Best Punching Bags for Kids – Which one is for You?

I always believe in starting boxing training at very young age makes a lot of difference. It is physically and mentally challenging. Nowadays I train at home however just 6-7 months ago I used to go to gym. There, I witnessed how these little fellows develop character and be the better version of themselves. Boxing has many more incredible benefits for kids and for them you can have a look at here.

There are lots of various kids punching bags on the market. Some have decent quality, durability and features. Obviously some have not. In this content, you will find

best punching bags for kids. These are highly rated for children’s strength, eye hand coordination and skill improvement. These also have been used in youth gym classes. Also, I currently use the adult version of famous punching bag “Bobby Bully” for very long time and I am quite satisfied with my training and skill improvement.

These punching bags can be used in boxing, muay thai, MMA….

Product:  Century Bobby Bully

Exclusive Features

  • Realistic striking experience
  • STURDY and stable
  • Ideal for everywherebest punching bag for kids
  • Adjustable height
  • Very easy to fill with water or sand

Warranty: 1 Year (from CENTURY)

Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Ideal for: 4 to 13 years old

Height: 50 to 63 inches

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Century is widely known for its punching bags and I personally use “Bobby Bully” ’s bigger version Century BOB XL for a very long time and my boxing training sessions have been great. Also I have lots of fun with it. It provides strength, aerobic exercises same as other punching bags. However Bob Bully has very detailed torso, also an angry face 😉  These give very realistic striking experience. In that way, children’s punching technique and aim develop perfectly. These features put this punching bag a giant step ahead of ALL other heavy bags. It gives children incredible striking skills, develops their punching technique and other punching bags simply can’t offer these.

Knowing how to punch vital areas with proper technique is simply an incredible chance and children may not have this opportunity elsewhere. Sometimes I wish I had the chance of training with BOB Bully when I was young 😉 Bob Bully can be flipped and rolled to anywhere. This feature makes “Bobby Bully” excellent for your home or gym.

Today adult model of Bobby Bully, which I have been using, has the same quality of its shipment day. “Bobby” for kids is made of same material too and has fiber as filler. It is common feature for quality punching bags and it makes this bag extra durable. Based on reviews, ratings and personal experiences of my old gym’s youth trainers, I can say that Bobby Bully has same incredible durability. Also its warranty is one year and from Century.

Also you can see how Wyatt kicks the bobby bully at video below 😉


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Product: Kid Kick Wavemaster Review Kid Kick Wavemaster

Exclusive Features

  • Very STURDY and stable
  • Ideal for everywhere
  • Most height variation
  • Very easy to fill

Warranty: 1 Year

Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Ideal for: 4 to 12 years old

Height: 37  to 52 inches (4 height adjustments)

It is traditional free standing bag for kids.  Kid Kick Wavemaster is also known for durability and has evenly distributed perfect foam filler. It does very good job for absorbing strikes and this is vital for durability of the bag.

When Kid Wavemaster’s base is filled with water, its weight is 170 pounds. It has round base, so it is easy to flip and roll.

There are height adjustments up to 5’2’’. It has 4 height adjustments and provides most height variation and you can use this bag for MORE years.

Kid Kick Wavemaster is one of best heavy bags on the market. It gives lots of training types including strength, aerobic, speed… and with its affordable price, Kid Kick Wavemaster is the best seller kid’s punching bag. This punching bag is also suitable for boxing, muay thai, MMA and other martial arts. Wavemaster also comes with one year warranty.

Price: Check out the latest price of Kids Kick Wavemaster on amazon.

Product: Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag, Black/Red

Exclusive Features

  • STURDY and stableYouth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag Review
  • Ideal for everywhere
  • MOST striking surface
  • Comes filled
  • You can train abs

Warranty: 1 Year

Rating: 8.8 / 10.0

Height: 48 inches

Ideal for: 4 to 11 years old

This punching bag weighs only 40 pounds and it comes pre-filled. Even it is 40 pounds, thanks to its technology it has very rapid rebound rate and provides very dynamic workout for youth.

It has quality foam, good leather and Versys is one of the most durable punching bags as well. Its foam is always evenly distributed after striking. Basically it has same qualities as Kid Kick Wavemaster. However these have 3 differences. Firstly, Youth Versys Punching Bag has more rapid rebound time than Wavemaster and this feature provides better cardio workout for kids.  And secondly its base is so close to the ground, it provides surface for low kicks.

