Best Punching Bags for Home – Find Out Which Bags are Suitable for Your Place

Working out in home saves a lot of time and also gives incredible comfort. Including me, most people prefer freestanding punching bags for home use. But I live in a rental and my landlord is so serious about these stuff but hey if I have my own home one day or more understanding landlord 😉 maybe I will consider buying one heavy bag with stand for myself. In this content, you will find best punching bags for home. These free standing and hanging heavy bags are highly rated in authority boxing-sites and forums. I also use one of these punching bags and I can’t be more pleased with my training and I have been doing boxing training for several years.

Let’s start with free standing ones and you can find the best hanging heavy bags for home at the end of content.


Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Home

Century is known for its famous punching bags. It is truly the MOST experienced punching bag company out there. Century exactly knows what to do and how to produce free standing bags. All of these heavy bags can be used in boxing, muay thai, Krav Maga and other martial arts.


Century Bob XL (Body Opponent Bag)

Warranty: 1 year

Training Quality Rating: 10.0 out of 10Best Free Standing Punching Bag

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Height Adjustment: 5’6″ to 6′

Exclusive Features

  • Quality foam as filler
  • Incredible for improving precision
  • Provide cardio and resistance training
  • PERFECT for home
  • Can add and empty weights for your level
  • Height adjustments

I personally use Bob in my gym and it is the best boxing and martial arts training equipment so far. I already covered very extensive review on here and in this writing you fill find best and my favorite aspects.

Its design is excellent, it is muscular and human shaped. Practicing strikes to BOB’s torso and head improves ability to punch vital areas with various angles and techniques. The best benefit is to get very realistic striking experience. You can even adjust the height for punching different length of opponents. Its height can be adjusted between 5’6″ to 6 feet. It increases the variation. Its filler is high quality foam. In that way, I always get the same quality punching experience.

When it is filled sand or water, its weight can be up to 270 pounds. It is so easy to flip and roll with its round base. So after you finish training with it you can put it away in seconds. Also when you first train with it, you probably won’t fill it fully however it will give very quality striking experience whether is totally full or not.

It is also so much “fun” to train and punch Bob’s angry face 😉 After couple of training session you will SURELY strike with more precision and if these are appealing to you…

                              ========>Click here to buy your own BOB XL on Amazon  <========


Century Wavemaster XXL

Exclusive Features

  • Foam as filler
  • Provide cardio and resistance training
  • Provides MOST resistance
  • Easy to roll
  • Good choice for home
  • Can add and empty weights for your level

Training Quality Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Warranty: 1 year

Height: 69”

Wavemaster XXL”s most distinct feature is being “XXL”. It is literally is so big. This punching bag is sold like crazy. Because its leather is premium and has optimal rebound rate. Considering the size it is very incredible and these features make it superior to other free standing punching bags in this class.

Wavemaster XXL also uses foam as filler. It provides even distribution and it affects durability the most in a positive way. Some bags use “special filler” and these become useless after only few workouts. Even, some places become tougher or softer. It makes striking very inefficient and unsafe. However Wavemaster XXL  gives VERY smooth and efficient punching experience. It is also suitable for low kicks, knee strikes as well. With that, it is suitable for ALL martial arts. Its max height is 69″ and when it is filled water or sand, its weight is up to 270 Lbs. If I don’t use “BOB”, Wavemaster XXL would be my definite first choice. It has the most striking surface and provides the most resistance among all punching bags. You can also check Wavemaster XXL’s review for more extensive info and you can have a look at Wavemaster on amazon.


Best Hanging Punching Bag for Home or Garage

Not everyone would like to chain a punching bag to ceiling or can have heavy bag stand in home. I definitely can’t do that because I live in a rental and guy … wait I told you that right 😉 If you can do that, below is for you. You can find best hanging heavy bags also heavy bag stands for them.


