Best Jump Ropes for Double Unders – The Ultimate Guide

Many people, who do boxing, martial arts training or fitness, jump rope religiously and there are many reasons for it. It improves both your physique and skills. It has truly many amazing benefits and for them you can check out why do boxers jump rope post. With that a lot of people want to find best jump ropes for double unders because they just don’t want to lose time, do this technique properly and improve it.

There are some jump ropes which are just more suitable for this technique and I looked at many fitness, boxing, martial arts forums and came up with 3 most quality and best rated jump ropes for double unders.


Let’s start with the absolute best one…

1. ELITE SURGE Jump Rope

best jump rope for double undersPros

  • Very quality material (aluminum handles)
  • Nylon coated (the most quality material for durability)
  • Can spin really fast
  • The most quality jump rope for double unders
  • Get amazing feedback on forums
  • Adjustable
  • 2 years warranty
  • Used in National and World Championship (2015)
  • Lots of color selections including yellow and blue

Warranty: 2 years

Best Place to buy: Amazon

Firstly this rope is simply amazing for double unders and it is used for practice and competition in National and World Championship.

It has aluminum handles and it is machine cut. And this one also has two ball bearings for reducing the friction (non-existent).

So what do these mean? It means that it is made of top notch (the best) materials. And thanks to less friction you can use this rope for very long time.

It is also nylon coated and it lasts way longer than other products on the market. Actually many forum members have feedback like they have been training with this rope 3+ years. Considering that the other ropes can be useless in a year this is quite impressive.

Actually these are the reasons why you will have two years warranty.

It is designed for improving double under skills. Its swing and speed are incredibly suitable for it. Also ball bearings provide you very smooth swing rate. Otherwise why was Elite Surge chosen for National and World Championship 😉

This jump rope is designed for ultra-speed. Depending on how fast you use it, Elite Surge can be one of the fastest ropes on the market. They actually made researches and backed it up. Below you can also see a video about it.

And I also witnessed that Elite Surge is used in many gyms including my last two boxing gyms as well. With that Elite Surge has large holes and according to your level you can change the rope with thinner or heavier one.



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2. 321 Strong Aluminum Fitness

321 Strong Aluminum Fitness Jump Rope ReviewPros

  • Steel wire (sturdy)
  • PVC coated and tangle free
  • Suitable rope for double unders
  • Longer handles and longer rope
  • Spare cable and screws
  • Comes with nylon carrying bag
  • Lifetime warranty

Its rope is 11 feet long and if you are a really tall person then this jump rope can be really suitable for you.

It is PVC coated and even though it is durable, this material is not sturdy as the first rope (Surge Elite) which is nylon coated.

With that its handles are bigger and easy to hold.

It is also tangle free and I saw that swing rate gets very good feedback from people, who say that they do double unders constantly, on boxing forums. I also checked many amazon verified purchase reviews, so far I saw only very positive things about it.

It comes with spare cable and screws so if anything happens to rope or screws you can just change them.

The shipment comes with nylon carrying bag and that is another plus.

It also has lifetime warranty and well it is long 😉

Price: Considering all things (optimal swing rate, extras and lifetime warranty period) its price is incredibly cheap. Check out recent price on amazon. And I can easily say that you get more than you pay.


3. DynaPro Direct

DynaPro Direct Jump Rope ReviewPros

  • PVC coated
  • Adjustable
  • Long handles
  • Can spin really fast
  • Suitable rope for double unders
  • Cheapest best rope
  • Comes with nylon carrying bag and spare cable

Dynapro has steel cable and it is PVC coated. This rope also has metal bearings and good design for double unders.

According to your preference you can adjust the height quite easily with screws.

The handles are also longer than many “regular” jump ropes. And thanks to its material you can hold these handles even your hands sweat like crazy.

Alright will this rope be durable like the first one? Actually the short answer is no it won’t be. Its material quality simply does not match with Elite Surge’s (first jump rope on this list) material quality.

Secondly even though company says “It provides the smoothest circular motion for double unders”. It simply is not the best about it.

How do I know these? Personally I have not used this rope however I checked many boxing, martial arts and fitness forums and many people say only “alright things” about DynaPro.

DynaPro comes with spare cable and carrying bag as well.

Price: So this rope is not a spectacular product however considering its decent quality, extra cable and carrying bag it is really cheap (cheapest rope on this list). Check out the latest price on amazon.


Final Thoughts

Even though these are all quality ropes and other ropes come with extra cable, screws etc. Elite Surge comes with two years warranty and it is very obvious that Elite Surge is way better than the others. Its material quality (nylon coated), swing rate are just top notch and Elite Surge is also used in many professional competitions. The swing rate is made for all jumping techniques and it is not only the best jump rope for double unders, it is the best jump rope for every technique and I highly suggest that you train with it. You can check out this very popular product on amazon.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions or anything to share please just leave a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Best Jump Ropes for Double Unders – The Ultimate Guide”

  1. Great post!! I can see you have done your research and seem to be seasoned on these ropes as well.

    I am not sure what would ‘fail’ first on these ropes but it seems that the 321 since it has a lifetime warranty and extra parts. But I guess them sending extra parts might just tell you something.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Man, the price is higher than others but it definitely offers way more than others and it is definitely worth it.

  2. The elite surge is a pretty looking beast. I’m going back to the gym in a couple months. I just might add this to my list of equipment.

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