Best Jump Ropes for Fitness – The Ultimate Guide

Many people talk about boxers’ amazing physiques and wonder about why they have such great bodies and denser muscles. Jumping rope is actually one of the most important reasons. If you want to know more details about it, you can check out why do boxers jump rope article. With that there are some jump ropes which are just better for fitness.

I researched many fitness, boxing forums and looked at reviews of verified purchases. Shortly I did my homework and came up with the best jump ropes for fitness. Below you can find these and also find out how you can get the most out of these ropes as you get better skills and more endurance.


Let’s start with the review of the absolute first choice

1. ELITE SURGE Jump Rope

best jump rope for fitnessPros

  • Very quality material (aluminum handles)
  • Nylon coated (the most quality material for durability)
  • Can spin really fast
  • The most quality jump rope for jump rope techniques
  • Get amazing feedback on forums
  • Adjustable
  • Hole system for different size cords
  • 2 years warranty
  • Used in National and World Championship of Jump Rope(2015)
  • Lots of color selections including red and blue

Warranty: 2 years

Best Place to buy: Amazon

Elite Surge is not only at the top place on my best lists, it is actually at the top of many best lists. It seriously has superior quality.

It is nylon coated which provides this rope to last a lot longer. And it also has aluminum handles for more durability and comfort.

This rope clearly is made of top notch materials and this is why it comes with 2 years warranty.

However why Elite Surge is the most quality jump rope for fitness?

Firstly it is suitable for jump rope techniques (side to side, criss-cross hands etc.) This means that while you are doing these techniques, “unnecessary” muscles work minimum. So needed muscles for that particular technique have optimal tension. And when it is the case, you can do longer training sessions. And as a result you can get maximum benefit from your session.

Secondly, this rope can spin 7+ times per second. Is not this unbelievable? As you have more endurance you can always increase the level. And thanks to 7+ spins per second, you can increase it a lot 😉 So whether you are just starting to jump rope or already have good skills, this rope can provide you a workout for your level.

Speaking of increasing the intensity Elite Surge has hole system and this allows you to change cords. Again as you have more endurance and have better skills you can always change your cord with heavier and faster one. So you can have even more challenging workout. And the good thing is that thanks to sturdy materials the old cord still will be useful so you can always train with old cord as well.

When you do that obviously everything (speed, weight) will change and your muscles will be “surprised”.  As a side note people, who do boxing or martial arts training, should also change the cord time to time so their footwork can improve more.

These are really important factors why Elite Surge is the most suitable rope for fitness.

Elite Surge also has many color selections including red, green and blue.

You can check out the official commercial video of this incredible rope below.



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As a side note Elite Surge was used by athletes for both training and competition in National and World Championship of jump rope (2015).

 Note: Please note that there are many $10- $15 ropes on the market but these are PVC coated and can be useless within months. Whereas you can expect to use Elite Surge at least 3 years. Also only some of these low quality ropes can provide good quality training sessions for every jump rope technique (scissors, side to side etc.)  


2. RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0

RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0 ReviewPros

  • Very quality material (aluminum handles)
  • Nylon coated (the most quality material for durability)
  • Can spin fast
  • Suitable for many floor types
  • Very smooth spin
  • Adjustable
  • Lots of color selections including red and blue
  • Lifetime warranty

RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0 is on the market for 5 years now and it always gets amazing ratings.

Its aluminum handles are machine cut and these are very comfortable to hold. It is also nylon coated and RPM Fitness Speed Rope can be used on many floor types. Its materials can surely handle it.

It also provides very smooth spins for jump rope techniques. Just like Elite Surge it also does not put extra tension on your “unnecessary” muscles so you can push yourself more.

These are all great right?

So why Elite Surge is better than RPM Speed Rope?

Firstly you can change the cord of Elite Surge with a different size and you can still get very decent swing rate. However I looked at the reviews of RPM from people on boxing, fitness forums and based on my researches after you change the cord with different cord type (different height, weight etc.) you simply can’t get same quality workout with RPM.

Also its max turns per second are less than Elite Surge. But please keep in mind that Elite Surge can turn 7+ times per second and RPM can turn 6+ times per second. So it is still quite fast 😉

RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0 is still way better than other ropes on the market, provides incredibly smooth spins and longer durability. And it is made of same top notch materials of Elite Surge.

As another huge plus RPM Speed Rope 3.0 has lifetime warranty.

Price: Considering the top notch quality materials, good training quality and lifetime warranty it has good price. Check out amazon for accurate price.


Final Thoughts

These products are truly the best jump ropes for fitness. However I can easily say that Elite Surge is a giant step ahead of other jump ropes on the market. It is suitable for all techniques and has the most spins (7+ turns) per second. And thanks to nylon coating it is the sturdiest rope on the market and you will also have two years warranty. I am really sure that you will have amazing training sessions with it. If you are interested, check out the latest price on amazon. This rope also has many amazing feedback from various sites and forums (fitness, boxing, MMA). I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have anything to share or ask, please just leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Best Jump Ropes for Fitness – The Ultimate Guide”

  1. This is great bro. I used to have a jumping rope before when I was training. IT is really helpful on a personal level. You do it at your own pace and at your own time. Great to know all these products you reviewed. I am thinking of getting one again. very helpful bro. Thanks =)

    1. Hi there,
      I am glad to see you here again, It will help you have even more stamina (these have more max turns). I remember that you asked something related before anyway have nice training man.

  2. I’m definitely going to check out your favorite rope! I have one that I use for cross-fit training at home but it’s way to flimsy for double unders.

    1. I also look for a suitable jump rope for double unders for my boxing cardio session. I am sure that you will love it Laurel.

  3. sweet 🙂 I used to do a bit of skipping now and again and I enjoyed it. I have never seen ones like this before. I only used cheap ones. This seems pretty cool.

    1. These are cool and literally dominate the rope industry.
      Comparing to cheap ropes these have many advantages, warranty periods etc.

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