Best MMA Instructional DVD – The Ultimate Guide

There is seriously a myriad of garbage instructional MMA DVDs out there. For example, YouTube MMA videos, which are made by “semi-pro guys”, are the most common examples. These “garbage” videos mainly consist of filler talk and generally, you just can’t get enough information. Well, honestly there should be a standard for making these videos.

Anyway, there are actually really great MMA instructional videos which are made by real and successful fighters! There are two really great MMA instructional DVDs which get amazing reviews from forums. I also watched them and many commercial MMA gyms also use these for their classes.

These DVDs provide everything you need to know about movements (dodging, striking, clinch etc.), tactics, provide workout programs and more.

Let’s start with the Best MMA instructional DVD… 


Best MMA instructional DVD review

Quality: 9.8 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Check It Out: on Here

Exclusive Features

  • Includes very good quality instructional videos
  • Really easy to follow
  • All around instructional fighting DVD
  • Useful tips and exercises for punching better
  • BAS Rutten teaches you
  • Incredible price
  • Has amazing feedback on forums

BAS Rutten is one of the most respected fighters of all-time. In these DVDs, he teaches you all about all-around fighting, tactics and you don’t hear any background music unlike many trash YouTube videos which are made by some guys in Thailand. I can also do that because I have an online presence and a website. I also have been doing MMA training for years but these simply are not enough for making MMA instructional videos.

Bas Rutten teaches you all striking, grappling techniques step by step and it is really easy to follow.

So while you are watching you don’t have a hard time understanding these.

It covers everything you need to know about MMA fighting. Also, I saw that GI part was prepared with care and seriously you simply can’t find it in any other DVD which has a striking and training program.

Many trustworthy members on MMA forums, which I completely trust, give feedback like “I improved my reflexes and punching power significantly with it”. After all, Bas RUTTEN teaches you so you really should not expect anything less.

Popularity: I have been in many MMA gyms and even though I don’t remember it exactly, I think that I saw this DVD at least 5 times. It also gets many amazing reviews from forums.

Price: It has a good price.

Rushfit Georges St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program

best MMA workout DVD review

Quality: 9.4 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.1 / 10.0

Duration: Over 550 minutes (6 DVDs with 2 Nutritional Guides)

Exclusive Features

  • The best MMA workout DVD
  • Easy to follow
  • Nutritional plan
  • Workout for every level (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
  • You can expect to see really fast results (muscle building and fat loss)
  • Georges St-Pierre’s teaches you! (MMA legend and welterweight champion)
  • Successful coach
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee

I really like that it included a nutritional plan. MMA training is really different from resistance training and you need to consume macro nutrition according to your particular MMA program.

For example, it has aerobic and anaerobic exercises at the same time and consuming right amount of macro nutrition gives you results (muscle building, fat loss) faster.

These workouts focus on durability, strength, and balance. I also really loved the abdominal strength and conditioning program. It has 3 different training programs which are a beginner, intermediate and advanced level. So you can be sure that you can find a challenging workout for yourself. With that, if you are a beginner or intermediate after you have more strength, conditioning, balance etc. you can do a more advanced training program.

Georges St-Pierre’s was a very successful MMA fighter (welterweight champion) and he has been working with very successful fitness and MMA coaches for a long time and he made this program for you to implement a fast, attacking fighting style.

Price: Considering that Rushfit provides a workout for every level and complete nutritional plan with over 500-minutes training, the price is alright.

Who Is It for: If you want to get in shape as soon as possible and learn all about MMA striking, defense etc. Rushfit is an incredibly solid alternative. Also, let’s not forget that it also offers you a nutritional plan and teaches how to eat for MMA style workout. It is a really huge plus.  

There is an amazing and really cool video introduction for this training on the product page. If you are interested, take a closer look at the video on this page.

Important Note: These two are best MMA instructional DVDs on the market and these have everything about all-around fighting and MMA style workout. However, the important part is that you don’t need to fill some gap with an extra source. You also don’t need to fill in the pieces of the puzzle. These are why these DVDs are sold like crazy because these are complete!

