Best MMA Sparring Gloves – The Complete Guide

Choosing sparring gloves for MMA has vital importance. After all, you should not hurt your partner or yourself during the session. With that, it also needs to provide you good training sessions so you can implement grappling movements, strikes and get better at them. There is seriously a myriad of MMA gloves on the market however only a few really good quality pairs for sparring.

With that, below you will find the reviews of best MMA Sparring Gloves. These are best-rated ones by MMA community and if you go to any MMA gym, I am sure that you will see them. I also have experiences with one of these and below you can also find it.

Important Note: All MMA gloves on this list have suitable oz. (at least 7 oz.) for sparring.


Without further ado let’s start with the absolute best one…

1. Venum “Elite” MMA Gloves Product Overview

Review of Best MMA Sparring GlovesProtection Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating (Only sparring): 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 11.0 / 10.0 (I know it is out of 10)

Quality / Price Rating: 9.1 / 10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


  • Premium quality leather
  • Incredible wrist support
  • Lots of soft padding (multilayered)
  • Provides freedom for your fingers
  • Gets feedback like “Really comfortable”
  • The most quality sparring pair on the market
  • Handmade

Firstly, Venum “Elite” MMA Gloves provide a lot of freedom for your fingers and the padding does not interfere with grappling. The good design actually provides it and keep in mind that MANY MMA gloves just can’t pull it off. These are the reasons why this pair is actually the best choice for ground work.

Leather quality is just premium and this is why the price is more than other pairs. However, keep in mind that the leather quality is just vital for sparring. Obviously, quality leather extends durability, provides good comfort and “good feel” however it actually provides even more for sparring. If the cover material has defects, it can cause cuts and your sparring partner can be injured seriously.

Obviously, your partner can’t be safe during sparring but you can be sure that nothing will happen because of Venum’s quality (Skintex) leather.

It also has multi layered padding. So the delivered shock is way less than normal. Because when you punch, the shock goes through the first layer and then the second and after that, it goes through the third. The shock also distributes evenly in each layer. Considering my experiences with gloves, this method is the most effective way to decrease the impact.

Thanks to the good quality construction and the leather, hook and loop closure is really solid. You can also take it off and wear it pretty quickly. Also, this part is designed for not to hurt your opponent and the bad ones seriously can cause myriad of injury types and I highly suggest you go with the most “safe” pairs.

It is seriously hard to produce handmade MMA gloves. Because departments (finger department, padding department etc.) are so close to each other and many companies don’t even bother producing handmade MMA gloves. With that Venum did an outstanding job and many people say that it is like custom fit for their hands. This handmade quality is useful for every attack type but this helps especially during grappling.

Shortly, everything about the pair is literally perfect. After you get it (considering that you are careful about cleaning), you don’t have to worry about your sparring pair for a very long time.

Price: The price is high however you can train with this pair 5+ without having any defects and you will have same quality punching experience. So it will cost you only initially more. Actually, you are paying around $40 per year. If you consider quality (top notch) price ratio, it is actually not bad at all.

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2. Combat Sports MMA Safety Boxing Product Overview

Combat Sports MMA Sparring Glove Review Protection Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating (Only sparring): 9.1 / 10.0

Durability: 9.0 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.5 / 10.0


  • Incredible shock dispersing capability
  • Good quality leather
  • Padding is above average
  • Good quality price ratio
  • Last around 1-2 years

Combat Sports did not mention the leather type at all. However, according to my researches, the leather quality is alright. People generally can punch their sparring opponents around 1-2 years with Combat Sports MMA Gloves.

As other quality MMA sparring gloves, the padding is layered and distributes the shock incredibly well. However, the company says that the padding disperses shock as 16 oz. boxing gloves. Well, according to my experiences, this is just not true. In Thailand, I got punched with it during sparring and seriously it did not feel like 16 oz. boxing gloves. Because I know how it would feel very well. With that, the impact was quite low for MMA sparring gloves.

