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Best Boxing Gloves for Women – Lose Fat, Get Fit and Train Better

Nowadays everyone seems to know about benefits of boxing training. These benefits are not only the physical ones, also personal attributes like dedication. I have to thank to the celebrities for this. Normally, I really don’t care about what they do or what they share on social media but they seriously made a huge impact. That is the sharing their  own boxing training. They showed what works for their body and mindset.  Among these celebrities, there are movie actresses and Victoria’s secret models. After Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid and lots of celebrities shared their boxing passion, there had been a total BLAST and lots of women started doing boxing training. Thanks to them, we see women boxing, mixed martial art classes more than ever. Also, some train with punching bags in their own home environment with comfort. Lots of them do various intense trainings to lose fat, build muscle  and look fit. There are even more benefits of boxing for women, you can check out them on here and in this content, you will find best boxing gloves for women to train well and these will help you to get better shape.


Is There any Differences between Choosing Boxing Gloves for Men and Women?

Short answer is no, however there are boxing gloves which have been produced exclusively for ladies and also some certain gloves are preferred more by female boxers.

In this writing there are one excellent and one good quality pair of gloves. Also if you consider training once in a while, I have included an average pair.







Cleto Reyes Rating: 10.0                                                                                                       Venum Elite Rating: 8.9

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Note: Both boxing gloves have many color selections including white, pink and green.


You can use the chart below for choosing your training gloves

venum elite boxing gloves sizing chart


How often will You train with?

This affects every quality of the boxing gloves including leather, padding quality…and more. If you train regularly  Venum Elite Boxing Gloves  will do the job just fine or  if you think of training more and seriously then you need Cleto Reyes.  

I  briefly explain its qualities within this content. 


Padding’s Memory should be Like a Fish Memory

Venum Elite has premium padding quality which makes it perfect for high impact shocks. This can absorb the most intensity shocks. One of the MOST positive aspect is that Venum forgets its memory ultra fast. After punching the heavy bag, same glove have only a few seconds away to face with heavy bag again. So, its padding should return the original place before the next punch. Venum did an excellent work to provide it and has the best ratings about it on high authority boxing forums.

Leather Quality Means Everything for Boxing Gloves

Leather makes glove perfect or worst. It is simple as that. When the leather is premium, it holds padding perfect, Gloves last much longer and it positively affects glove’s all around quality. However if boxing gloves material is not durable like Everlast Women Boxing Gloves, eventually punching quality and even health start to suffer . The pair just wear off too quick. Venum has very good quality leather and you can wear it for a LONG time.


For Dedicated Ladies

If you are really dedicated to boxing training (3 times or more per week), even though Venum Elite Boxing Gloves has good quality,  you should think of buying the most quality boxing gloves, such as Cleto Reyes. Its leather, padding material and everything has PLATINUM quality.  Glove’s quality changes the duration time  a lot. It can even change more than 6 months.  These gloves are used by lots of professionals including female boxing champion Mia St. John. Some of you may know her from playboy magazine cover. Even though she is really gorgeous 🙂 she is even better boxer. She has multiple championships of WBC including  little weight, feather weight and welterweight. She and lots of professional  female boxers come to agreement about that Cleto Reyes boxing gloves ROCKS and superior to other pairs.  These gloves are not going to tear apart any time soon and last very very long time. When quality is excellent and then price is more than other pairs. As I said earlier, these gloves are for women who are SERIOUS  about boxing training. If you are looking to punch heavy bag very fast and furious 🙂 (3 or more times per week) you are not going too far with quality gloves. You need Cleto Reyes. 

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These are all I can say about best boxing gloves for women. I hope you enjoyed the writing and if you have any personal experience or questions, please leave a comment below.


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Reader Comments

  1. Boxing is definitely an interesting fitness route for women – I can imagine it’d feel good letting loose on a punching bag!
    I have a bad back though – a history of herniated discs and my chiropractor says to keep exercising pretty low impact. I know that applies to running/jumping type exercise, but do you know if boxing would be a high impact activity affecting the lower lumbar area?

    1. It is trending among women in last decade and it is very fast. I understand your health situation.I really don’t recommend sparring and jumping ropes. These can make an impact ANY area and especially lower lumbar are. But other than that you can do other trainings like punching bag or shadowboxing

  2. I guess Everlast is just good at branding that most people associate them with boxing gloves.
    The boxing gloves can get expensive if you choose the wrong gloves and then it falls apart on you so I would tend to buy ones that are leather and are better in quality in the first place. The Venum Elite Boxing gloves seems pretty good. Thanks for suggesting them.

    1. Leather is the most important feature for durability of boxing gloves,You are absolutely right, it can get expensive pretty soon if people don’t make the right choice. good boxing training with Venum:)

  3. These are very good tips for choosing boxing gloves which I think will be very helpful to lady boxing enthusiasts. Boxing is one of the best fitness regimens that women can get into. It’s not only effective but fun too.

    1. You are welcome Sandra, boxing gloves depend on which training you are doing. Also I have been writing a guideline for it I will post in a few days.

  4. Thank you for this article. I remember requesting it on a previous comment. I actually tried out the Everlast gloves a couple of weeks ago but I wasn’t convinced on purchasing it. They didn’t feel good. This article cleared things up for me on what I should be looking for.