Honorable Mentions

Sperry’s Vale Tudo Series: It has everything you need to know about grappling, groundwork, and clinch but it does not have enough information about striking or defense. So I don’t recommend it for MMA. But if you want to learn more about BJJ, grappling etc., it is a great source.

Marcio Feitosa’s DVDs: It is great for self-defense techniques, but I barely learned something new about MMA.

Final Thoughts

the overview of good MMA instructional DVD

Obviously Bas Rutten can teach you everything about MMA and more. BAS-RUTTEN MMA always gets really good feedback on authoritative MMA forums and it is wildly popular. Whether you are a beginner or not, if you get this DVD, you will learn all about all-around fighting and certainly improve your power and agility significantly. If you are interested, then get your own BAS-RUTTEN MMA. I also know that you will be extremely pleased with it. Last but certainly not least BAS-RUTTEN MMA has an incredible price. Some rivals of this have way more expensive price tags and don’t offer complete information. I literally think that BAS-RUTTEN MMA is the best on the market and has the greatest quality-price ratio.

I hope that you enjoyed reading the reviews of best MMA instructional DVDs and if you have anything to share, just drop a comment and I will get back to you.

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9 thoughts on “Best MMA Instructional DVD – The Ultimate Guide”

  1. I have been following your site for a while now. And I have come to realize that you are authoritarian in everything that includes one on one contact sports. And your suggestion and endorsement of this video series tell me it is worth the investment.

  2. Thank you for this information. As my husband looks into training more he has searched for videos with good pointers in training. Unfortunately 98% of the videos he found were trash. It seems like any Joe Shmoe thinks they can record themselves doing a workout and a few jabs or so and are now a professional. I am so glad I came across this site so now he can stop wasting time and get the real information he needs.

    1. Some of these are quite good for beginners and you are right that many people think that they are the best about teaching and they have no achievements or they are not even professional fighters yet we see them all over YouTube! I will also include some beginner tips from professional fighters and I will send it to you since your husband may find them useful.

  3. I’m going to start MMA in October and I could definitely use some training to get good even faster. As it includes the level for beginners, I hope I’ll be okay. It also includes a nutritional plan which I have to say it’s awesome. Most people when they talk about exercise, they ignore the eating habits completely!
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Some of these videos are tailored specifically for beginners and you can actually progress at a faster rate in learning especially striking techniques.

      Also, I really like that some of these are quite complete and considering that many of the DVDs don’t even talk about nutrition, it is a huge plus. If you follow a good diet program I am sure that you will see physical improvement quite soon. However, hurry and just start because before going to an MMA gym for the first time I am sure that you want to be able to perform and know about basic stuff.

  4. Thank you for the great recommendations!

    I completely agree with you. No one should be teaching anything before they become really professional in what they teach, especially in Martial Arts and nutrition. Giving the wrong advice can hurt others.

    I was looking for a professional guide on Muay Thai, but couldn’t know if the two programs provide any tutorials on it or not. Can you help me with that?

    And if not, do you recommend any other program that does so?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Amjad,
      One must be an expert about something before teaching. Exactly, sometimes I even see videos where people do illegal strikes while teaching basic striking techniques. So people should definitely learn with the videos which are created by experts.

      Some include tutorials on that. I will update this writing this week. You can just read the descriptions above. However, if you want to learn only Muay Thai striking techniques like tee etc. you can check out Muay Thai Pros. These guys are my go-to source when I look information about Muay Thai training.

  5. I have always been fascinated by one on one combat sports and i like watching those FC cage matches on TV. As for me i think i am better off staying on the sidelines and watching the pros do their thing.
    I agree it can be very dangerous to go into this kind of sport with the wrong training because it is very harsh sport, so this DVDS are worth making them known to the public that wants real training. I would personal refer someone who is interested in his sport to your site.
    Great reviews.

    1. Even those pros make mistakes and learning the techniques wrong can be really dangerous for you and your opponents. So this is why I made this list. I spar time to time and even if you only spar, I recommend learning MMA from proper sources.

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