Best Boxing Gloves – The Ultimate Guide for Your Need

There are LOTS of boxing gloves on the market. Also there are lots of different training types including sparring and heavy bag. One pair can be IDEAL for one training type but it can suck in another. So, choosing best boxing gloves depends on your need. If you consider sparring, you need certain qualities and you need different features if you will do heavy bag session. Also there are a very good quality gloves which is suitable for EVERY training type. In this content, you will find best pairs for all training type, exclusively for heavy bag and exclusively for sparring session. And at the end of content, there are also amazing pairs for women and children (youth).

At the end of every section, there is a sizing chart for that particular section.


Best Boxing Gloves for Every Training Type

Gloves in this category can be used for all training types including punching bag, double end bag, sparring and focus mitt training. Let’s start with absolute number 1.


Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves

Protection Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Unique Features

  • Protect hands so well
  • Gloves LAST at least 3 years
  • Ideal for ALL training types
  • Fit hands so well and comfy
  • Top quality cover material
  • This is simply the MOST quality pair on the market
  • Amazing safety


  • It will cost initially more

Winning is a company which don’t do any professional advertisements however it always produces its products with lots of care. With that Winning Training Gloves shines the most among all of these products. It has all safety features for both sparring and heavy bag. It has wrist support, thumb safety feature and lots of padding to deliver the best protection possible for your hand. You can do sparring after that punch the heavy bag furiously. And you don’t feel any discomfort with your hands whatsoever. I personally used this glove a few years ago. Even though I had a wrist injury, I barely felt any pain and never felt any soreness. This pair deserves the top place since it gives the best protection possible and provides very good quality boxing training for years. And I am sure that you will love the training with it.

Only negative side of this pair is that it will cost you more initially. With that you will use it for around 3-4 years so it has actually better quality price ratio than lots of pairs on the market. And if you are looking for truly the best pair, I highly suggest you to pick up your own Winning Training Gloves on amazon. You can also check out extensive Wining Boxing Gloves Review.


Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

Protection Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Durability: 9.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

Unique Features

  • Maximize the training performance
  • LASTS around 2-3 years
  • Ideal for ALL training types
  • Fit hands so well
  • Top quality genuine leather
  • Provides best training performance
  • LOTS of color selections
  • Cool design

Lots of famous boxers wear Cleto Reyes including my all-time favorite Manny Pacquiao. He uses in matches and also while he trains. Also have you seen “Southpaw”? Jake Gyllenhaal also used in his training sessions (focus mitts) to maximize his training performance. And this pair helped him to get “boxers physique”.

And I used these gloves around 2-3 years and these gloves literally give incredible training performance. Also this pair does it in a safest way. This is why lots of boxers prefer Cleto Reyes a lot and “cool look” of the gloves is not the only reason. Actually I improved my skills and strength better than any other pairs which I have ever used and I could literally move the heavy bag more. Only negative side of the glove is that Cleto has LONG break in time. It takes around 6-7 months. Also, its price is only half of the Winning. If these are appealing to you get your OWN Cleto and start having the best performance in training. You can also check out its extensive review.

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves

Protection Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Durability: 9.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Unique Features

  • Excellent Quality cover material
  • Safest gloves to train (like rest of Hayabusa products)
  • Delivers punching impact well
  • Ideal for all training types
  • VERY ideal for heavy bag session
  • Lasts 2-3 years
  • Great quality price ratio

Hayabusa is not well known like other brands on this list however it is getting there. And this pair is the best product of the company. It is made according to lots university researches and boxers experiences. Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu will provide amazing heavy bag sessions and its wrist wrap will secure wrist quite well.

Its liner is anti-microbial and it will also provide your hands to stay fresh. And Hayabusa really put some hard work for it. This pair has also “delivering punching impact” quality and this pair is simply amazing for punching bag session. So these are all perfect but you may wonder why it is at third place. The reason is its durability slightly lower. Also Cleto and Wining’s padding quality is again slightly better than this pair. However it is one of the most quality training pair and in my opinion it has the best quality price ratio. If you get Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu, you really get more than what you pay.


Winning, Cleto and Hayabusa are AMAZING choices for all training types, these have incredible thermal regulation and your hands always stay fresh during the training. These pairs also have best ratings and reviews on high authoritative boxing forums. I am also sure that you will love training with them, too. Also you can seriously expect these gloves to last more than every pair on the market.

There is a sizing chart below you can use it for choosing your own and you can get Cleto, Winning or Hayabusa according to sizing chart below. You can do all training types (punching bag, sparring, focus mitts, double end bag) with these three pairs.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

                            ========>Get Cleto Reyes for best Training Performance<========


Let’s continue with heavy bag session… 

What Features does your Heavy Bag Pair Need?

