Best Free Standing Punching Bags – Which One is for You?

There are lots of punching bags on the market. Some of them have certain quality and some obviously have not. Some are designed exclusively for strength and others are made for precision, aerobic… However, there are best free standing punching bags which you can get certain quality of EVERY training type from them. In this content, you will find best reviewed and rated punching bags, their warranty periods and exclusive features.


1. Century Bob XL with Base Unit

Exclusive Features

  • Quality foam as fillerBest Free standing punching bag
  • Incredible for improving precision
  • Provide cardio and strength training
  • Natural striking experience
  • Very easy to roll and move
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • Can add and empty weights for your level
  • 7 Height adjustments

Warranty: 1 year

Best Deals: Amazon

Height Adjustment: 5’6 to 6 feet

Durability Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Training Quality Rating: 10.0 out of 10

“Bob” can give you lots of training types and it is the most QUALITY punching dummy for precision training. “Bob” has very realistic torso and this makes striking experience priceless. I have been training with BOB’s angry face more than 1 YEAR and so far I am extremely satisfied with my skill improvement. I get cardio, strength and precision training at the same time.

Century Bob XL has bigger torso than previous model. With that, striking variation number increase significantly. It is closer to ground. Thanks to this feature, it is excellent for practicing low kicks with precision. This makes “Bob” perfect for lots of martial arts such as muay thai, kickboxing…

Punching vital areas with various angles improves striking technique and it is so much FUN to do it. In that way, creating your own best striking style will be really fast and honestly I don’t even realize how time passes when I train with it. According to lots of reviews, whole martial art and boxing community seem to agree with me.

Its height is adjustable between 5’6” and 6′,  if you prefer punching taller or shorter Bob, you can just change the height setting 😉 Its base can be filled sand or water up to 270 Lbs. It looks heavy right? It is. It is also so easy to flip and roll with its plastic base. It is perfect for home, apartment, backyard and gym use. Its warranty is 1 year and from Century. So, its warranty is rock solid like itself. If these are appealing to you, get this amazing product and you can also read the full Century Bob XL review.


2. Ringside Elite Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag

free standing punching bag reviewsExclusive Features

  • Best rebound rate for cardio
  • Provide cardio and resistance training
  • Very easy to roll
  • Can add and empty weights for your level
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • Smooth striking experience

Durability Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Training Quality Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Warranty: 4 months

Height: 6’6”

This punching bag is the best reviewed for its rebound rate. To be more accurate,  Ringside gets ALL points in its reviews. When I first saw that I thought “how can a product get whole points?”. Firstly, its leather is premium and durable. After striking the bag, its filler is distributed evenly. So it becomes very durable and it can be used for long years. Well these are EXACTLY same qualities of other free standing punching bags on this list. So, only these features do not explain the 5 star rating. Sometimes we see some products are more expensive than other and don’t see quality difference between them. BUT, Ringside has a vital difference and it has the best rebound time among all other products.  This is why it is more expensive than Wavemaster and it TOTALLY deserves it. In that way, it provides best aerobic and strength workout which you can get from a bag.

As only con of Ringside Punching bag, it does not give you the opportunity to work on your precision like Century Bob and it has 4 months money back guarantee. Other than that, it is excellent for training. You can also have a look at the review of Ringside for more info about this amazing bag.

Price: Check the latest price on amazon.


3. Century Wavemaster XXL

Exclusive FeaturesFree standing punching bag review

  • Foam as filler
  • Always reviewed as “more silent”
  • Provide cardio and resistance training
  • Provides MOST resistance
  • Easy to roll
  • Can add and empty weights for your level
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • Smooth striking experience

Durability Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Training Quality Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Warranty: 1 year

Height: 69”

Wavemaster XXL is one of the most sold punching bag. It has good rebound rate and very quality, durable leather. I generally don’t understand how companies name their products. It usually does not make any sense. However “XXL” makes the perfect sense in the world. This bag is literally XXL. Training with this free standing bag do not increase striking accuracy much, however you can definitely increase your strength, agility with its huge surface and 69 inches height.