Also there are handles of this bag and you can do various punching strikes and abs training with it. Yes you can do incredible abs training and Century sends exercise data sheet you can even find more exercise variation.

However, its maximum height is little bit shorter than other punching bags (48 inches), this shortens the usable years. However, this bag provides the most striking surface.

If you look for largest striking surface, incredible aerobic and abs training, then ===> click here to buy this youth free standing bag on amazon.


Product: Velocity Boxing Speed Punching Bag

Velocity Boxing Speed Punching Bag ReviewExclusive Features

  • Improves eye hand coordination and speed
  • Ideal for everywhere
  • Adjustable height
  • VERY easy to set up

Return Policy: 30 days

Height: can be set between 47’’ to 57’’

Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

Ideal Age: 4 to 11

All other punching bags are used for strength, aerobic training and improving coordination etc…  However improving speed of punch is done with speed bag. Also this Velocity Boxing Bag improves timing for striking significantly. I always see kids around these kinds of bags. Looks like they have lots of fun with these 😉 However, if  you look for physical improvement, accuracy or strength… this bag is simply not for you. As a negative side this bag has an inflatable punching area. So this can make the duration fairly less. With that, if you are looking for improving hand-eye coordination and punching speed then Velocity Speed Bag is the BEST option. It also comes with pair of gloves and according to manufacturer children, who is older than 4, can wear it.


Final Thoughts

These are all best punching bags for kids in different categories. Personally, I strongly recommend Bob Bully. It has HUGE advantages among others including realistic fight experience, precision, height variation… And I am sure kids will LOVE training with Bob Bully and if you are interested and definitely get this amazing quality bag on amazon.

I hope you enjoyed the content and if you have any questions or personal experiences related to any of these bags, please leave a comment below.


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36 thoughts on “Best Punching Bags for Kids – Which one is for You?”

  1. I love that you have a heart for working with kids and recommend nice, quality equipment to work with. Researching what works best and sharing it, shows you care. Kids need hobbies, especially now days. Idle hands leads to heartache far too often. Thanks for making a difference.

  2. These are good suggestions to know. If memory serves me, the only experience I have with something like the BOB Bully is the CPR dummy. Besides that, I’ve briefly used training punching bags that a trainer straps on their wrists while the trainee punches those.

    I feel so out of tune with proper martial arts equipment, though. One of my cousins has a velocity bag, so I’ve seen the pros of this type in person. Are these bags also good for beginners in general, since they’re designed for kids starting out?

    1. Well I only have a chance train with BOB XL these days but it more than enough. It is actually normal always some new releases on market ALWAYS. It is frustrating to find a good one. For your question, You can try free standing punching bags adult version of BOB or wavemaster can be be useful for you.

  3. Hi Furkan,

    I hadn’t considered something like BOB, but I can see how it would give a much more complete and versatile workout. When using a heavy bag, for instance, there’s a lot of imagination required. It’s still a great workout, but I can see why you might like something like BOB so much. And for any youngsters that may show some interest, it seems obvious that they might enjoy that more, too. And if it provides an even better workout experience, all the better!

    Thank you for another very helpful article. Keep it up!

    Best wishes,


    1. It gives lots of different benefits including physical to improving precision. Let’s not forget it is so much fun to train with them. I will Kevin Thank you

  4. Wow! A lot of great options but I definitely think the BOB is the best as it mimics a real competitor. You can use it for more than just sparring so it’s versatile and I believe young kids will get a better training experience.

    Thanks for providing other options as well!

    1. It gives realistic training, it is so important for youth when they get this chance at the very beginning their skills improve way faster and better. You are welcome Andy

  5. Punching bags for kids do seem like they would be a great workout, I never thought of that before. They can get exercise while learning proper punching techniques. I would have liked something like this when I was younger, they seem like alot of fun, great choices too, I like the one that swings back and forth.

    1. There are lots of kids classes in my gym, but these did not exist in my childhood well at least these were not common like today. My favorite is always Bob 😉

  6. It’s good to see the punching bag industry get creative. Very informative information. I will pass this along, to my local gym!

  7. That is wonderful to help kids develop a skill at something. I was from the streets of Chicago and basketball was my thing. People just don’t know how training gave me character & a sense of discipline. I really appreciate you for showing these products to help encourage people to train in a craft. This is a wonderful thing.

