Best Boxing Gloves for Kids – Ultimate Guide for Kids Boxing Gloves

RDX Kids boxing gloves review

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves Rating: 9.3

Everlast Boxing Training Gloves Rating: 6.5

RDX preferred age: 7 to 15(7 years old can use 4 oz RDX and  6 oz for 15 years old)

Everlast preferred age: 5 to 12 (one size)

Color: RDX have wide Selection, Everlast has only black

Best Place to buy: Amazon

We see young starters in many sport branches. I personally love it happening and have seen lots of researches about benefits of starting sports at very early age.  Especially last years, there are much more children’s boxing classes exist and even there are schools giving boxing classes to their students for acquiring skills like self discipline. You can find more extensive information here.  In this content, you will find best boxing gloves for kids and their features Finding right pair of gloves is same for kids and adults. Except these are EXCLUSIVELY produced for children’s hand.


Basically Glove is a Glove

When I was young,  I played soccer.  My uncle chose my sport shirt and he had chosen it if he would buy it for himself and I never had any complaints. Obviously he had chosen smaller shirts, I am not that big 😉 Same goes for boxing, there are same things to consider. These features are its leather, durability, padding quality and last but certainly not least ventilation feature of boxing gloves. In this circumstance, there is also kid’s hand growing factor


Best Leather Leads to Best of Everything

This feature affect the quality of gloves the MOST. The leather makes it better all around or all around worse.  I personally try buying the most quality leather. Because I know it will pay off in future. RDX  and Everlast  have both good quality leather for youth gloves.


And here is the deal breaker…

Padding is the Most Important Feature for Protection

Generally,  Everlast has padding issues all of its boxing gloves. It has padding issues with this particular boxing gloves for children too.  After couple of trainings, Everlast’s padding  may not be where it should and this can cause injuries.   Whereas RDX padding quality is significantly higher  and thanks to its foam padding it lasts so much longer.

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Do Kids Punch the Heavy Bag a lot?

century free standing punching bag

I never have been youth trainer for boxing, however I see kids punching heavy bag all the time. This is where padding memory matters the most. Due to Everlast poor padding memory, it won’t last much and definitely won’t give good training. RDX just rocks about it and gives very quality training for a long time.


Air Conditioner in Gloves

Here Everlast just screws it up, They offer almost nothing for it. This was the mistake that when I bought my very first glove. I had no idea about ventilation before I bought. But when I had my second glove, I noticed the difference just in a hour.  When children use Everlast, they would feel like their hands are in oven

If children wants to stick with this sport or want to at least finish their boxing course 😉 I highly suggest NOT TO BUY Everlast. But, if they train less than 15 minutes or just for “FUN” , then it can be an option.

This is the main reason of I favor RDX. These gloves offers very good ventilation and thermal adjustment technology.  So hands stay fresh during the training. I know how boxing training can be physically and mentally difficult. This can and will provide motivation and well being of their hands.


Ventilation provides comfortable training and also…

Which one Lasts Longer?

If  air flow in your gloves is not much, your gloves will last significantly less than it should. Thanks to its RDX mesh panel, I can easily say that RDX can last around 1 year or more. But for Everlast, its durability certainly will be less. It’s durability depends on training length and how strong little fellow punch. So RDX is the only choice if training intensity is a lot.

Okay, this will be a small detail, However, RDX boxing gloves is  designed VERY exclusively for children to wear and take it off easier. This era is really good to be a kid, everything is served in a silver plate 😉   If you ask me, they put in so much focus and hard work also there is no other brand do this kind of design for children.


What They Really Cost

If you read all the content, you may have guessed RDX is more expensive and you are right. However , the difference is less than 10$. If we look at cost savings, RDX is a definite choice.

It is OBVIOUS, RDX  simply has the premium quality

Actually, RDX is not well known company for adult’s boxing gloves as Everlast. However they certainly put hard work  and made a spectacular job to produce best boxing gloves for children. And It is for a very decent price. RDX’s leather, padding quality and air transfer simply makes these gloves incredible and these makes RDX boxing gloves the best choice for kids. -If these are appealing to  you get your own RDX kids boxing gloves on Amazon. And if you are looking for gloves to use in a short training or  “fun” you can also check Everlast Boxing Gloves.  I hope you find my content helpful and if you have personal experiences or anything to share, please leave a comment. I will be more than happy to talk and answer  your questions.


