Best Double End Bag – The Complete Guide

Double end bags are incredible for improving punching technique and it is the only place which you can do against resistance. It also is amazing training for improving your defense, hand eye coordination. Certainly it has great physical benefits as well. These bags on this list are best rated ones and you can see these in MANY boxing gyms. These also have amazing reviews from boxing and martial arts forums. After the table you can see their exclusive features and reviews of these bags.

Let’s start with best double end bag and obvious first choice…


Exclusive Features

  • Incredible rebound rate
  • Triple nylon stitches
  • Zipper closure for bladder
  • Heavy duty o-rings
  • Very easy to change a bladder
  • Genuine leather
  • Best bag of Title
  • Comes with ALL hardware needed for mounting
  • Smooth striking experience

Best place to buy: Amazon

Title is one of the best boxing companies out there. But Title is simply “number 1” company about producing double end bags. They just know how should produce these. Their bags have ideal weight distribution and rebound rate. This is why you will see different models of Title in lots of good boxing gyms. With that Title Double End Bag stands out the most among these. It has very quality genuine leather as cover material. It is triple nylon stitched and this increases the durability of the bag. It has also heavy duty chrome o-rings. I want to say that lots of other double end bag companies don’t even say anything about these rings’ material and generally use very cheap and not durable materials for its construction. And these materials shorten the durability of double end bags. With that Title Double End bag’s rings are incredibly durable.

And last but certainly not least it is very easy to change bladder of this bag. It has inset zipper closure which allows you to change its bladder comfortably. And if you are looking for best quality double end bag I highly suggest you to get your own Title and considering its amazing price you will be extremely pleased everything about this bag. It also comes with all necessary equipment to install including cables.

2. RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing

Exclusive Features

  • Genuine Maya hide leather
  • Heavy duty o-rings
  • Triple reinforced loops
  • Very easy to mount
  • Nylon straps
  • Amazing stability
  • Adjustable cables are included

When I touched Maya hide leather boxing gloves it gave very good feeling and I thought that companies should make bags from this material and RDX made it 😉 This one has also heavy duty rings and nylon straps which can be easily mounted. Its cord will adjust the bag optimally wherever you hit. And you can adjust the height of the bag with its cord. RDX double end bag is very easy to use and users give amazing reviews about the bag. It has also quality heavy duty o-rings. And RDX Double End Bag is an incredible choice and in my opinion its design, color look very cool.

3. TITLE Classic Advanced Double End Bag

Exclusive Features

  • Triple reinforced loop
  • Good recoil rate
  • Zipper closure for bladder
  • Very easy to change a bladder
  • Cables are included
  • Metal attachments

Title’s this bag is one of the most used double end bags. It is classic, provides good rebound rate and has triple reinforced loop. This bag is durable and leaks less than “regular bags”. It is made of synthetic leather and of course it won’t be durable as genuine leather. With that it has amazing features and provides more quality rebound rate than other bags on the market and it also has metal attachments.

Let’s talk about changing bladder. I can easily say that Title’s zipper closure system truly works. You can change its bladder very easily and almost all of their bags have it. Because of synthetic leather the price of Title Classic Advanced is more affordable than bags above. This bag also comes with cables.


4. Ringside Boxing Double End Bag

Exclusive Features

  • Leather construction
  • Triple reinforced loops
  • Cables are included


  • Does not have fancy features

If you look for a classic bag, which is made of genuine leather, then Ringside is what you are looking for. It has simple and classic design. I also know that lots of gyms use classic design bags to train their starters. Ringside’s triple reinforced loops provide air to stay inside of the bag longer. It has 3 sizes and biggest size is 9 inches. If you are a beginner you can start with 9 inches-bag. When you get expert and control the bag comfortably you can get smaller model and train with it. Thanks to its classic design you will control Ringside’s bag easier.

For people who want best value for their money

5. Contender Fight Sports Synthetic Leather

Exclusive Features

  • Durable
  • Will do the job just fine
  • Double stitched
  • Cables are included
  • The best quality price ratio
  • Very affordable


  • Does not have fancy features

I know some of you want best value for their money. And I am sure that you will be pleased with this one.

Contender is a company which produces very cheap boxing equipment. However some of their products just suck and some of them give incredible quality for your money. Contender Fight Sports Bag will actually give much more than your money’s worth. It is durable, has seams and it is double stitched. These all increase the durability of the bag and it will just give you what you expect from a double end bag . This bag also has “classic” design and comes with 2 rubber cables for installation. Also Contender double end bag has seriously an amazing price.

For people who have very advanced double end bag skills…

Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

Exclusive Features

  • Top notch genuine leather
  • Lightweight construction
  • Very fast
  • Good punching experience
  • Cables are included
  • Incredible rebound rate
  • Most quality bag for advanced level users


  • Will cost you more initially
  • Not for beginners

First of all if you are a beginner then I strongly recommend you to stay away from this bag. It is really small and has very fast rebound rate. However if you can control double end bags easily, then Cleto Reyes is really your best choice. As you may know Cleto Reyes always produces its products with the best cover material including boxing headgear and gloves. Cleto Reyes Double End Bag is no exception. This is the number one factor why it has an expensive price. With that it will only cost you initially more because this bag is the most durable bag on the market. Actually it should be the most durable one because it is the fastest and only for people who can throw really fast punches. If you have incredible punching skills, then Cleto Reyes bag will give you very challenging training sessions for you.