Heavy bag gloves are produced exclusively for punching bag training and these gloves’ main mission to deliver the shock of punches, protect your hands and wrists incredibly well. I have used some heavy bag gloves and honestly did not get a good performance from them. But my gloves are rated as average and I have not used the heavy bag gloves on this list yet. These bag gloves below have excellent reviews and have desired features for heavy bag training. And these are heavily padded at the front side. This increases the speed and obviously punching power.

I also give so much importance for comfort of my hands, because boxing training is pretty intense workout and I need the comfort most in punching bag training. These features are most commonly looked for punching bag training. Gloves below have ALL these qualities. Also you can check out the best boxing gloves for heavy bag for more detailed information.


Let’s start with the best pair for heavy bag…

Title Gel World Bag

Protection Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Punching Bag Training Quality Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Durability: 9.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

Unique Features

  • Safest Gloves (incredible wrist protection)
  • Title’s unique design for quality training performance
  • Delivers punching impact perfectly
  • Truly the best pair for heavy bag
  • Lasts around 2 years
  • Quality Cowhide leather

This glove is known for quality of delivering the punching impact. When you punch the bag, you won’t lose any extra energy and the pair delivers the impact to the bag quite well. This is why this pair is sold like crazy because people just get “better workout” with it. Imagine that after punching the heavy bag, it will swing more and you won’t lose any extra energy while you do that. Title Gel World Bag provides just that.

It also gets so many good ratings for its padding quality. It forgets its memory too fast. So, after you punch the heavy bag same glove’s padding will return the original place before facing again with the punching bag. It is what expected from heavy bag gloves and it has ALL safety features for this training and actually Title Gel World Bag is cheaper than many of its rivals. You can also check out its extensive review.


Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves

Protection Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Punching Bag Training Quality Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Durability: 9.5 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Unique Pros

  • Quality cover material
  • Ideal for heavy Bag Training
  • Extra ventilating system for heavy Bag Session
  • Last around 2 years

Rival Bag Gloves are absolutely loved by boxing community and many people and I say that because the company is not famous like Everlast or Title yet you can see their gloves in many gyms. This pair’s padding is also perfect for sparring. With that it has only 1.25″ padding. It is normally less for punching bag training. However its superior quality of padding provides protection and it has “returning original state quickly” feature. If you look at the wrist part of the pair it is designed exclusively. Rival Bag Gloves wraps your wrists well and stabilizes them. You can buy them on amazon or if you want to check out more extensive review.

According to me if you are looking gloves for ONLY punching bag training, you are better off using Title or Rival and you don’t need to consider Winning, Cleto or any other training pairs. In that way you can save a lot of money 😉 And these bag gloves actually provide even better punching bag session. According to heavy bag glove sizing chart, you can choose your own Title or Rival.

heavy bag gloves sizing char

                                        ====>Get your OWN Title and Start Punching Bag Training<====


Let’s continue with sparring session… 

What Features do your Sparring Pair Need?

The most important aspects are padding quantity and leather quality for sparring session.

Firstly, we should not knock out our sparring partner and secondly our gloves should have very durable leather against intense deformations and stay without rough spots. You can also check out for more information about what your pairs need on here.


Let’s start with simply the most amazing pair for sparring… 

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding

Protection Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Sparring Training Quality Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

Durability: 9.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Unique Pros

  • Very quality and soft genuine leather (like rest of Cleto models)
  • Very soft and lots of padding
  • Lots of color selection and “cool” design
  • Has ALL  safety features for sparring session
  • Last around 2-3 years

This glove is produced exclusively for sparring. After you punch your sparring partner, your partner can consider buying one too if they don’t try to hurt you 😉  Its padding is really soft and has decent quality. This Mexican style pair has the premium leather as other Cleto models. So you can use it in lots of sparring sessions and its leather won’t have rough edges and look cool as in the first day.

It gets amazing feedback from boxing gym and you will probably see it in many boxing gyms. Because Cleto Reyes Extra Padding is one of the most commonly used pairs for sparring. Check the current price on amazon or if you want to know more about the pair check out its review.


Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves

Protection Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Sparring Training Quality Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Durability: 9.0 / 10

Quality / Price Rating: 8.7 / 10.0

Best Place to buy: Amazon


  • Soft and quality injected padding
  • Good quality real leather
  • Lasts around 2 years
  • Have ALL safety features
  • Perfect for sparring

Companies generally don’t produce boxing gloves for sparring and when it is the case, it is harder to find quality ones on market. Ringside tries to fill this gap and it has segmented wrist part which stabilizes your wrist quite well. Its weight is distributed for improving punching quality. And it has little padding at the upper side of the gloves and when you block your partner with your pair your hand won’t feel a thing. Thanks to its leather, you can use it and get solid training performance around 2 years. This pair is shortly quality and affordable choice. You can buy Ringside IMF on here. You can also check out this pair’s extensive review for more info.