Its leather is softer than other bags. You can strike as powerful as you can and still don’t even feel any slight discomfort. Like Century Bob, Wavemaster has also plastic base. It can be moved around easily and this feature makes this bag excellent for everywhere. However when you train outside you should cover it after use. If Wavemaster XXL’s leather is not protected from water (rain) all the time, it can get old pretty quick. This punching bag also comes with 1 year warranty from Century. You can also see its full Wavemaster XXL review for more details.

Price: Have a look at the price on amazon.


4. Century Versys Fight Simulator

Century Versys Fight Simulator ReviewExclusive Features

  • MOST Versatile bag on the market
  • Provide cardio and resistance training
  • Abs training
  • Handles for more variation of strikes
  • Easy to roll
  • Comes filled
  • Standing and ground training

Durability Rating: 9.3 out of 10

Training Quality Rating: 10.0 out of 10

Warranty: 1 year

Height: 66”

Century is seriously advanced about producing punching bag and they offer incredibly different and amazing products. And Century Versys is definitely one of them. With that this bag is the most versatile bag on the market. It has handles so you can do lots of different strike types and you can even knock out the bag and continue with ground training. Century also sends a sheet which has various striking types in it. With that its base is co close to ground and you can do extra low kicks. It has also lower handles and you can even do abs training with these and these handles will provide resistance for your abs. Century Versys has one year warranty and it comes filled.

Price: Considering the versatility, this bag gives more than what you pay. Check out the latest price on amazon.


5. Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag

Exclusive Features

  • Foam as filler
  • Provide cardio and resistance training
  • Easy to roll
  • Classic and very affordable
  • Can add and empty weights for your level
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • 7 Height adjustments

Durability Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Training Quality Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Warranty: 1 year

Height: 47″ to 68″ (7 height adjustments)

Alright let’s continue with classic and affordable choice. This bag does not have any “fancy” features like rest of these. However it provides good punching experience, optimal rebound rate and its filler is quite good. This bag is durable and considering all of these its price is incredibly affordable. So shortly it will do the job just fine. Century the Original has also 7 height adjustments and 1 year warranty as well. Its plastic base is suitable for you to move around and you can fill it with water or sand.


Which One is for You?

These all are excellent products and if you are looking for increasing your precision, doing great resistance training and having “fun” at the same time then click here to buy Century Bob XL on amazon. It has also 1 year warranty and I know you will also LOVE using it like rest of the boxing community. I hope this information is useful for you and if you have any questions or personal experiences about best free standing punching bags, please leave a comment below.


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32 thoughts on “Best Free Standing Punching Bags – Which One is for You?”

  1. I have commented before on Century Bob and I believe that this is the best one for me. I like how you can adjust the height and it does resemble a human body. This makes it look more realistic. The other two products look like quality buys as well, but for me I’ll stick with Bob.

    1. It is and gives a perfect precision training. I have been doing boxing training for several years and lately I stick with it too:)

  2. Hi. I have been using an older cheaper model for some time and have been looking to upgrade recently. Bob sure looks fun and like an excellent Free Standing Punching Bag for the money. I also really like the look of the Ringside Elite model and appreciate the quality of the product. One question, I would be interested in mainly the cardio aspect for a Punching Bag. With that in mind, which of these products would you recommend for me?


    1. It has lots of fun and I see lots of people seem to agree on it. Ringside have very optimal rebound duration, so you can get aerobic (cardio) training with it and I am sure you will have lots of sweat 😉

  3. Hey there =)

    The one which would suit me would probably be Century Bob.

    I’m impressed with how good it sounds.

    Thank you

  4. I think Century Bob looks the best out of all here, do you have a cheaper alternative of this Century Bob to recommend?