For people who wants Mexican style double end bag…

TITLE Mexican Style 2-N-1 Double End Bag

Exclusive Features

  • Genuine leather
  • Good rebound rate
  • Head and body punches
  • Cables are included
  • Good price for Mexican style bag

I simply love the variation of bags because when you have more variation, you can have more chance to improve different punching techniques. Mexican style double end bag provides you to practice body punches. And there are other Mexican Style bags on the market but they always have missing something like durability or good recoil. With that Title managed to provide you decent rebound rate. However as you may know these bags are not ideal for practicing defense and you will mostly improve your striking skills. If you are looking for Mexican style bag then I strongly suggest you to go with Title Mexican Style 2-N-1. Cables are included and even though it uses more cover material (genuine leather) its price is REALLY good.

Final Thoughts

These are all incredible and best rated double end bags on the market. These have been used in many gyms and get amazing feedback from them. I also know that these are great for beginners (large size). With that Title is a giant step ahead of other companies. And if you are interested in buying the BEST double end bag, Title Double End Bag shines the most among ALL bags on the market and I highly suggest you to buy it on amazon. With that let’s not forget Contender Fight Sport’s Bag. It has really an amazing price and has decent ratings as well. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions or experiences about these bags, please leave a comment double end bag reviews

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18 thoughts on “Best Double End Bag – The Complete Guide”

  1. I’ve always seen these in movies and behind the scenes boxer documentaries, but I’ve never used one myself. I can see though why it can be better than just using a speed bag, because of the resistance.

    Eventually I still would like to find some equipment that could be used for an apartment so I won’t have to wake my neighbors or go to the gym.

    1. I sometimes think about the same thing but my home is really not suitable for double end.
      You can do different punching techniques with it and as you stated it also provides resistance. And this is why double end bags are great.

  2. All of these double end bags look pretty good. I really don’t have much experience using a double end bag but you aren’t the first person I’ve heard saying how great they are. I think I’m leaning towards the #1 option. I like that it has the cable and everything you need to mount it. Thanks for recommending it and for putting up the user rating of it. That always helps.

  3. Hi Furkan, I was immediately drawn to the Mexican style bag. Do you recommend any techniques or tips when it comes to using this type of bag? Obviously as it is quite different to the other bags here I wondered if there is a different type of style to punching these bags. Thanks.

    1. Well adjusting the double end bag will take your time however just start with light and slow punches. When you adjust the pace you can swing faster. I really like the Mexican style bag as well, I think I like Mexican style as whole including boxing gloves 😉

  4. Great review! You have made the decision process of buying a double end bag very easy. The Title Double end bag is the way to go! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am just getting started and trying to figure out all that I need. I ran across this post when looking for a boxing bag. Now I am confused. What is the double end boxing bag for? Is there something that attaches to it for another use? Is this just a choice that some pick over the regular style?

    1. Check out my double end bag benefits writing.
      In that writing, you can understand what it is used for and learn how you can improve your skills and get the best out of your boxing training. No, it definitely does not replace the heavy bags. These are very different bags and both are used for different things.

  6. I really love all the reviews you do on your site. It has become my go-to website when I am wondering about what kind of bag I should get to replace my older ones and now I am glad that I can count on your advice again. I actually have a double end bag, but it is getting looser and not doing its job anymore. Definitel will go check out all the recommendations you have made on your site!!

    1. I really appreciate that you trust my decisions : ) It is really important for me and whenever I get comments like that I feel genuinely happy : )
      When double end bags are getting looser it is also bad for anchors and anchors can even start vibrating soon so getting a new one is a right choice for you.

  7. I found this post to be informative and it has saved me a lot of time looking into the double end bags that are available. I am a big fan already of Title products and think I will stick with them for the long haul, they do always seem to be the best quality. Do you have any further advice on the best way to mount the bags?

    1. Title products are not bad at all. I personally punched with a couple of Tİtle Boxing Gloves and satisfied with my experiences (training and protection).

      With that being said, when you get an anchor (mount) don’t get ones which can be filled with water. Because you may run into leakage problem. My anchor’s bottom construction was not good and it started leaking after a week. You may ruin the surface of your room/gym.

  8. I love “Title,” their brand is always so reliable and durable. I’ve never really even heard of triple nylon stitching! I guess my biggest question is if there is a difference or preference when it comes to bag shape? I see there are mostly round, but also some triangular designs. I’m wondering if the shape makes a difference. Also, does the material (such as leather for the Title bag) make a difference too? I would rather save money and buy imitation leather compared to genuine leather if it doesn’t really make a difference. Thanks for the help!

    1. Yeah when I see Title brand on products, I also feel the same since the products always meet my expectations which happen quite rare.
      Nylon stitching started in this year. I also have not stumbled upon it until a few months ago. It is really light and makes the bag quite sturdy. It is also good for keeping the air in.
      Shape obviously makes a difference. When you are working on your accuracy, you should prefer it according to your preference whether it is triangle or not. So just choose the shape which you are comfortable with. By the way, bigger ones generally, change less direction and are suitable for beginners.
      Genuine leather ones tend to last more but there are also some synthetic leather double end bags which outlast these.

  9. Double end bags are a great way to practice your boxing skills. They come in real handy and they’re pretty compact!!

    TITLE double end bag seems like the best one of them and its advantage is that you can easily change the bladder. But there are many cool ones among them. Mexican style is a pretty interesting type.

    1. They are and they are generally overlooked too. Double end bags benefit physical conditioning since we need to work almost all of our muscles during a session. Basically, we should see that people train with them way more often. Mexican style double end bags are bigger and swing differently. If one has “a regular” style double end bag, he/she should have Mexican style too.

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