6 Best Double End Bags (Buyer’s Guide)

best double end bags on the market

The double end bag is a very important tool to improve defensive techniques, punching techniques. However, whether you want to buy it for your home or a gym, there are important factors to consider including the material quality, stitching, double end bag types, and more.

So I wrote all about these in detail for you to understand which double end bag type is suitable for your training needs and what criteria I used to select the double end bags and you can read these after the reviews.

Best Double End Bags Reviewed

1. Pro Impact Genuine Leather

This bag’s genuine leather has superior quality and the leather can withstand repetitive strikes for years. The durability period is an important criterion for evaluation and it definitely helped this bag to be at the top of this list.

Welted seams, rubber bladder minimizes air leaking, and considering the qualities, this bag is one of the sturdiest bags, if not the sturdiest.

İt is a single ball and provides smooth rebounds for rigorous workouts. Pro İmpact Double End Bag is great for beginners as it allows you to throw basic boxing punches, combos and offers both striking and defense drills.

The set includes S-hooks and two quality bungee cords which will not wear out anytime soon. So you can easily set it up. Also, different sizes and colors are available. Depending on your skill level, you can choose one and when you build your boxing skills, you can go for a smaller bag.

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2. Ringside Boxing Double End Bag

You can come across this bag on many top lists and there are a lot of good reasons for that. This bag can be used for all training types and rebounds quickly and well. Thanks to these qualities, you can work on your timing, accuracy and have challenging workouts with it. Also, just like the bag above this one has a solid genuine leather construction which is not too hard so you can even punch this bag bare-knuckled.

Triple reinforced bottom and top loops improve the durability, prevent air leakage and the bladder has good feedback from customers so you don’t need to inflate it too often. Also, it does not matter whether you are a great fighter or just a beginner as Ringside Boxing Double End Bag has three different sizes. Hooks and cables are included in the set.

People are satisfied with the cords as even after a long time of usage, these do not show any signs of wear and tear.

Check Out the Ringside Bag

3. Cleto Reyes (Mexican Style) Double End Bag

This Mexican-style bag allows you to practice both head, body punches and the shape is suitable for all basic boxing punches. Also, the surface area is large enough so you can work on many different combinations and you can practice the timing of these various combinations which is great because the other bag types simply don’t offer this.

The cords should be tight for optimal performance. Also, it is a different type of double end bag and has different weight distribution. So it might require some time to get used to and build up a rhythm. However, these will improve your fighting skills.

The customers say that the bladder does not leak air too much but this rubber bladder will eventually wear out and be useless after a year. However, you can replace it with the spare one. The set also includes two rubber cables that are elastic enough to make the bag rebound smoothly.

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4. RDX Double End Speed Ball

This pea-shaped double end bag is harder to hit as it is slimmer so you need to be really accurate to get a steady rhythm. This bag can be used for working on any defensive techniques and these make RDX Double End Speed Ball a good choice for everyone.

Maya Hide leather is resistant to tear and the company believes you can have intense training sessions with this bag for years. Also, it does not make too much noise and thanks to all of these features, RDX Double End Speed Ball can be definitely considered as the best double end bag for home. The cords can be extended to 48 inches which is a lot and provide this bag to be adjusted however you like.

Finally, this bag comes with all the hardware you need for installation. This includes four metal rings, which will be attached to anchors, and double end bag, a PVC buckle. Considering the bag’s durability and all the mounting hardware which is included in the set, this bag has a great quality-price ratio.

5. Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

Cleto Reyes is one of the most trusted boxing companies out there and produces exceptional equipment and this one is no exception. However, this one also has a few drawbacks but in my opinion, these are not deal-breakers.

It is a good double end bag for improving hand speed as this handmade bag can bounce really fast. The inner lining is sturdy just like genuine premium leather and probably will outlast all the bags on this list.

However, even though it has superior qualities, this bag’s price can be high for some people and it is only one size. So once you get used to this bag, improve pinpoint accuracy and other boxing skills, you can’t purchase a smaller one.

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6. Opliy Double End Ball

This very affordable bag’s outer shell is made of sturdy PU leather and two layers inside make it more durable. Yet the surface is smooth and not rough so you can throw punches with bare hands and enjoy injury-free training.