    1. It is simply best for precision training if you are looking for cheaper model there is older version of it. You can have a look at that one. I don’t have a review for that product however it is just as good as new version and it has smaller torso as a difference.

  5. This article couldn’t be more timely — thank you! My 15-year-old has decided she wants a punching bag for Christmas. Would you say that Ringside Elite would make a good starter bag for her? Also, what kind of gloves would be best for her to use with this? Thanks so much for your help!

    1. It would be excellent start for her 🙂 There are some certain boxing gloves her you can have a look at here.
      I recommend Venum Elite to her since she is starter 😉 You are welcome

  6. Hi there thanks for the information I was looking for boxing gloves as I am going to join a boxing club I am still struggling on which boxing gloves I should buy.

    1. well there are lots of different choice if you will do some serious training I recommend you to buy Cleto 😉 I am sure it will get the job done for every boxing training.

  7. Great article. I’m considering taking up boxing as I want to develop my “fierce” side. 😉

    I’m wondering you can recommend a model for beginners? Are there any models that are made specifically for women?

    1. You can definitely can develop your fierce side with these 🙂 Well any of these can do the job, however I am sure Century Bob XL is better than all of them and you can do develop yourself very fast and efficient with it 🙂

  8. Ringside Elite Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag is the one! I fell in love with it just seeing it on a picture, it will be perfect for my home gym. It will take my fitness sessions to a whole new level! Great article. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Furkan,

    Great post comparing these punching bags! I was just wondering which one you would say is the best value for money?



    1. Century wavemaster XXL would be the best one for money. It provides every training type except precision. Also it is $100 cheaper than others.

  10. Very good review, it gives the information needed to make a decision. I think I would go with Bob; it I guess because it feels like the real thing. As you say, this is excellent for precision. Also, it has more than one adjustment, making it a versatile training.
    Would you say it’s durable? I know you said that you’ve had yours for 7 months, but is it still “going strong”?



    1. It feels like real and to answer to your question yes I know lots of boxing training gym’s have used it more than 2 years.

  11. I actually prefer the standing to the hanging ones too. I specifically like the century bob because I think it would make the training feel more real and practical.
    The bob is my best bet yet.
    Thanks for this great post.

  12. if I was to buy any of these it would have to be Bob, I can imagine it would feel so much better to practice with, actually knowing where to place your punches I’m sure it would help a lot. My grandson is getting in to boxing I shall show him your post, thank you

    1. I think I understand why it is best seller 😉 Everyone seems to like that. I am sure your grandson will love the Bob too 😉

  13. Hey Furkan,

    Great post. Century Bob sounds great. I go to a gym and they just have the usual punching bags but Bob looks like a whole new ball game.

    I will definitely check it out and looks like it would improve my boxing considerably,

    Thanks and best wishes,


    1. Century Bob XL will surely improve your skills. It improved mine and I guarantee you will also get amazing sweaty training sessions 😉

  14. Hey Furkan,

    Great review, thanks for the great information to help me make an informed decision. Century Bob looks like the best choice and seems to be very popular.

    1. Hey Lance, I am glad to see you here again man. Bob improves everything including precision, cardio and of course strength. It is seriously the best of the best. This is why we see it always in boxing, MMA and kickboxing gyms all the time and looks like we will continue seeing it because there is seriously no other free standing heavy bag, which has the same quality, on the market.

  15. Good overviews–thanks for this information. I always favored “Century Bob” (or at least some earlier version of this product). You rightly highlight the positives of this option, such as precision striking practice. But if looking for more general free standing bags, this is a really helpful overview of some options. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, Bob has an older model which is just a smaller model of XL and the newer one has a more detailed torso. So this one is just superior to the other. Bob is just excellent for precision and it also provides resistance.

      There are many free standing punching bag styles on the list. There are ones which provide a lot of resistance and there are ones which barely swing above and in near future, I will include a reactor bag. I think that type deserves more attention as well.

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