And you can use following chart when you choose Cleto Extra Padding or Ringside. However many gyms don’t allow you to spar less than 14 oz. so keep that in mind while choosing.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

Let’s continue with best rated gloves for females…

Is there any difference for choosing a glove between women and men? There is not. Just lotraining sparring boxing gloves sizing chartok at the sizing chart and according to it you can choose your own pair. It is all about your weight. However there are some gloves just preferred more by female boxers. First one is Cleto Reyes Training Gloves which is perfect for all training types and has one of the best genuine LEATHER among all gloves on this list. If you are looking a pair for a long term I strongly suggest you to get Cleto because it will give you much better boxing training performance and durability. You can use table at the right side for Cleto.



Here is the best pair for youth…

Basically glove is a glove but there are not lots of companies which target kids specifically. They just say “according to weight, you can choose the glove”. They are right to a certain degree but not totally. In the end, they try to sell their products. However some companies makes incredible products for youth. RDX Maya Hide Leather boxing gloves are specifically designed for child growth and it has every feature of adult gloves.  There are also lots of buyer reviews which come to an agreement about its good durability. Its preferred age is between 4 and 14. It comes with 2 sizes which are 4 oz and 6 oz. Also it has very wide range of color selection.

You can check this cool looking pair on here. If you are looking for more info about this RDX pair you can check out boxing gloves for kids as well.


These are all best boxing gloves for everyone and every training type. I have used some of these and I also included my experiences in these gloves’ extensive reviews. I am really sure that this content will help you to get your boxing gloves for your need. I update this site more than regularly if new quality gloves release, so you can find on here 😉 If you have any questions or experiences related to these best boxing gloves, have a comment below.


Image Courtesy of Maxpixel via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved

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  1. Dan says:

    Reyes looks like a very nice boxing gloves brand. Thanks for so many good quick reviews on such nice quality gloves

  2. Felix says:

    I didn’t know all this information about boxing gloves you have a very detail information over here that can help anyone who need to train from beginners to pros but what you recommend for karate or kickboxing?

    • Furkan says:

      I try my best Felix 😉 I know little about kickboxing and nothing about karate. I will have posts about kickboxing in future and definitely let you know.

  3. Evie says:

    Some really detailed reviews – I used to do kickboxing a few years ago and I did use gloves for practicing with a punching bag. My only issue is that I have tiny hands so ended up with kids gloves. I am glad that the women’s gloves listed come in more color options than pink as I absolutely hate pink! Oh and favorite boxer here is Anthony Joshua (waiting for the AJ v klitschko fight next year)

    • Furkan says:

      Well I understand your situation Evie, it was used to find boxing gloves for women but now it is not. There are many color options and Venum will provide definitely sweaty workouts.

  4. AJ says:

    o sweet

    there are so many boxing gloves, I HAD NO IDEA. Rival high performance ones look legit. I don’t box, but may have to get some just for fun lol. Great read.

  5. Luis says:

    Hi Furkan,
    Very nice review on boxing gloves. I’ve been a boxing fan since I was a kid, and always wondered if there was much difference in boxing gloves. I can clearly see that there is. The Reyes seem good for the price, would you say these gloves are good for beginners?
    Also if you wouldn’t mind me asking, is there a big difference in gloves used by professional boxers? It’s just that I remember watching this one fight where one boxer had these pretty big gloves vs the other one that had more normal ones. Is it for more padding or something?



    • Furkan says:

      Hi Lois, boxers use gloves with less padding and this is why their pairs are smaller. I recommend you to take a training pair so you can do all training types including sparring and focus mitts.

  6. Edwin P. says:

    Hi Furkan, very good post, since i am not that much into boxing i didn’t know people should use designed for the task, i would say to avoid any type of injuries since as you said on the post the training can be very intensive so from this the importance of using a good pair of gloves, thanks for the excellent content and keep up the good work. Greetings.

    • Furkan says:

      Every training type needs different features Edwin, you need some exclusive features for sparring however you need very different exclusive features for heavy bag. It is really important that you consider when you buy a pair for your training.

  7. Kenny Lee says:

    Looks like you have some very cool boxing gloves here. I do Taekwondo mostly but as it’s a martial art with more emphasis on kicking, I do train my punches on my own working with sandbags. Some of these look really useful.

