Best MMA Glove Brands – Which Ones are Really Good?

I used two MMA gloves are until these can’t be used anymore and I also have short experiences with two other MMA gloves. It is not much but considering that I spent a considerable amount of time in boxing and MMA gyms, I have a pretty good opinion about MMA gloves and the brands. With that, I also read many buyer testimonials and I also have memberships for these sites as well, though I never advertised my site on these sites so far 😉 

Let’s face it many of us don’t actually train in some fancy commercial gym in New York and I trained in many different countries and sometimes I only had a chance to choose some brands’ older models. So if you don’t have a lot of shopping opportunities, this post will probably help you the most.



Best MMA Glove BrandWhen I train, I generally go with old school products. For example, Winning still uses horse hair for boxing gloves and it is the best. But, this does not apply to MMA. Generally; newer gloves, which are produced with the latest technology, are just better and according to my very extensive researches, Hayabusa has a lot of fancy tech stuff to produce MMA gloves. The company also publishes the study results on the official site very extensively. With that, the Hayabusa MMA gloves also made many best lists including my best MMA gloves list as well and as far as I know, the MMA gloves always have at least decent padding quality. So even if you see old model Hayabusa MMA gloves and you don’t have good choices, you can go with it.

I seriously think it is the brand which you can completely trust and if you wonder the qualities of Hayabusa MMA pairs, you can check out my review.



RDX has a myriad of MMA glove types. There are MMA gloves for sparring, all training types and bag work. Last time when I checked RDX also had MMA gloves for women and kids as well.

Also, RDX uses many different leather types and as you may know that the leather type can change the price drastically. The company does that so everyone can buy a pair.

According to my researches, every RDX MMA gloves have two models. One is with incredible leather quality and the other one is not so much. But still, it (generally Maya Hide) has decent quality. Also, the padding and design generally stay the same. When it is the case, the pair, which has lower leather quality, has a cheaper price tag. So it becomes suitable for people who are on a tight budget and still want to get decent training sessions.

This is another reason why RDX is on my good MMA glove brands writing.

I think that this is really nice however considering that I have extensive knowledge about producing equipment and marketing, the profit may be lower because of this. Nevertheless, RDX still keeps up the good work and I am sure that many people benefit from it.

With that, RDX also has some superior MMA gloves which make many best lists.

If you are interested in knowing more about RDX pairs and also my experiences, then check out my RDX MMA Gloves Review.

Let’s continue with the worst ones…


Worst MMA Glove BrandI actually trained with Adidas MMA gloves but even though that pair has good thermal regulation and it is really comfortable, my hands were always really sore after punching bag sessions. I had trained with it around 10-15 times and every time I felt soreness after a session. I even had cuts after some of these sessions. So I can conclude that the padding is just bad. Considering that this pair is exclusively made for heavy bag session, I don’t even want to think any other Adidas pair’s safety for a heavy bag session.

As a final note, Adidas MMA Gloves are not popular at all. Even I could not find a verified review for Adidas pair which I just talked about. Anyway, the other reviews (verified ones) are also bad or average. So shortly just go with other brands for MMA gloves.



Actually, a pair of Title made the top of the most quality boxing gloves for heavy bag and it had amazing wrist strap quality. I just felt safe. It is really bad that Title could not deliver the same quality for MMA gloves.

One of my sparring friends had sprained his wrist while punching the bag and that guy was known for his proper form in the gym. After that had happened I did not think about it much but I stumbled upon some similar feedbacks online as well and I thought that it was a definite red flag. I also have a look at shopping sites all the time and see whether there are good deals or not. But sometimes I saw that some Title MMA Gloves are not on the market. Well, you may not know about it but if a product does not exist for a month or more, then it means that the company is not serious about producing it anyway. This actually applies to almost any product type and not just MMA equipment.

I have even seen an excellent boxing headgear which is on the market for a while and did not exist for a couple of months. Eventually, that company stopped producing boxing headgear altogether.

So I really don’t think that Title is serious about MMA and there are far better companies out there about it.

As a final note, many people reported Title MMA gloves as “not comfortable”. 


Conclusive Thoughts

Well, these are all I want to say about the subject. According to me and many authoritative figures, Hayabusa produces top notch gloves. I also have experience with one pair and it is the best pair which I have ever owned. Also, the padding delivered the shock extremely well. With that, there are obviously bad brands but even these may surprise you with a few good products. So, I highly recommend you to have a look at the reviews. I really hope that my writing gave you at least an opinion about these brands and if you have anything to share or ask just have a comment below.


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