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20 thoughts on “Best Boxing Gloves for Kids – Ultimate Guide for Kids Boxing Gloves”

  1. Great article about boxing gloves for kids. I have never heard about air condition in gloves but such a great idea.
    I bought boxing gloves for myself one day because I boxed at the gym and liked it a lot. I got a problem with my knees though so I couldn’t continue with this sport, unfortunately. But I still want to do it just not in the tempo that was in the gym. So I am going to buy a punching to punch at it when we have refurbished the house. I need somewhere to place it and we don’t have that now.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is really nice and effective if your hands are comfortable and relaxed during the boxing training. Well there are suitable punching bags for you. They are easy to set up and punch:) Actually you don’t need to do this exercise with tempo however I strongly recommend you to start boxing training in light intensity so there won’t be unexpected health problems. You are welcome Tove.

  2. It’s great that kids get into sports and/or exercise when they are young. I have never tried boxing myself, but it looks like such a great workout. They offer it at my gym, but i have some injuries that prevent me from taking it. I never thought about the issue of ventilation in gloves. I’m sure it would be very uncomfortable and distracting if your gloves didn’t have proper ventilation.

    1. Actually it is the best sport training out there, you can consult your physician first if you want to start, and I am sure you can start light training. because you already went to gym:) yes all I think is probably is my hands when I train, I hope you can start training soon

  3. Ventilation within gloves is great because it gives air for the hands meaning less heat and can pump the blood in the system a bit better than not having ventilation at all. What’s the difference between the performance in Everlast and RDX? To put simply, does RDX provide less strain on the child’s gloves better than Everlast?

    1. It definitely helps with nylon mesh quality of boxing gloves. Actually yes and RDX is more durable than Everlast with its leather quality and air transformation

  4. Hi Furkan, my son is only 3 years old so he hasn’t started too many sports yet. Next year we are going to try and get him more involved. I definitely agree with you that the RDX gloves are a better deal especially for only $8 more than Everlast gloves. The main thing that would concern me is the padding issue you spoke of. In a sport where you can get repeated blows to the head I think it is well worth the investment to have the extra padding.

    1. Hi Jeremy, RDX boxing gloves are definitely superior to other pairs. You can also use the extra padding to your advantage, his hands will be more relaxed. I hope your kid have good boxing training in future.

  5. I never thought about air flow in boxing gloves, makes sense though that it would feel better and its great that the gloves last longer if they have proper air flow. Extra padding sounds good too. RDX sounds like a better product than Everlast but I haven’t heard of them before. Can you find them in normal stores or do you have to go to a speciality store?

    1. I feel great when the gloves have good thermal regulation. RDX is not a popular brand but it has definitely quality boxing gloves for kids. Children in boxing gym have used it a lot and then I made lots of researches online and offline. You can find on amazon and have very good deals right now 😉

  6. It’s a nice item of Kids Gloves collection you got there. I was looking one for my 7 year old boy…what would you recomment..?

  7. I never knew there was such a big difference in boxing gloves. It’s such a great sport for kids to get into for exerciser and fun. Great article!

    1. Well there is 😉 even some of them can jeopardize our health during the boxing training. You are totally It would be really nice to see even more little fellows start training.

  8. Very interesting post, thank you for your insights. My children don’t really do boxing, but my autistic son is using the boxing ball to get rid of his frustrations. He is always complaining about his hands hurting afterwards, so I agree that padding is important.

  9. This is good info if I decide to have kids of my own in the near future. I know when I was a kid I wanted to learn boxing, but I wasn’t allowed to.

    1. It is really nice Jeff I am sure your future children will thank you for letting them to learn this amazing sport 🙂

  10. What great information! Hey, kind of random question… do you know if they make quality gloves that aren’t leather? I’m not vegan but I really try to use cruelty-free products whenever possible.

    Any faux leather gloves that you know of?

    1. Actually, there are some. As far as I know Rival has some quality gloves which are not made of leather. I actually wrote a post for Rival gloves just two months ago. You can check out here for more information.

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