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You can browse many boxing videos on YouTube and various video sites however you will only find some low quality information and mainly filler talk. And I think some of you already had this experience so you started searching good boxing instructional videos elsewhere and actually you just found it 😉 I have many experiences about it and searched many forums on sherdog and various other boxing forums. I also read many customer (actual buyer) reviews about these boxing training DVDs and came up with best boxing instructional DVDs.

Very Important Note: These instructional DVDs below are for every level. These will teach you fundamentals, strategies and provide more advanced information as well. 

Ultimate Boxing Lessons COMPLETE 8 DVD BOXED SET by Coach Christopher Getz

Best Boxing Instructional DVDQuality: 9.9 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Duration: 500 minutes

Check It Out: on Amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Includes everything about boxing (fundamentals, focus mitt training, defensive techniques ..)
  • Very quality training videos
  • Easy to follow structure
  • Very useful strategies for sparring and ring (I really liked it)
  • Self-defense techniques for street fights
  • Seriously this DVD set is all you need
  • Myriad of buyers (beginner to advanced) are satisfied with it
  • Very successful coach

Who is Coach Christopher Getz?

Coach Christopher Getz is a certified USA Boxing Trainer and the creator of this excellent set. He is one of the most successful and sought after trainers and the head of Black Tiger-Top Ten Boxing Gym. This boxing gym is in San Diego, California and many professional boxers also train there.

As a side note Getz had an impressive 17-5-1 record and held the amateur welterweight title. So unlike “semi-pro guys” on YouTube or elsewhere who teach you stuff for “free”, Getz actually had success while he was fighting and coaching as well. There are plenty of achievements of this guy.

So What is exactly in this DVD set?

First of all you will learn all techniques properly. You will also learn how to do footwork and how to implement these techniques during sparring etc. Many workout videos will improve your footwork however the strategies in this DVD will level up your training instantly. And beginners should not worry one bit because you will learn these step by step. More advanced people will just learn and implement these quicker.

There are also very good exercises and tips for improving punching power. I also had a chance to look at this part and I simply loved it. I can’t say anything about “these” because it is Getz’ work but I can save more energy while punching and definitely learned a few things. Even my sparring partner said “You got better”.

With that, you will also learn punching without sacrificing defensive liability for many situations and well that will come in handy for sure 😉

It also explains body mechanics for boxing and when you understand the “mechanics” of movements, punching etc. you can implement them better.

It also covers many tactics for sparring and real match. And according to me, this is huge. Because you will see these techniques from the perspective of a pro.

Truly everyone (beginner to advanced) can benefit from “Ultimate Boxing Lessons” by Coach Christopher Getz.

In these DVDs, there are many useful tactics to get you out of difficult situations and also there are tactics that will give you a competitive edge over your opponents.

There is also a punch mitt training part. However according to me this part is only the average part of this instructional DVD. It still gives you some cool advice for techniques and defense but in my opinion this part could be better.

With that you will need to implement everything in this instructional video again and again. I don’t know who said this but I really love this quote “The master has failed more than the beginner has ever tried” The training is rock solid however it is up to you to make it work.

Some Real Customer Reviews:

First of all I checked only real customer reviews. And there are many user profiles who made the purchase. These include beginner, intermediate and advanced skilled fighters as well. With that almost all of them say that these training videos are so easy to follow and it is “complete”.

Many of them also greatly appreciate the counter punching and strategy parts as well. Also cameraman knows where to stand and where to focus and this is a HUGE plus. Unlike other “semi-pro guys” they don’t try to be “flashy”, they just focus on teaching.

Keep in mind that this is the summary of real customer reviews and as a side note when a digital product shines this much in online world, you can be sure that you get a very quality product.

Below you can see a video that shows how to get off the ropes. And remember that this is a free video. After watching it, just imagine what you will learn when you have “Ultimate Boxing Lessons” by Coach Christopher Getz.

Price: It is the best boxing instructional video on the market and it gets amazing feedback from everyone. With that even when you have more advance skills you can watch these videos again and improve yourself even more. And keep in mind that you don’t have to buy any other boxing instructional video ever again. Considering all of these I think “Ultimate Boxing Lessons” by Coach Christopher Getz deserves every penny. Check out the most recent price on amazon. This is truly the most complete and best set on the market.

2. Becoming a Better Boxer DVD Set by Kenny Weldon

Becoming A Better Boxer DVD ReviewQuality: 9.2 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Duration: 190 minutes

Exclusive Features

  • Includes very good quality instructional videos
  • Easy to follow
  • Successful coach
  • You will learn useful tips and exercises for punching
  • Training videos for box jumps, jumping rope…

Who is Kenny Weldon?