This all-around bag is good for developing coordination, timing…

The kit comes with an air pump, needles, and carabineer lockings. So you don’t need to buy any additional equipment.

In summary, Opliy Double End Ball can be considered as the best cheap double end bag.

Why Should You Train with a Double End Bag?

Whether you want to compete in a boxing ring or only train for boxing this training tool is essential.  Because it improves a wide range of boxing skills and physical skills that are very important for boxers. It increases speed behind your punches, hand-eye coordination, and timing which directly improves knockout power.  However, double end bag training does not only improve the attacking skills but also helps you get better at boxing defense techniques.

In addition to these, it also develops fighting footwork in a relatively short amount of time and this can help you move with less effort and save you energy during matches.

More Benefits of This Equipment

Double End Bag Types

Single Ball: This is the standard ball shape and most of the double end bags have it. It is perfect for practicing all the basic boxing punches and you can understand how you can punch it in a short amount of time. Also, it is easier to build a rhythm as the rebound feels more natural. But there is a disadvantage. You can’t practice body punches with a single ball bag. Even though you can mimic it by punching elastic cords the experience won’t be the same as punching a Mexican-style double end bag.

Pea Shape: The shape allows you to practice only certain punches which are hooks, straight punches. Because of this, many people are not willing to buy this bag. However, it has different weight distribution and rebounds differently than the single ball. So it has a different rhythm and more variation helps you improve boxing skills more.

Mexican Style: This hourglass-shaped bag allows you to work on a wide range of punch techniques including uppercuts and the shape allows you to throw both head and body punches. It is also bigger than any double end bag type including 2-ball so you can throw a lot of different combinations.  In addition to these, you can improve defensive techniques like parrying from different angles.

2 ball: There is a lack of demand for 2 ball double end bags. Because even though it has 2 balls and a large surface area to strike and block it is still smaller than a Mexican-style bag. It basically, offers fewer striking variations and due to two balls, it does not rebound smoothly as a single ball. In my opinion, only if you have a lot of experience with all the different types of double end bags, then you can try out this one.

What to Look for in a Double End Bag?

The Shell

Genuine leather will not have defects for a long time so this leather type is better for hand protection and as you can expect it is more expensive than synthetic. However, as long as you maintain it well, you will be satisfied with its longevity. However, it is susceptible to water damage and also you may need to use specific cleaning supplies which will not ruin the leather.

Synthetic leather is an affordable alternative and easier to maintain. Also, it tends to be water-resistant and even though it is not as durable as genuine leather it can still withstand constant abuse for a long period.


Good stitched bags are resistant to repetitive punches, tears and this is one of the most important features to improve durability and the bag can continue rebounding smoothly for a long time.

Adjustable Cords

Adjusting the bag can be useful and save you time. After all, if it has this feature, there is no need to lengthen it or shorten it by tying a knot. If you prefer the bag to be more stable, you can make it tight or make it loose to get good at head movement.

About  Bladder Types

A bladder, which is placed in a double end bag, holds air and provides that the bag rebounds well. It is either made of rubber or latex. Rubber seems to last longer than latex and is just sturdier, can withstand constant abuse. Also, it is less likely to leak thus it requires less frequent inflations.

On the other hand, latex bladders are light and the bags, which have latex bladders, move faster and rebound quickly. The downside is it leaks air more so you need to pump air into it more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should My Double End Bag be Loose or Tight?

First of all, cord strength should be enough for a double end bag to move and rebound smoothly. However, it should not be too strong for the bag. Because in this case the bag will be very stable, and won’t move at all. You can see how this can ruin your workouts, right?

After understanding the importance of cord strength, let’s talk about the tightness of the cords.

Determining the tightness entirely depends on your goals.

Tight cords provide a bag to move around less because the area, which the bag can move, is simply limited. Consequently, it bounces less erratically and also provides fast recoils. This is great for developing hand speed, improving timing and reflexes.

On the other hand, if the cords are loose, the bag has more area to move and this is great for various boxing skills including footwork as you need to move with the bag to throw proper punches. Also, the bag can swing more and hit you in the face or chest so this training offers you to practice defensive moves, head movements, slipping punches, and more. Also, it is harder to throw accurate punches as the bag is unpredictable. However, after improving punching accuracy with the bag over time you will tend to miss fewer punches.do you need loose or tight double end bags

What Size Double End Bag Do I Need?

