Top 5 Best Boxing Hand Wraps Reviews

Wrapping your hands is vital for your health and training performance. After you punch hand wrap will absorb the shock and distribute it so your knuckles won’t face the entire impact. I have used many hand wraps until these are useless. I also checked current boxing forum posts and other (only updated) sites and come up with an incredible list.


Let’s start best boxing hand wraps reviews with number 5…

5. Meister Adult 180″ Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

Exclusive Features

  • Good elasticity
  • Overall good protection
  • Quality and cheapest hand wrap
  • 180″
  • Many color selection

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

There is always a brand which has a decent product with an incredible price. And it sells like crazy. If you wonder hand wrap version of this product, then look no further. Because Meister is exactly that hand wrap.

Its elasticity gets always good reviews and even though it has a great price, it is made of quality material and this is elastic cotton. Thanks to that it is more durable than most hand wraps on the market.

With that it has classic Velcro closure and it has many color selection including purple, yellow and red.


4. TITLE Boxing Mexican Style Hand Wraps

Best Boxing Hand Wrap

Exclusive Features

  • Semi-elastic
  • Sturdy
  • Hook and loop closure
  • 180″

As you may already know that Title dominates boxing industry and their most quality and popular hand wrap is Title Boxing Mexican Style. It is commonly used in many commercial boxing gyms. I see it constantly and much more than any hand wraps. It is just preferred a lot.

Of course the first reason is quality however thanks to hook and loop closure it is also very easy to use.

It is semi-elastic and sturdy. You can easily expect to use Title Boxing Mexican Style 1-2 years without losing its stretching quality.


3. PRO IMPACT Boxing Hand Wraps

Exclusive Features

  • Fully elastic
  • Hook and loop system
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for many martial arts (boxing, kick boxing, muay thai…)

Pro impact has one unique feature and it is a fully elastic hand wrap. There are simply not many quality fully elastic hand wraps on the market. This is why Pro Impact can compete with many “big” boxing equipment companies. Even though it is fully elastic it will be a snug fit for your hand and secure it quite well. You should definitely keep in mind that MANY fully elastic hand wraps don’t seem to pull it off.

It is machine washable and there is “this side down” mark so you can wrap your hands correctly. If you are one of the people who prefer fully elastic Mexican style hand wrap, then right now Pro impact is the only quality choice for you.


2. Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps

Exclusive Features

  • Semi elastic
  • Cotton mixture
  • 180″
  • Machine washable
  • The best quality price ratio

Ringside has cotton blend in this hand wrap and it gets rid of moisture very fast.

You can wash it in machine and it always gets good “fitting” feedback.

It is “thicker” than regular hand wraps and you can expect to use Ringside around 2-3 years. This semi elastic hand wrap just gives way more than what you pay and has the greatest price quality ratio.

Ringside Mexican Style is preferred by many professionals and it has many color selections and I am sure that you will find something you like πŸ˜‰


1. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Hand Wraps

Exclusive Features

  • Semi-elastic
  • Cotton blend
  • 180″
  • Very good fit
  • Gets amazing feedback for the protection
  • Most durable product on the market
  • You don’t have to order many hand wraps
  • Does not lose shape after drying
  • Simply the best hand wrap for boxing

When you wear Fairtex, you will feel really comfortable with its mixed cotton material.

Lots of people claim that they use it 4-5 years and considering all Fairtex products (boxing gloves), it is fair to say that the company always produces sturdiest products on the market.

It stretches just fine and provides a very good fit. I checked many boxing, martial arts forum posts and amazon. So far I only saw positive reviews and most of them were are actually amazing. So you can be sure that it will support your wrist and secure your hands very well.

This hand wrap has another huge plus. It wicks moisture incredibly fast and in this way, sweat does not even have a chance for getting into boxing gloves. So it will also be great for keeping your boxing gloves fresh as well. As you may already know that this feature also helps extending the duration of it.

After you wash and dry your Fairtex Hand Wraps, you will notice that it won’t lose shape or construction even a bit. This is obviously a huge factor for why Fairtex Hand Wraps lasts 4-5 years.


Final Thoughts

Best Boxing Hand Wrap Review

These boxing hand wraps on this list always get good feedback for both protection and durability. Boxing community and I are sure that any of these will do the job just fine. However if you hate ordering products all the time like me and want really durable product, Fairtex is simply the best option. Its durability is at least 2 times more than other quality products’ durability. And let’s not forget that you will feel comfortable with it. If you are looking for truly the best boxing hand wrap I highly suggest you get your OWN Fairtex.

By the way these hand wraps are 180 inches because longer wraps will give you more option for wrapping your hand. This is just preferred a lot more and I rarely see any different length of hand wraps in boxing gyms.

What is the best type for hand wrap?  Well for durability it does not matter at all. However Mexican style wraps are way more comfortable and softer than traditional ones. These also tend to have better moisture wicking features. Also there are even some traditional wraps which can cause cuts in hands. Because of these, Mexican style is generally the first choice.


Which Products you should avoid?

There is an excellent brand. And this brand has the best (in my opinion) boxing gloves, groin protector, headgear on the market. These are truly perfect gears however its hand wrap is not so much. This brand is Winning and its hand wraps are just “alright”. It definitely does not deserve its price tag. You can get a much better quality product with a cheaper price. Also you may want to avoid Top King as well. I had that one and it started stretching more than it should. After 2-3 months usage, it started to be “saggy”. Again there are many quality options on this list and their prices are really good as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions, experiences or anything to add let me know in the comment section.


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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Boxing Hand Wraps Reviews”

  1. Thanks for the great review! Personally I’m going with the Fairtex wraps. I cant stand wraps that crap out so easy. I’ve bought these in the past and finally its time to buy a new set. I’m glad i found your post. It reaffirms my decision to keep going with Fairtex.

    1. Man you are welcome. Fairtex is just great and I know that many people already heard it before even they looked at my posts. I think you are one of them πŸ™‚ Have a great training man.

  2. Great review Furkan, I’m currently doing Krav Maga and there’s a lot of sparring involve so your review is very helpful. In my line of training, I go along and check out Fairtex cause it looks more reliable. cheers for sharing this mam. I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

    1. Man Fairtex is a very good choice for any Martial Arts and this definitely includes Krav Maga, have nice training sessions Michael.

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