    • Furkan says:

      If you work on then either training or heavy bag gloves will do the job just fine. I never practiced anything besides boxing but I think of doing these days Kenny 😉

  8. GiuliaB says:

    The pink pair of gloves you featured above, Furkan, are my favourite by far. But, as you know, I don’t box, and my son, and my husband when he goes through his daily exercise routine, would not appreciate it, I’m sure! However you’ve given us plenty of ideas, should I want to treat them for a birthday or Christmas present, as to which type of gloves to go for. As I mentioned in another comment, my son no longer trains, but again only throw a few punches indoors to keep fit – not at anyone (!!!) but he and my husband use a bag. I’ll have to come back to your review here, when I’m ready to purchase. Thank you!!

    • Furkan says:

      Hi Gulia, I am sure they will love to train with these pairs and will be excellent gift for them.
      Yes, I remember about your son and you can get any of these 3 heavy bag gloves, these are all great 🙂

  9. Alham says:

    Hi thanks for sharing this great post I was looking some info on these boxing gloves thanks for sharing the info.

  10. Dinh says:

    You’ve listed some great boxing gloves and I am sure I will be able to find a pair that suit my needs. I don’t box on a regular basis but have done it in the past and really enjoyed it.
    This may seem a stupid question but is there a difference between the colors in terms of how effective it is on your opponent? Will red be easier to see the punches coming in?

    • Furkan says:

      I really put some effort for this post 😉 I am glad that you enjoyed doing boxing and yes some colors are easier to spot. Red is actually one of them. This is why we always see only a few different color during boxing matches.

  11. AJ says:

    I really have to say you put some thought into this post. I don’t do boxing that much, but when I do its fun. These are for sure great. I’m no expert, but I know you are. I will be sending my friends this way to get some good reviews, before they purchase. Well done.

    • Furkan says:

      I have many friends who do boxing training and they spend a lot of time with punching bag, I think you fall in this category too 😉
      Man I always try my best and I am also sure that they will see something they like.

  12. Andrew says:

    This is a really great review of so many different types of gloves, and you did a great job giving a thorough description of each pair. I used to box when I was in middle school but when you’re that young you don’t really pay attention to the brand or what type of glove you’re using. I’m thinking about getting the Winning Velcro Training gloves so I can start back hitting the heavy bag & maybe even sparring again. Great review Furkan & keep up the great work!

    • Furkan says:

      Thanks Andrew. I always try my best and I update the site regularly.
      Actually I will put a new pair next week. I really think that it should be on the list. Anyway when I first started I did not give much attention for gloves. However it can affect many things including training performance and physical health. But if I had the chance back then, I would also chose Winning Velcro as well and funny thing is that it is my first choice now too 😉 Winning always provide top notch pairs.

  13. Timotheus says:

    I really like how you rate each glove. Plus the unique Pros and description. Really helps to decide which glove to buy.

    And the best gloves for women and youths leave no stone unturned.

    Excellent review! Everyone who is considering buying a boxing glove should visit your site.

    Thanks Furkan!

  14. Brandon says:

    This guide on boxing gloves is truly comprehensive and well done. You really consider many aspects of the gloves such as durability, sparring quality, and overall rating. The pros are very helpful as well. Next time I need a pair of boxing gloves I will definitely come check this out!

    • Furkan says:

      Hi Brandon man there are so many wrong guides top ten guides on the internet. It is ridiculous. How come people can say that a heavy bag pair is better than a sparring pair? It is really ridiculous. Any way I am glad to see here again man.

  15. Anna says:

    I will take the Reyes one especially that is actually my last name too 🙂
    Do you provide reviews on ladies boxing gloves or they are all universal?
    Thank you.

  16. Kay says:

    I love love love MMA, and this is my workout of choice. Looking at your selections above, I love love love the Cleto Reyes Training Gloves. I love the fact that the color selection is so vast. Are these gloves ideal for women as well?

    • Furkan says:

      Even though Boxing is my first choice, I really like MMA as well 😉 Yes Cleto Reyes is suitable for women as well. I know many female professional boxers also use it and the padding distributes the shock so well so it is actually one of the best choices for women.

  17. Jamie says:

    I really didn’t realize there were so many types of boxing gloves! I have an old pair of gloves from when my dad used to box in the navy. They are big with a lot of padding. Totally different style than the ones on your site. I would really like to have a pair of these and then I’d better buy a punching bag too.

    • Furkan says:

      Man according to your description, I would say your dad used old-school bag gloves. I am not old 😉 But I also trained with them the padding is really intense and did not feel much on my knuckles but these gloves on this list give way more training performance. If you have not found a punching bag, check out these quality heavy bags. These get amazing reviews from everywhere and I am sure you will find something you like.

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