for this pair and have a look at the latest price on amazon.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart


Conclusive Thoughts

Winning is the best boxing gloves on the market for years and protection is one of its best aspect. It will probably stay on top of the protective gloves list for a long time. If you are dedicated to boxing training like me,  then look no further than Winning and get your own pair on amazon. As an alternative, you can punch the heavy bag fast and furious as you can and still don’t feel any  soreness with your hands, then Title Gel Word Bag is for you. I hope you enjoyed the content and I am sure that your hands will be safe with all of these gloves. If you have questions or something to share, please have a comment below


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8 thoughts on “Best Boxing Gloves for Hand Protection – Most Important Asset for Training”

  1. Hi, very informative post on boxing gloves. I had no idea there were so many different things to consider when looking to buy gloves!
    Thanks for the knowledgeable post!

  2. Dear Furkan,

    Thanks for the informative post on boxing gloves. I didn’t know there were that many different gloves that I can choose from. I usually get the normal ones from Modell. Now I realize it’s a cheap brand. Plan on getting the winning gloves next.

    1. I actually have never heard of Modell. Nevertheless Winning is a great choice and I am sure you will be happy with it and glad to see you here again Jason

  3. When it comes to the Gel gloves, is it like the same material that is used to soften the soles of your shoe? If not do you know what it is made of?

    1. I actually have no idea about shoes 😉 but Title is made of cow hide leather and it is generally used for heavy bag.

  4. Good article, I love boxing myself, love the Cleto Reyes some of the best gloves on the market in my eyes. My gloves are starting to go a bit now, padding starting to miss shape, bit smelly from many of long sessions in them, and have them a while now when I need a new pair I will be becoming to look at your advice.

    Thanks Sam Birch

    1. In my opinion Cleto Reyes pairs are the best too. When padding start becoming useless I realize that it is time to change the pair.
      Of course Sam you are welcome anytime 😉

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