Best Heavy Bags for Boxing – The Complete Guide

When I do heavy bag training, I always give care a lot about punching experience. It should be really smooth and the bag should give optimal resistance and rebound rate at the same time. After all, it is a big part of our boxing training, right? We should get all the benefits.

Bags on this list provide all of these and more. These are just more suitable for boxing and all of these have shorter models because you don’t need to do any low kicks. When these are shorter, these have fewer materials. Obviously, the prices become more affordable 😉 As a side note, these get perfect feedback from commercial, local boxing gyms and forums. Without further ado let’s start with the best heavy bag for boxing. 

Important Note: You can go with the half of your bodyweight rule while choosing any of these bags on this list.


1. Outslayer Filled Punching Bag

an overview of the best heavy bag for boxingWarranty: 10 years

Weight: 80 Lbs. (If it desired, it can be filled up to 300 Lbs.)

Height: 44”

Boxing Training Quality Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Durability Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Best Place to buy: Amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Heavy-duty vinyl cover
  • Really sturdy
  • Amazing punching experience
  • Can add or empty weights
  • You can extend it with 12″ straps
  • The most quality bag for boxing
  • Has the greatest quality-price ratio!

According to my experiences, Outslayer is the best heavy bag company. I have many personal experiences with their heavy bags and I am satisfied with the training performance and the durability. With that, this bag has a heavy-duty vinyl cover and it is really sturdy. So the company can give 10 years warranty without a hesitation.

Outslayer also provides a good swing rate due to its design and this bag gives you the same quality rebound rate whether you add weights (fabric) or not and I know that it is just IDEAL for your boxing training.

If you consider the top-notch quality materials and training quality, the price is just awesome!

When you get stronger and start doing more powerful punches, you can even add extra weight (shredded clothes, fabric) to it up to 300 Lbs.

Also, it has 12″ straps so you can adjust it according to your need.

Hands down, it is the best punching bag for boxing and many commercial and local boxing gyms’ first choice. If you are interested, definitely have a look at the most recent price on Amazon.


Let’s continue with some quality alternatives…

Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag

Warranty: 4 months

Weight: 100 Lbs.

Height: 50”

Boxing Training Quality Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Durability Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Foam as a filler
  • Quality punching experience
  • Lasts more than 5 years
  • The best Everlast Heavy Bag!

Hands down, this bag’s filler is the best filler (c3 Foam) on the market and after you strike, it distributes the shock and then it returns the original state very quickly. This actually extends durability considerably. Even though it has only 4 months warranty it will stay durable for years. The cover material will last around 4-5 years before it has rough edges. So you can expect to have solid boxing training sessions around 5 years.

With that, I trained with bags which have quality foam as a filler and these always gave decent punching experiences.

Alright, C3 foam already provides natural striking experience and this bag also has synthetic fiber and it also provides a natural striking experience. When the bag has quality materials like these, it surely protects your hands.

If you want to see this bag closely, you can check out the video which Andrea Ward shows how he trains with Everlast 100 pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag on Amazon’s product page.

Note: Everlast has other heavy bags which have some kind of nylon as a cover material. These simply are not durable and don’t provide you “smooth” punching experience. These will also have rough spots sooner. In my old boxing gym, these bags did not have the half durability of other bags. And their prices are the same with others! With that, Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag’s cover material has amazing quality. However, others simply don’t have any quality whatsoever. So when you get a bag from Everlast, I strongly suggest you check out reviews and keep in mind that the bag above is the most quality Everlast Heavy Bag by far!


Ringside Soft Filled 

best punching bag for boxingWarranty: 4 months

Weight: 100 Lbs.

Height: 48”

Boxing Training Quality Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Long durability period
  • Really soft filler
  • Really soft and durable cover material
  • Heavy bag chain and swivel are included
  • 4 months money back guarantee
  • Four different weight selections
  • Looks awesome
  • I have really good experiences with it!

This heavy bag’s cover material is also top notch like the rest of this list and provides the smoothest and “natural” punching experience. I trained with this bag and I had the most natural punching experience which I have ever had. This bag has soft shredded textile as a filler and it is one of the reasons for amazing punching experience. The other reason is the cover material. Both cover material and filler help your muscles feel less strain. So it is one of the “safest” bags on the market and as long as you have a good pair of gloves for heavy bag sessions your hands will be safe.

Considering my research on boxing and some material forums, the cover material will last at least 5 years without rough spots or edges.

It has a cylinder in it and if you want more resistance, you can simply unzip the bag and add sand easily in the cylinder. The whole process takes less than a minute!

Price: Even though it is more expensive than the others, the shipment comes with a quality heavy bag chain and swivel. Considering all of these, Ringside Soft Filled Heavy Bag has a decent price.

Also if you don’t like this bag you can return it within 120 days with no questions asked. However, it has amazing reviews and ratings and I also had an amazing experience with it. So I think that no one will ever return it 😉

You have four different weight selections including 100, 130, 150 and 200 Lbs.


Final Thoughts

All of these are suitable heavy bags for boxing. However, Outslayer just has better qualities. It has a very good quality cover material and fabric as a filler. Also, if you want more resistance you can just add fabrics to it and it always provides amazing rebound rate whether the bag is full or not. And thanks to 10 years warranty, you get a bag which you can use at least 10 years! In addition to that, it has a really good price. Seriously I have been checking boxing heavy bags for a really long time and hands down, it is a really good deal. If these are appealing to you, check out Outslayer Filled Punching Bag on Amazon. I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any experiences related to these best heavy bags for boxing or anything to ask, share please have a comment below.


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15 thoughts on “Best Heavy Bags for Boxing – The Complete Guide”

  1. Hello Furkan,

    I like how informative your article is. I was looking to purchase a punching bag for myself but was not too sure which 1 is the best. The Outslayer Filled Punching Bag looks pretty interesting as it has 10 years of warranty. I would consider buying it soon. Thank You.

  2. Hi Furkan. Outslayer looks unbelievably good, especially considering the price. Are there any drawbacks that could persuade me to go for some other bag?

  3. Hi there and thanks for a great article.

    I have a young son (8 years old) and he has become quite intrigued by one of the personal trainers where my wife works. He coaches boxing and my son has started to take a real interest in it.

    Would any of the heavy bags above be suitable for a child or are there other bags/training aids that would be suitable for my son?

    1. Well these can be good for your kid. You can just adjust the weight of the bag. And you can apply the general half of the body weight rule. Then any of the heavy bags can be suitable.
      And if you look a free standing one for your child, then have a look at these punching bags for kids. You can also check their warranty periods and exclusive features etc… I am sure you can find some suitable one 🙂

  4. this really was an excellent review. Extremely informative for me, and I will be having my friend take a look. He is a hard core boxer and I believe the one mentioned on here would be to his liking. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Any boxer can benefit from these bags. I am glad you learn a thing or two about these bags and I really appreciate it ; )

  5. Nice tip about using half the body weight to pick out a punching bag. I like that you included a detailed description of each punching bag with the weight and what type of warranty it has. I didn’t know all punching bags were made of different materials. I guess we learn something new everyday!

  6. This was a great product review on the different types of punching bags and it’s good to know that there’s some great information on this article, because I was thinking about buying my own punching bag, I also started training fighting with some coaches and Everlast definitely seems to be a great option.
    I used to train and did some Karate as a kid, nowadays It would be something I would do for cardio and to improve punching power and speed training as well.

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