  5. I love the pink ones but which ones would you recommend for beginners? I am in the process of gathering my fitness gadgets so i don’t know much about the fabric and brands. Very useful article. Keep up the good work i really like your stuff.

  6. Who knew top models were into boxing as well! Thanks for sharing Furkan. I was always into Zumba to shake the stress away but I could give boxing a try for a change. Very useful post!

  7. I love the Venom Elite boxing gloves, I love the look of them and that they will last. I can see myself setting up my bag in my garage, and using it several times a week 🙂 Do you know if there are any training videos available? I would love to get started!

  8. Omigosh, pink gloves! Love it! I’m not a boxer, but I do take turbo kickboxing classes at the gym. :p I had never thought about the different brands and qualities of boxing gloves. If I ever do get into boxing seriously, I will definitely consult your site. Thanks for the info, Furkan!

    1. That is nice you do some sort kind of boxing 😉 There are lots of brands and types of gloves. If you do, definitely let me know I will be happy to help you.

  9. oh shucks!
    Love the details, I always wondered what was the difference between male and female boxing gloves. My daughter does Taekwondo and she has expressed some interest in boxing, she’s very young, might change her mind when she’s ready.

    Thanks for the article, enjoyed it much!

    1. There are some little differences 😉 and some pairs are actually preferred much more by females. That is nice that she will start training and I am sure this pair will give her quality training.

  10. Boxing gloves certainly have come a long way since they are now also available for ladies – that’s great!

    I love that they are made of leather, because natural fabrics ‘breathe’ better than synthetics.

    I also like the added benefit of losing weight, as well as getting fit.

    1. As you said Eril it has amazing benefits for women. And I am sure you will have amazing training sessions either of these. And when I first saw boxing gloves for women long time ago I was really surprised as well.

  11. Boxing is one of my favorite sports simply because it works every part of your body; and a good pair of boxing gloves can help you work out harder.I really enjoyed reading this post and learning about the different types gloves. Definitely something I will be purchasing in the future.

    1. Well it is my favorite and I seriously love heavy bag training 😉
      I have bad pairs and good pairs… It truly makes a real difference. Some bad ones can even jeopardize your health. And good ones make you train better and harder.
      You are welcome anytime.

  12. Hey,
    I love this article and I think it is important that women know what gloves fit best, especially when just getting started with it. I have done kickboxing for years and think it is a great way to keep fit and let out some anger if you have any 😉 I love the pink gloves!! and can see a lot of women wanting to buy those.
    Great Job

    1. It is really important and quality pairs will give you incredible training sessions 😉 I have seen lots of women in my boxing gym prefer Cleto Reyes and I am sure many people will also love it too.
      I am also glad that you care about training.

    1. You are welcome and I have not found one either. I only found one and that post basically says what women boxers use and then decided to write about it. And I am glad that you found it informative.

  13. There is not enough information about this subject on the web. You explain it in an easy way to understand. To be honest the few times I tried boxing I did not pay attention to the quality of the gloves. Luckily you’ve given some good advice for next time.

    1. I actually could not find anything about it so I figured that I should write about it 😉
      I am really glad that you liked it Dira. And I know that it is really hard to start boxing training, do heavy bag, sparring, focus mitt training etc. It sounds hard, but when you get used to it, you will always want to train. Well at least I feel that way 😉

      1. Thanks Furkan. I’m still looking for gloves but you are right I need to double check which type of exercise I would like to do and which gloves are more appropriate for that exercise.

        1. You are welcome Dira,
          You definitely need right boxing gloves for your training. If you want to ask anything more you can just leave a comment again.

  14. I really like the idea of boxing as a fitness routine. Previously, I had done a routine with quite a bit of kickboxing type movements, however, now I have knee osteoarthritis and find that the pain I experience afterwards makes it less enjoyable. It appears that boxing would be easier on my knees but I don’t know much about it. Do you think it would be a good choice for me given my knee condition?

    1. I actually suggest that you do boxing. Because it puts very little tension on joints which includes knee joints. For your condition boxing training is really suitable.

  15. I love mix martial arts, I have to do something fun to keep this mother of three looking like I’m 25…yes indeed. I can tell you that finding a glove that makes me feel bad ass is difficult. I’m loving the Everlast Women’s Pro Style gloves though. This one I will try for sure…will let you know how I like it.

    1. That is really nice that you love martial arts. The bag will swing just more with these gloves and you can feel bad ass 😉
      That would be great and you can let me know how it goes with Everlast in this post or any other.

  16. I have always been interested in taking a boxing class, kickboxing to be exact. Having the perfect boxing gloves never crossed my mind thank you for all the information you provided!

  17. Thanks for this information. I am actually looking into starting boxing and this gives me heads up on what type of gloves I should get.

    I know that the Venum Elite boxing gloves don’t have quality as good as Cleto Reyes. So as a beginner, should I stick with Venum Elite since I’m just starting out?

    1. Exactly the difference between Venum and Cleto is similar to the difference between Ferrari and Renault lol : )
      I also suggest Cleto to more advanced boxers since it has less palm protection and when you start punching faster you need to know what you are doing so you don’t have any hand injury. Also, Venum Elite’s cost efficiency is quite high as well.

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