It is easy to hit a bigger double end bag. So if you are a beginner purchase a large one. 9” and 7” bags are best suited for total newbies. After improving both physical and boxing skills, now you are ready for more challenging workouts so you can purchase smaller ones. These are harder to hit as these bags rebound quickly and require fast eyes.

Why You Should Use Double End Bag Anchors?

Double end bag anchors stabilize the bag, can reduce noise and vibration which affects its durability. Also, getting one can be convenient for you. For example, I am not allowed to drill holes through the floor as my landlord is very strict about it and I really don’t want to violate the lease agreement.

Also, you may just stop training with the bag after a few months. However, after drilling the floor will stay that way and this may look unpleasant. On the other hand, you won’t have this issue with portable double end bag anchors.

Depending on the product, just fill the anchor with enough sand or water so it does not move around while punching the bag. 30 lbs. is generally recommended by boxers however, definitely check out the product description, see what the recommended weight is and whether the anchor has a capacity or not.

What is the Ideal Height for a Double End Bag?

Many people are comfortable when a double end bag is around chest level. You can adjust it like that at first and when you get more advanced and punch from different angles with ease then try out shoulder or eye level. These variations help you practice with targets at different heights and this can mimic that you have shorter and taller opponents.

Do you Need Gloves for Double End Bag?

To prevent cuts, rashes and have some protection, you can wear them. You can also choose hand-wraps or even inner gloves. These are thinner and you will feel like you don’t wear anything. These are smaller and in this way, it will be harder to hit a double end bag.

Obviously, boxing gloves have more padding and this offers more protection so your hands will be less sore after repetitive punches. However, it is bigger so you tend to miss fewer punches and land more accurate punches.

Shortly, it is easier to punch with boxing gloves so it is ideal to wear wraps if your aim is to improve boxing skills.

What oz. Gloves are Ideal?

12 oz. and 14 oz. boxing gloves, bag gloves, wraps.

Can You Do Kicking Workouts?

Yes, you can simply position it for your preference and start throwing kick combinations.

Also, even when it is positioned around shoulder level during an MMA striking workout that involves kicks, elbows, punches; you can throw a kick or two to the center of the bag. But it should not swing in unpredictable directions very quickly as precision is the key to having a great workout. But kicking it right can be quite difficult at first as maintaining balance and position yourself in a very short amount of time can be quite challenging. So if you are a newbie, I highly suggest you only kick when you have ideal conditions to do so.

If you are interested in learning more about which striking martial arts are great for MMA, check out this recent article on my website.  

However, if you can throw advanced boxing combinations, then you can try out different things. For example, after throwing killer combos you can catch the double end bag with parry so it does not move too fast. After that, you can throw your favorite kicking technique easily and keep up with the pace without losing control.

Is Double End Bag Better than Speed Bag?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, double end bag training offers you to practice blocks and defensive movements whereas the speed bag does not improve these at all but the speed bag makes the habit of keeping the hands up stick faster than a double end bag as it requires you to punch quicker.

Is Double End Bag Superior to Heavy Bag?

If your goal is to be a skilled fighter both of these should be used regularly. With that being said, a heavy bag is mostly good for developing power and increasing stamina for punching. Sure you can build bigger muscles with it and it can give you a good workout but more often than not you won’t get quick feet with it as it does not swing like a double end bag and on top of that it is a big target! So this tool can make you lazy.

Also, you don’t tend to miss many punches during workouts. Thus you will not know what to do if you miss a punch. But a double end bag can teach you how to retract your arm when you miss one.

There are actually many more advantages of using a double end bag so, if you have to choose one over the other, choosing a double end bag would be a better choice for improving fighting skills.

Are Double End Bags Good for Beginners?

Yes, even though the double end bag is unpredictable and requires you to be accurate, fast, you can eventually improve these with enough practice and have decent-level boxing skills to get a steady rhythm.

Are Double End Bags too Noisy?

This actually depends on the setup and the materials. If the set has elastic cords and does not include chains, metals, it will be less likely to be noisy while throwing typical combinations.