Outslayer Heavy Bag (130 Pound)

Warranty: 10 years

Training Quality Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Exclusive Features

  • Fabric as filler
  • Incredible quality price ratio
  • Provide cardio and resistance training
  • Silent
  • Good Choice for home
  • Can add and empty weights for your level

When you consider the durability of free standing bag or heavy bag, most important aspect is its filler material. It should be foam, fiber or fabric not “xxx special material”. In that way you can always get best training performance and your hands stay safe. Outslayer uses fabric and it has OUTSTANDING heavy duty vinyl cover. Thanks to these incredible features, it can give 10 years warranty.

The Company says ” If anything happens to your heavy bag within 10 years, just send us a picture and we will send you a brand new punching bag” In my opinion, it shows how much they believe in their product and 5 star rating only proves the quality of  Outslayer Heavy Bag. Keep in mind that this heavy bag is much taller than other heavy bags and also it does not hold any dust. If you are interested you can buy this incredible item on here and if you are interested in having more detailed info, you can check out Outslayer review.


Everlast 100-Pound C3

Best punching bag for garageExclusive Features

  • Foam as filler
  • Provide cardio and resistance training
  • Does not hold dust
  • Good choice for home
  • Amazing quality price ratio

Training Quality Rating: 9.0 out of 10

Warranty: 4 months

Everlast can be an alternative to Outslayer. It has quality foam (distribution is even). So punching experience will be same even after years. Its poly-canvas has decent quality. One of my friends has this hanging punching bag for garage and it does not hold any dust and it is very silent so your neighbors don’t hear much noise 😉 If you are looking for cheaper and quite alternative bag then definitely, check out Everlast Punching bag.

Where to Hang These Heavy Bags?

Outslayer Heavy Bag Stand

Warranty: 10 years

Exclusive Features

  • Sturdy
  • 350 Lbs. Capacity
  • Amazing stability
  • Silent
  • PERFECT for home
  • Height adjustments
  • 4 sand bags included for extra stability

Outslayer made an incredible job for producing this heavy bag stand. My old gym had used this exact same heavy bag stand and man that stand witnessed lots of heavy workouts. Outslayer again gives 10 years Warranty. Also there are not lots of heavy bag stands which can hold Outslayer’s 130 Lbs. punching bag. With that, this stand holds up to 350 Lbs. Well that is a lot 😉 In my opinion it looks really cool and has shock absorbing steel construction. So it gives the BEST stability and quiet workouts for you. You can also adjust the height of the legs and make Outslayer Heavy Bag Stand suitable for your place.


Century Cornerman

Warranty: 1 year

Exclusive Features

  • Incredibly STURDY and Stable
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjust the angle of legs for PERFECT fit
  • Ideal for corner in home, gym
  • Very easy to install


  • 100 Lbs. capacity

If you are looking for a stand which you can hang heavy bag up to 100 Lbs. , then Century Cornerman will be excellent for you. This incredibly durable stand is also much cheaper than Outslayer and has 1 year warranty. It has shock absorbing technology so you will have quiet workout and thanks to this technology it will stay still. You can adjust the angle and the height of legs and put it in any corner. Century Cornerman is simply perfect for everywhere. You can also check out review for more info about the stand.


Final Thoughts

I  am sure you will be pleased with either one of these selections and start training in home comfortably. With that I STRONGLY suggest you to punch the angry face of  BOB free standing bag on amazon and get the benefits of ALL training types including PRECISION, strength, speed… It is ideal for home. When you are finished training, you can just roll and put it away easily. I hope you enjoyed the content and if you have any questions or experiences related to these punching bags for home, please leave a comment below.


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30 thoughts on “Best Punching Bags for Home – Find Out Which Bags are Suitable for Your Place”

    1. thank you, some people just want to train at home and I wish the same sometimes. Training with punching bags comfort but it is not possible for me now. But, maybe in future:)

  1. I have trained with many punching bags and I think that the Century Bob Xl is one of the best. its fun and you can really hit it hard if you fill it all the way up with sand.. love it

    1. Century Bob Xl is definitely the best one. I have been training with it quite sometime and it is so beneficial for body, increase precision and fun:) Thank you Paul

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is a review that provides a good detail description for an item that has so many variations to choose from.
    This review should make anyone’s decision a easier choice.