  8. Hi,
    I really like the Bobby Bully. I think the human form is a good idea for learning how to get it right from the start itself. Maybe even customize it with that bad teacher’s face lol I would have loved that!Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Furkan, I love you when you do your Post.
    These kids punchings bag are beautiful and looks like a must have.
    But what age can use it?
    I will not like to spend my money for not suitable bag.

    1. Well you can basically get for the height, the punching bag’s max setting at least should be equal to kids height. You are welcome anytime Queen

  10. The Kid Kick Wavemaster looks pretty solid. While it may not have the human shape of Bobby Bully, it seems pretty durable, and the height-adjustment feature is always nice.

    1. Century produce excellent punching bags and I strongly suggest Bobby Bully because I have been using adult model ( Bob XL ) for years 😉

  11. I didn’t even realize that they made punching bags for kids. It makes sense though that starting training at a young age would require a smaller version. It would be a bit awkward using an adult punching bag. From a look and design perspective I somehow prefer the Kick Kick Wavemaster over the Bobby Bully though. And the price is half that of the Bobby Bully. But I guess both are somewhat similar as they each achieve the same objectives.

    1. There are lots of punching bags for kids on the market 🙂 And adult version punching bags provide too much resistance. Well Kid Kick wavemaster will not provide precision like Bobby Bully however it will give incredible cardio and resistance training. And kids also do some knee strikes and low kicks with it.

  12. Great way to get fit and tired. If a child has too much energy, a good workout will put them to bed. The punching bag would be perfect for both.

  13. Very informative post with great punching bag reviews. I personally like the Bobby bully because training with it would be more realistic. It’s good to see that’s the one you prefer as well. Thanks for the info. Can you attach a link for the larger version? I’d like to pick one up for myself as well.

    1. Man I attached adult version in the post just now 😉 I am glad you liked that, it offers seriously great benefits (realistic fight etc.).

  14. Hi!

    I love Bob Bully, and it will greatly help my son with his self-esteem since no one will be able to bully him with proper training. I know kids will learn a lot of discipline 😉


  15. Wow, so many choices for punching bags. I am sold on the angry face on the Century Bobby Bully 🙂 This sounds like a great all around bag. Teaching kids to box is a great life skill in more ways than one. It can teach them self-confidence, as well as self-defense. It also sounds like you can put this dummy anywhere you want to. Great information. I will check back for more great articles on boxing!

    1. As you said it is all around quality bag and I also workout with the adult version of Bobby Bully and I also provided a link in the beginning of the page You can check it out. This bag is just awesome 😉 Yes you can put it anywhere. When the workout is finished, you can just roll it and put it anywhere.

  16. Hi Furkan,

    Great review!

    My son started kickboxing a few weeks ago and he really wants to train at home, which is excellent! So I am looking for a punching bag. The one that I like the most is the second punching bag (Youth V.Spar). It seems more comfortable for the feet when kicking and he can train its abs as well. My son is 10 years old, but he is very tall for its age. Do you think it would fit or should I choose a bigger size? If there is:)

    Thank you for this useful post!

    1. Youth V.Spar is excellent for kicking since the base is quite low and your son’s shin will be safe with the quality leather of Century. There is an adult size and I also trained with it but even though he is tall for his age, if he is not 5’10” etc. then I would buy this model. Since the resistance also increases when you get the bigger model, he may not an effective striking sessions with it. The bigger model will barely move when your son kicks it.

  17. That video is sweet! Have you ever seen Joe Rogan kicking one of these bags? Crazy shit. That dude is in pretty good shape for his age. So, I know that these bags are designed for kids. But the question is, do the bags look like kids as well? Do they have the same height of the child that is striking it? I’m deffo going to get my son involved in boxing if I ever have one! Cheers.

    1. I actually have not watched it but will watch it after your comment. Yes, you are right and the height of these punching bags can be adjusted easily. These are also shorter than regular models and provide less resistance. Even these have softer shells than them and are suitable for children.

  18. You know we have been thinking about getting a bag that hangs from the ceiling. Now after seeing this article I am wondering which is better. I do like the Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag. I like the look of it, heck it can even go in the living room. What is the main difference between a bag like this and a hanging bag?

    1. Yes, I remember you mentioned that before. That bag can be used for many other things as well so it can be a good choice for you. You can have a look at the differences on here. After you read it you will know what you will need from a bag and you can come back here and choose accordingly.

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