The finger department gives a lot of freedom for movement and it is actually a bit more than regular fight gloves. But you learn and implement techniques during sparring, so I can say that this is a huge plus.

I also looked at feedbacks for comfort. Even though I could not find anything which talks about it, it seems like no one complained about it.

You can also use Combat Sports for focus mitts as well but definitely don’t punch the heavy bag with this pair. It will lower the durability a lot.

Price: Even though the pair (RDX MMA) below is slightly cheaper. The quality price ratio of Combat Sports is very good. You can use this quality pair around 2 years and if you are interested, have a look at the price on Amazon.


3. RDX MMA Gloves Grappling Martial Arts Product Overview

Protection Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating (Only sparring): 8.0 / 10.0

Durability: 8.3 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.8 / 10.0


  • Genuine full grain cowhide leather
  • Good wrist support
  • Padding distributes the shock very well
  • Incredible for sparring
  • Suitable for all training types including bag and pad work
  • Comfy and get rids of moisture quite fast
  • Cheapest quality pair

RDX produces incredible MMA glove with genuine leather. If you want to read all about it, you can have a look at the extensive review. Shortly, the padding quality is good and even though you can’t expect to use it as pairs above, it has sturdy cowhide leather and it will surely provide long durability.

The finger department is the worst part of this pair. This pair is made for all training types like punch mitts and I think this is the reason why the finger compartment can not provide the freedom as much as pairs above. Because this part is a bit padded, however, it is still quite good and I would give 8 out of 10 (comparing to pairs on this list) for sparring training performance.

Other than sparring, you can also punch the focus mitts or heavy bag with it.

Price: Considering that you can do all training types including sparring with it and get good quality training sessions, the price is seriously nothing. I am really sure that you will agree with me when you see it. Check out the price of RDX on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

These are all great pairs for sparring, however, keep in mind that you can get the same punching, grappling experience with Venum “Elite” MMA gloves for at least 5 years. This handmade pair gives the most quality sparring sessions because it provides way better ground work than any other gloves on the market. Also, many MMA forum members and verified purchases also say the same thing. If you are interested, then get this amazing sparring pair on Amazon.

Final Important Note: I talked about your sparring partner’s safety but I did not say much about yours. The wrist compartments of every single pair on this list are quite good and the paddings of these also decrease the shock quite a bit. I did not get punched with every single one of these pairs, however, I know a lot of things about the material and padding types. I also had done a quite a bit research about these pairs and the impact order is below.

Venum < Combat Sports < RDX

Your partner and you will be definitely “safer” with Venum “Elite” MMA Gloves.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading my best MMA sparring gloves writing and if you have any questions, just have a comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Best MMA Sparring Gloves – The Complete Guide”

  1. Great review! These three pairs all seem like quality gloves, but I think I am swaying towards the Venum “Elite” MMA Gloves. I definitely feel that these will be the best option for myself in terms of protecting my wrists, amplifying my performance, as well as a suitable match for my partner. Thanks for helping me with this tough decision!

    1. Man Venum Elite is the best choice for sparring and for everyone. You will be all around better however it will immediately benefit your ground work and your partner will feel your punches less 😉

  2. Hi, very informative post on the pros and cons of MMA gloves. You thoroughly covered all the facts and details of each pair, very helpful for anyone in the market for MMA gloves. After reading your post, I would go with the Venum Elite gloves, even though they are a bit pricey. When it comes to comfort and safety, they seem like the best ones. Thanks again for the helpful information.

    1. Hi Kris, you are welcome and I am sure you will love sparring with Venum. It just provides better training performance and safety.

      1. I used to grapple and roll on the mats a while back so I know if the cover material has any defects at all, opponents may start to bleed for sure. Iv seen this before.

        Once I read Venum Elite’s are quality leather… I consider that a big plus that my book!

        1. Man, I hear you the protection is important and quality leather plays a huge role.
          Venum Elite’s price is a bit high, however, the leather quality is just amazing and other MMA gloves’ leather quality can’t come even close It is definitely worth the money.

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