    1. you are welcome Maurice. I selected these for home use. I have been using one of them and century bob xl definitely above of all:)

    1. I have been doing exercise with it very long time, you should definitely try Arthur. It is totally excellent and help me increase my striking precision greatly.

  3. I have seen that you have mentioned before about Century Bob on your site before and quite like that one. But I also quite like the Everlasting bag as well. I also like that fact that you can get a stand for it if you do not or cannot attach it to the ceiling.

    Do you reckon I should have both types or just one? Maybe I could try out at my local gym.

    Thanks again for your useful guide to boxing.

    1. Yes I reviewed it very extensively:) and it is suitable for home so I put it here too. Definitely getting a stand if it is not possible to hang it in home. I think one would be enough since all of them gives certain and lots of benefits. Welcome Owain.

  4. I understand that boxing is a great way to stay in shape so you are doing a great service with your site and your knowledge. Very nice work and I wish you the best growing with your site as well.

  5. I’ve never used punching bags, nor was I ever into boxing, but from what I read, punching bags are a good form of exercise. I never thought of it that way. I like the picture of “Bob”. I never thought there was a human-form punching bag. that’s interesting.

    1. They give very good workouts 😉 When I first saw this punching dummy, these were exactly my thoughts and now I train with it the most 😉

  6. Yanmar Del Rosario

    I’m a Filipino and I’m a Manny Pacquiao fan – this is very nice and very informative for people that are boxing fanatic like me. Thanks for reviews and suggestions. Once I’m done constructing my house I love to put-up a small boxing training gym on it.

    Thanks and Have a wonderful day!

    1. Well , I am a huge fan of him too 😉 That is nice I am sure any one of these would be good for you you too have nice day

  7. Great post on punching bags! I’ve got my eyes on that outslayer heavy bag and stand. I’ve got one of those everlast bags but I find that it’s a little light and swings way too much. This was a great post in helping me find a heavier punching bag! Very informative! Thank you.

  8. Can I get century bags in India? I am going to start my judo and karate classes , so I need good quality bags for practice. In not suggest me some good brands available in India.

    1. You probably can. Century has distributors in India. You can search “Century punching bag + India” in your web browser and find a suitable distributor.

  9. When my oldest daughter was a teenager she was so angry! We got her a punching bag and it kept her from punching her siblings! Great for teens with extra energy!
    Thanks for the great post with so many choices!

    1. Punching bags are great for anger and my friend in university also used to punch the heavy bags because of the same reason.

  10. Wow! I didn’t know there were so many punching bags! I was surprised to see one that looked like a “real” person. That style makes a lot of sense, though, if you are boxing. If I were just starting out, which bag would you recommend? I am on a budget and have a small house, too. Thank you!

    1. Yeah, there are actually even more punching bag types.
      Actually, that one (Century Bob XL) can be suitable for small places since you can remove it after you finish and you can put it away from the sight. It also does not cover a lot of space while working out.

      That is the reason why it is preferred for boxing, MMA, and various other martial arts. Because people can practice with “real” targets.

  11. Wow this is a great resource ! My son takes Karate and trust me when I say I agree! You can’t just run to your local Wal-Mart for this kind of equipment!

    I have a question.
    Is there any special framework I should use to support one of the bags that is suspended from the ceiling?

    I may have to get him one of those.
    The one he has now is a cheap one that stands on a metal stand with springs.


    1. Well then I trust you : )

      I also agree that many regular shopping centers don’t have the necessary equipment. These only have some way lower quality models and can break in any moment. You can have a look at these ceiling mounts for heavy bags. These have huge capacities and lower the tension.

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