Tip: If you complain that your bag makes too much noise or the training area has an echo, which you can’t get rid of, there are amazing soundproof panels that can reduce the noise and echo at the same time.

Final Words

Considering the benefits, every fighter should train with double end bags regularly and if you are in a purchasing process, this article is written for you as it covers everything about choosing the best double end bag, cord tightness, and more so you can get the most out of your workouts.

I really like reading my readers’ comments so don’t hesitate to leave one! I would especially like to hear your experiences with your favorite double end bags which are not on the list.

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17 thoughts on “6 Best Double End Bags (Buyer’s Guide)”

  1. I’ve always seen these in movies and behind the scenes boxer documentaries, but I’ve never used one myself. I can see though why it can be better than just using a speed bag, because of the resistance.

    Eventually I still would like to find some equipment that could be used for an apartment so I won’t have to wake my neighbors or go to the gym.

    1. Yeah, it is a good idea. It can improve boxing skills which you can’t practice with a speed bag and you can check out the ones which are reviewed as silent.

  2. All of these double end bags look pretty good. I really don’t have much experience using a double end bag but you aren’t the first person I’ve heard saying how great they are. I think I’m leaning towards the #1 option. I like that it has the cable and everything you need to mount it. Thanks for recommending it and for putting up the user rating of it. That always helps.

    1. These are seriously great and I actually just published a post and I explained how this equipment can benefit timing and coordination in detail.

  3. Hi Furkan, I was immediately drawn to the Mexican style bag. Do you recommend any techniques or tips when it comes to using this type of bag? Obviously as it is quite different to the other bags here I wondered if there is a different type of style to punching these bags. Thanks.

    1. Firstly, these rebound differently and they require more time to get used to. Other than that, thanks to the shape, you can practice different striking techniques such as body shots with them. However, make sure that the rope is tight so the bag can move smoother.

  4. Great review! You have made the decision process of buying a double end bag very easy. The Title Double end bag is the way to go! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am just getting started and trying to figure out all that I need. I ran across this post when looking for a boxing bag. Now I am confused. What is the double end boxing bag for? Is there something that attaches to it for another use? Is this just a choice that some pick over the regular style?

    1. Check out my double end bag benefits writing.
      After reading it, you can understand what it is used for. No, it definitely does not replace the heavy bags. These are very different bags and both have different purposes.

  6. I really love all the reviews you do on your site. It has become my go-to website when I am wondering about what kind of bag I should get to replace my older ones and now I am glad that I can count on your advice again. I actually have a double end bag, but it is getting looser and not doing its job anymore. Definitel will go check out all the recommendations you have made on your site!!

    1. I really appreciate that you trust my decisions. It is really important for me and whenever I get comments like that I feel genuinely happy.
      However, your double end bag may not have any issues. Make sure that, the ropes are still elastic and can carry the bag. I suspect that might be the problem.

  7. I found this post to be informative and it has saved me a lot of time looking into the double end bags that are available. I am a big fan already of Title products and think I will stick with them for the long haul, they do always seem to be the best quality. Do you have any further advice on the best way to mount the bags?

    1. Title products are not bad at all. I personally used a couple of Tİtle Boxing Gloves and satisfied with the gloves especially bag gloves.

      I provided links for mounting in the article.

  8. I love “Title,” their brand is always so reliable and durable. I’ve never really even heard of triple nylon stitching! I guess my biggest question is if there is a difference or preference when it comes to bag shape? I see there are mostly round, but also some triangular designs. I’m wondering if the shape makes a difference. Also, does the material (such as leather for the Title bag) make a difference too? I would rather save money and buy imitation leather compared to genuine leather if it doesn’t really make a difference. Thanks for the help!

    1. All bag types have unique qualities and some share similarities as well. For example, you can only throw hooks or straight punches to pea-shaped ones. These don’t tend to be heavy, move fast, and can make you quicker. If you scroll up and check out material quality and double end bag types you can find answers to all of your questions.

  9. Double end bags are a great way to practice your boxing skills. They come in real handy and they’re pretty compact!!

    TITLE double end bag seems like the best one of them and its advantage is that you can easily change the bladder. But there are many cool ones among them. Mexican style is a pretty interesting type.

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