Best Speed Bag Gloves – Which one is Suitable for training?

The great side of boxing is never ending training variations. There are lots of training types including tough heavy bag, speed bag, shadow boxing, sparring training… All of them improve different body parts with different intensity and  each one of these need different gears with different features to improve our skills better. In this content you will find whether we need gloves to train with speed bag or not and also best gears for it and its sizing chart. 


Should You Use Boxing Gloves for Speed Bag Training?

Some people say, you need boxing gloves to have better boxing training, others say you are okay to use hand wraps. Actually, I used boxing gloves and hand wraps time to time. Also, before writing this content I did lots of researches for which one to use. Honestly I did not have a certain choice before researching this subject. However, there is not enough quality scientific researches to back it up any claim so I listened some of most experienced people in boxing community. They all say different things but I always hear “this workout is for improving hand – eye coordination and punching technique” of course I knew that before but, then it hit me  “Can I really improve proper punching technique without boxing gloves?” We do lots of training with gloves to have OWN proper technique and I don’t think it is any different. Not everyone seems to agree with it but I found out that MORE trainers favor speed bag training with gloves. Also when speed bag is rough, it can damage to your hands.

If I practiced all the time without gloves, then when I do sparring session or heavy bag training, I would feel “different” about my punching. I know I said earlier that I sometimes used hand wraps and sometimes boxing gloves but I never used hand wraps 2 weeks in a row.  So it is possible that I did not feel any affect for my punching technique because I only wear hand wraps time to time.  However after I have thought a lot and research about it,  I will definitely use boxing gloves for every single speed bag session and it will obviously increase punching speed even faster, when you punch with gloves. In this content you will find most commonly used best speed bag gloves. Also, below there is a sizing table for them.


venum boxing gloves sizing chart


Product: Venum Elite Boxing Gloves                                              Product: RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Glove           My Rating: 9.2                                                                                My Rating: 8.2 




Very Quality Leather for Ultra Fast Shocks

Leather is so important for all  training types but it is the most important aspect for speed bag training. Imagine that, you are punching speed bag with an incredible pace. The pair is exposed lots of deformations and frictions.  Venum Elite and RDX have PREMIUM leather and this make gloves durable against all these fast shocks. These can take lots of impact without any deformations.


Do You Really Need Lots of and Quality Padding?

Heavy bag workouts can be quite challenging and when your boxing gloves don’t have quality padding, your strike quality gets lower. If your padding quantity is not much, your hands start to become sore after just  couple of punching bag trainings. However, do you need these for speed bag training? Actually I don’t consider using my quality padding gloves for speed bag training and it is really not necessary. Speed bags only give little resistance and don’t have any affects for gloves’ padding. RDX have not god good reviews for this feature, it just gets “average” rating for it. Honestly just average quality padding does the job just fine with speed bags. However, if you are interested doing both punching bag and speed bag training then, Venum Elite is what you looking for. It has very quality padding and you can do which training you want to do with ease of mind. It also provides very good quality protection for your hands.



The Last but Certainly not Least

Hands sweat like crazy in speed bag training, RDX and Venum hast excellent thermal regulation to prevent it happening. Personally, I have not used RDX  boxing gloves. However it has EXCELLENT reviews for its comfort and this is why it is on this list. Even your fore arm hurts like crazy and trust me it will after certain point, hands stay fresh during the training with both of these pairs.


Which one will YOU Get?

Right now RDX and Venum Elite are most suitable, cheapest and QUALITY pairs for speed bag training.  if you are looking gloves for doing other boxing trainings like punching bag or sparring; thanks to its very quality padding, I strongly suggest you to get your OWN Venum Elite on amazon. I am sure you will love the every minute of your training with it and it is not just me whole boxing community agrees Elite is BETTER than lots of gloves on market. Even though I would not recommend RDX for other types of training due to the its bad padding quality, RDX Cow Hide is also good quality pair for speed bag training. If you have any questions or personal experience related to best speed bag gloves, I will be happy to talk and answer your questions.

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  1. Hi Furkan!

    This is indeed great article! I’ve always admired people who make through their passion and transform their lives, therefore the lives of people around them.

    In Croatia, where I live, there is a popular Kick boxer. You must have heard of Mirko Filipović.

    I am sure that many athletes will find a lot of useful information on your website .

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I have found that using hand wraps tend to increase my chances of getting injured. But, then again that is with a heavy bag. However, when I train, I like to do everything I would in a real fight. Therefore, I wear gloves at all times and even like to train in the shorts I will be fighting in. Could be just a superstition, but it has worked for me for years.

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