Best Jump Ropes for Beginners – The Complete Guide

When I had first started boxing training, I had to increase my stamina for long heavy bag sessions so I  needed to do more cardio.

However when I first started jumping rope, I really had felt like an idiot I am glad that my trainer pointed out that it has many great benefits and so I kept trying. Well that happened many years ago and I even did not know some of these benefits of jumping rope. It has seriously amazing benefits.

With that there are very quality jump ropes on the market which can provide you to learn techniques which are side to side, double unders, way faster and these also have suitable qualities for starters.

Without further ado let’s start best jump ropes for beginners with the obvious first choice…

1. ELITE SURGE Jump Rope

Elite Surge Jump Rope ReviewPros

  • Very quality materials (aluminum handles)
  • Nylon coated (the most quality material for durability)
  • Adjustable
  • You can change cord (thicker, heavier etc.)
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 2 years warranty
  • Get amazing feedback on forums
  • Used in National and World Championship of Jump Rope (2015)
  • Lots of color selections including yellow and blue

Warranty: 2 years

Check It Out: On Here

This is simply the sturdiest jump rope on the market. Elite Surge is nylon coated and the company says that the other ropes on the market, which are made of PVC, last a lot less than nylon coated ropes. After I had researched this on Wikipedia and a few material comparison sites, I found out that the company is quite right about it.

Nylon coated ropes simply have way more durability than PVC coated ropes.

You can also hold aluminum handles comfortably. Many people on amazon (only verified purchases) and forums give very good feedback about it. And based on my researches quality jump ropes generally have aluminum handles.

Thanks to good quality materials Elite Surge comes with 2 years warranty.

Many forum members also say that they have been training with Elite Surge 3+ years. And please note that they are still training with it. So you can expect to use it at least 3 years.

Why Elite Surge is perfect for a beginner?

As you know that it has incredible durability. And you won’t need to get a second rope for a very long time. After all when you change a rope something will definitely change. It might be your grip style, materials…

You will get used to training with Elite Surge and continue training with it for a very long time. And that is a huge plus.

Secondly, this rope’s swing rate is optimal for all jump rope techniques including double unders, scissors, front to back etc. You can do these techniques without using “unnecessary” muscles. That also helps beginners to do these techniques properly and that is seriously a huge plus for learning and improving jump rope skills.

Thirdly, Elite Surge has large holes so as you get better skills and get used to jumping you can just change it with a heavier, faster rope or you can always go back to old cord for surprising your muscles and foot. This improves your skills and changes workout intensity. In this way your muscles will improve even more.

Also it has the most turn per second. The handles can spin 7+ per second. Well that is a lot 😉

As a side note this amazing rope was used in National and World Championship of jump rope (2015). And I guess if it is good enough for World Championship of Jump Rope, it also should be good enough for you 😉

Below you can watch the commercial video of this quality rope.

Get The Best Jump Rope for beginners

2. Buddy Lees Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope

best jump rope for beginners Pros

  • Aluminum handles
  • Adjustable
  • Tangle free
  • Suitable for jump rope techniques
  • Suitable rope for beginners
  • Ball bearing system reduces friction (longer durability)
  • Comes with spare cable
  • Cheapest quality rope for beginners (very good value for the money)

Buddy Lees jump rope’s handles are also made of aluminum and these are durable.

Also you can adjust the rope for your preference quite easily.

With that this jump rope and other jump ropes simply don’t turn fast as Elite Surge. This one can turn 5-6 time per second and keep in mind that 5-6 turns per second is still higher than many jump ropes on the market. However the most important thing is that Buddy Lees can do it with balance. Its ball bearing system makes sure that will happen and in fact this rope also gets very good balance ratings from many authority fitness sites.

And I also used this one for about two weeks in Thailand and even though it is not long enough to say anything about durability, I can easily say that it provides very smooth turns and it is very comfortable to hold.

Its ball bearing system reduces friction and it increases the durability. And let’s not forget that it comes with spare cord so if anything happens to it (and it will happen around 1 year), you can just replace the old cord with new one.

Price: Even though its material or training quality do not match with Elite Surge, it is still way better than other jump ropes on the market. And considering that it is very suitable for beginners and comes with extra rope, Buddy Lees jump rope has very good price. Check out latest price on amazon.

Final Thoughts

There are many quality ropes on the market. However considering that you are a beginner you need to learn jump rope techniques easily with a very durable rope. And after you get used to it, you need to change intensity to surprise your muscles so these can develop more. Elite Surge can provide these and it is made for you to do many jump rope techniques including scissors, single foot hops… ,  more properly. If you are interested, have a look at the most recent price on amazon. It also gets many amazing feedback from many forums (boxing, fitness) and I also saw that Elite Surge is used a lot in boxing, MMA and various martial arts gyms as well.  And let’s not forget that Elite Surge comes with 2 years warranty.

I hope you enjoyed reading best jump ropes for beginners and if you have any questions, experiences please leave a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Best Jump Ropes for Beginners – The Complete Guide”

  1. I was never much of the jump rope person. I was pretty basic with them and could do the usual jumping. However, I could never last long on jumping rope. I had like a rubber type of jump rope and the whiplash would get me a few times! These are great selections of jump ropes!

    1. I really understand what you are saying because whiplash got me a few times as well and it was not pleasant.
      These ropes will definitely do the job for a beginner and I am glad you like it.

  2. Furkan

    I find your subject material interesting, though not an experienced boxer at all, this makes me feel interested. I like how you describe the equipment and you make it acceptable for the beginner to learn.

    Even talking about the materials and methods and to the techniques this is truly a beginner guide to the complete novice and with the inclusion of media too which complements your message. Great post.

  3. Hi Furkan
    This is clearly a very good post for any athlete who wants to get fit especially with jumping ropes. I used to use them when I was younger and I know it is very good fitness equipment. People who read this post will definitely benefit from it.
    Thank you.

    1. I remember when I first started jumping rope. I sucked but the rope was not helping either. I could not even control it properly but these ones will definitely help any starter.

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