Best Boxing Shorts (Trunks) – The Ultimate Guide

Boxing shorts should provide freedom of movement and that can increase your footwork as soon as you wear them. This is basically why we wear these. With that there are truly MANY boxing shorts on the market however I trained with many boxing shorts, checked out many boxing, martial arts forums and also looked at verified buyer reviews on amazon. Shortly I did my homework 😉 Below there are best boxing shorts, their features and I am absolutely sure that you will find a boxing short which is suitable for you.

Note: All boxing shorts on this list have sizing chart or information in their product pages.


Cleto Reyes Satin Classic Boxing Trunks

Training Quality Rating: 9.9 / 10.0

Best Boxing Shorts (Trunks) - The Ultimate Guide

Durability: 10.0 / 10

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0


  • Top notch material quality (satin fabric)
  • Comfy
  • Light
  • Truly the best boxing short
  • 100% fitting rate and many sizes
  • Cool looks and many color selections

The most important things for a good boxing short are design and the material quality. Cleto Reyes allows you to move freely without being baggy. Thanks to these features, when you show up to the ring for sparring, you will move a lot better.

It is made of satin fabric and as you may know Cleto Reyes always gives importance for cover materials. This material is no exception and provides maximum air in and out.

Cleto Reyes is light and even though it is just a tiny difference, you will move faster with it. Also it has elastic waist part and as long as you don’t stretch it more than it should, you will feel right and comfortable and its elastic waist part won’t inhibit your blood flow even one bit.

Cleto Reyes Short gets many positive feedbacks from boxing forums (sherdog) as well and it is the best one on the market. Last time when I checked Cleto Reyes Satin Classic, it has %100 fitting rate and always got 5 star rating on amazon. Cleto Reyes has many color selections including red, white and gold. Also I just love Mexican design and in my opinion it looks really cool with Cleto Reyes logo.

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TITLE Classic Stock Boxing Trunks

Training Quality Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Durability: 8.0 / 10TITLE Classic Stock Boxing Trunks Review

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0


  • Good material quality (satin fabric)
  • Comfy
  • Good fitting rate
  • Many color selections
  • Most popular boxing short
  • If you are on a budget, it is the most quality choice

As you may understand from the name, it has classic design and you may even saw that many people spar with it. It is truly the most popular boxing short and used in many commercial boxing gyms.

It is comfy and it is made of stretchable materials for any groin protector. This is another huge plus. So you can wear any groin protector with no issues whatsoever. Even though its material quality does not match with Cleto Reyes, it is quite durable and you can expect to use it at least two years. Thanks to its incredibly affordable price it is the most popular boxing short.

It has many color selections including red, white and silver. You can check out these colors and latest price on amazon.


Benefits of Boxing Shorts

Firstly these are really comfortable for boxing training and provide very good air in and out. Also I witnessed that some boxing gyms have a rule which requires everyone to wear boxing shorts for training. I don’t think that they will control it but still there are many reasons for that. In my opinion if your short allows complete freedom for your movement then I think that is completely fine to train with it. However people can come to boxing class or show up to the boxing ring for sparring with a short which doesn’t allow for complete freedom. Because of that you may not even move, dodge properly. When it is the case, obviously your footwork will also suffer and you will get punched a lot more. Well it is not nice, is it? So having a suitable short for your training can make a huge difference.


Which Brands or Shorts should you avoid?

From my experiences you should avoid Anthem and Farabi. Some Farabi products can limit your movement. I sparred (tried to spar) with Farabi but it truly was not a pleasant experience. It limited my movement and the cushion was just uncomfortable. I also have not seen many positive reviews for this short either. With that it has new series now, new design and it is made of quality materials. However I have not tried it and I could not find any decent reviews for it. So there is no point of getting that.

I have not used Contender Fight Sports Trunks however I saw many horrible reviews about its cushion and comfort. Many people gave feedback like it makes you crazy sweat.

So I highly suggest you to avoid these shorts.

What about custom ones?

People give very both positive and negative feedback for the same companies. This shows that these companies can’t provide same quality for every customer. I don’t have any direct experience with custom made shorts yet and based on my observations I actually don’t plan on buying one. Some of these are really overpriced (around $150) and sometimes you may not get even get half of your money’s worth. Even though some of these look really cool in my opinion it is just a huge risk.

About Pricing: You will always see better prices for every product online. However boxing short’s price difference between online and retail store is just so big. For example Title’s (short on this list) retail store price is almost double of its amazon price.


How long do boxing shorts last?

Obviously it depends on material quality. The polyester satin fabric is the most quality material for boxing shorts because it is perfect for stretching which is necessary for groin guards. It is also good for leg movement.

Based on reviews Title will last around 2 years and Cleto Reyes has superior cushion and it will last around 3-4 years.

Other than satin, many materials can not provide good air regulation and these can make you crazy sweat. And many brands always go with Satin. The brands on this list also go with different types of Satin.


Which Best Boxing Short would I choose?

Well my choice is certainly Cleto Reyes Satin Classic. It is made of very quality material and makes sure that you stay comfortable. With that as long as you clean and take care of your short, I am sure that you can use it for very long time in your training sessions. You can also see sizing information at the amazon’s product page.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any question just leave a comment below.


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5 thoughts on “Best Boxing Shorts (Trunks) – The Ultimate Guide”

  1. Great Stuff! You have made my choice easier. I will definitely go for classic stock boxing Trunks because of variety of choices they offer. I think it would be great for my training sessions. In this time and age it has become even more confusing to choose anything. In the past I bought products without considering what people are saying about them and got stung. Therefore, thanks for the reviewing them.

    1. Man I understand what you are saying. It happened to me many times too. Classic one will do the job just fine and you are welcome 😉

  2. I had no idea there was so much to know about boxing shorts. I don’t box but I love watching it. I have a friend who boxes I will pass on this info to him. Thanks

  3. Boxing shorts are pretty important if you want the best workout experience out of your training session. Cleto Reyes is one of the brands that provide the best experience and Title is a very decent brad.

    Both of them are kickass and everyone would find a great comfort zone in them.

    1. It helps you move freely and do footwork, pivot comfortably. Cleto Reyes is made of quite good materials and many professional boxers wear them.

      I really don’t have any experience with Title but it is also a popular boxing company and people seem to enjoy their time on boxing ring with them.

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