When you are looking for digital products you will see that only best and successful products can survive. Because many people give feedback about these digital products and bad ones are simply removed from market. Kenny Weldon’s DVD is one of those successful ones. He actually trained many successful boxers. Some of the names are Mike McCallum and Evander Holyfield. Also many national, amateur champions and Olympians trained in his gym.

About Videos

In these training videos you will find all about boxing training. These include training with bags (double end bag, speed bag and of course punching bag). However, at first you will learn fundamentals, footwork and he shows these very clearly.

I also like that he shows how to train with jump boxes and jump ropes etc. However this video shows these exercises for better boxing skills and footwork. So it can make more and better impact for your boxing skills. According to me this is a HUGE plus.

Other than these Kenny Weldon shares his tips, strategies with you and many boxing forum members seem to be really pleased with experiences. However, it is lack of quality information about footwork and it has way less information than the first DVD on my list. So Kenny Weldon’s DVD is at the second place on my list.

Price: Go on amazon for the latest price.

Why you should buy the Best Boxing Instructional DVD?

Alright, I watched many videos (YouTube etc.) and read many things online (other sites). However %90 of the guys just have filler talks in their videos and they don’t have any credentials whatsoever. Shortly regular guys (without any certification) make boxing workout and instructional videos. I can do the same thing too and make some money from it but I am not certified and even though I know many things it is not enough and obviously I don’t want to copy other people’s work. So I highly suggest you to stay away from these people.


Both DVDs on my list have been bought over and over again. These have many good feedback from everywhere. With that I highly suggest you to get “Ultimate Boxing Lessons” by Coach Christopher Getz on amazon. Because most importantly it is complete, for everyone and has really awesome strategies, tactics as well. Kenny Weldon’s DVD (second DVD on my list) also gets good feedback as well but it is lack of good footwork lessons and you will find way more information (310 minutes more) about fundamentals and strategies in “Ultimate Boxing Lessons” by Coach Christopher Getz. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions you can just leave a comment below.

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12 thoughts on “Best Boxing Instructional DVD – The Ultimate Guide”

  1. I think instructional videos are great. They serve as one of the channels for people to learn new things such as a new workout, martial art, cooking and of course, boxing! The beauty with these instructional videos is that we get to choose when and where we want to learn and practise.

    When I choose an instructional video to buy, I will look at the credibility of the coach, how easy is it for me to follow the steps based on my skill level and how interesting the video is.

    Your break down on these videos is certainly very helpful for someone who is considering of getting one to learn or improve their boxing skills.

    1. Hi Alex, man I tried to be thorough as much as possible and these are the most quality ones on the market. As you said the credibility is really important and these guys have it. You are welcome man.

  2. Hi Furkan,
    I think instructional videos are great. Especially if you can’t afford a gym membership. Thanks for the thorough description.

    1. A gym membership can add up especially some boxing gyms in my city charges for extra lessons and sometimes it can be annoying and really bad for the budget. If you think saving money and learn boxing at home, decent boxing instructional videos are your only option.

  3. This is really cool. I have an 13 year old son and he just now getting into boxing. He has really taking a liking to it and now I catch him in the garage practicing boxing drills that his trainer taught him.
    He is still kind of raw but he works hard and seem pretty committed to the process of getting better and I just want to aid him in that process. So i have been searching the internet for things that will help him be a better boxer and i think these dvds will do just the trick. Great article, definitely going to look into some of these.

  4. I have been praying to retake kickboxing lessons. I just worry on the discipline and motivation. I wonder if I’ll be able  to deal as well. It has been ten years since I’ve worked out that precise way. Not to mention… in general as well. :/ It’s just been too long. 

    1. Well, I always have the motivation to go to the gym but I know some other get motivated in the boxing gym.
      Well, 10 years is quite long and basically, you need to start over.
      If you ask me, just start punching a bag. It is physically demanding and you can always gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. So there is nothing to worry about.

  5. Hey Furkan, your post was awesome. Your article really hit the spot because I’ve been thinking about taking some advanced self-defense training and your article is a great idea for that very thing. I want to also go on record as saying that your post is great for all ages, when did you start practicing self-defense? What inspired this post? Anyway, your post will be bookmarked for later reference, I’m impressed with what I read. Good job!

    1. Boxing is great for teaching self-defense. Ultimate Boxing Lessons show stances and punching combos which are effective for self-defense. If you are particularly into that, I suggest you check out that DVD.

      I learned self-defense in boxing classes. But I never particularly worked on it.

      I think it is important that my site has a post which shows where people can learn boxing so I wrote it in a couple of hours.

  6. From my personal experience, I know how much easier video lessons are to digest than any other learning material.
    That being said, when it comes down to boxing lessons, I’m sure that the video material will matter even more.
    On that note, this DVD on boxing will be much appreciated from everyone who is interested to master this sport.
    As usual, great article.
    Keep them coming!

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