Best Speed Bag Swivels – Have Amazing Punching Experience

Speed bag swivel is literally the difference between worst and the best training session. A good swivel needs to provide balance, good bounce rate, freedom for speed bag’s movement. Also it needs to give good punching experience with all sizes. Of course we all want a durable one and when we use the bag, we don’t want to hear “mechanic sound”. There are swivels which can provide all of these and these swivels actually have affordable prices. Let’s start with the table of best speed bag swivels and continue with reviews.

Let’s start with best swivel for speed bag…

1. SwivelTek LTX Ball Hook Speed Bag Swivel

SwivelTek LTX provides very smooth punching experience. Lots of swivels only allow one axis movement, but not this one. It has high degree of freedom. You can strike with different punching combinations with different rhythm and speed bag will react according to these. These are most important reasons why it is the best.

Also it is perfect for all sizes. Thanks to its design, you can change speed bag just in seconds. Even though it allows high degree of movement, it is still one of the quietest swivels on the market and when you strike, you won’t hear that “mechanic sound”. It has one more unique featureIts Delrin Ring allows oil free rotation. It is truly amazing 😉 I am sure you will also love using this swivel and Amazon is the best place to buy this product.

2. Everlast Cotter Pin Swivel

I personally used Everlast Cotter with Cleto Reyes Speed Bag  7″ x 10″ (L) and 6″ x 9″ (M) sizes. I always got the same punching experience and rebound rate was also fine. I usually used it in triplet rhythm, also made different punching combinations. Everything was very smooth. With that, you will not have the freedom of movement like SwivelTek LTX.

It is also made of stainless steel and very sturdy. Thanks to its pin system, changing speed bag just takes seconds. It comes with complete screws for mounting and you will need to oil Everlast. When I asked the trainer “how many times do you oil it?”, trainer’s answer was “once in 3 months”. Keep in mind that it was used in boxing gym. If you are using it in a regular gym, you can do it once in every 5 months. If you are using it in your place, home etc. one time in every 7 months will be just enough. Also, Everlast uses plastic swivels for their speed bag platforms. Everlast Cotter’s quality is simply much more than them and if you have one of these platforms, you can change its swivel with this machine crafted swivel for more durability and get better punching experience.

3. TITLE Pro Swivel

Thanks to chain link, Title Pro Swivel allows you to have freedom with the bag. It is ideal for all sizes. It has also triple-chrome plate for extra durability. This feature makes it extra sturdy. With that, it will start vibrating eventually and this is why Title Pro is not at the top place. And because of the design, it won’t be easy to change speed bag. It will surely take your time.  However, the design also makes it sturdier.

Let’s continue with best speed bag swivel for the money…

4. Amber Sporting Goods Swivel with Bearings

This swivel has old school design and ball bearings. It allows you to hang different size of speed bags as well. Speed bag will move through an axis, so it won’t have much freedom. However, Amber Sporting Goods is for people who want professional swivel and best value for their money. I have not any personal experience with Amber Sporting Swivel, however I found that people, who use it in their place, oil it every 5 months.

For advanced…

TITLE Boxing Deluxe Pro Swivel

If you use large speed bags like 8″ x 11″ and 7″ x 10″ , do not buy this. Because, it won’t give you good punching experience. I think Title makes this swivel for its own speed bags. With that, if your speed bag is smaller than 7″ x 10″, you can get it and have incredible workout session. If you have advanced speed bag punching skill and want the fastest rebound rate, then Title Boxing Deluxe is just made for you. Title’s this model uses push pin system and you can change your bags in no time. However, due to U-hook and its design it makes noise.

Conclusive Thoughts

When I was working at the boxing gym, we needed to make a perfect choice for swivel. Otherwise, as you can guess people might stop coming and I had made extensive researches about the subject. Before I write this post I made extensive research again 😉 These are all best speed bag swivels on the market and SwivelTek LTX gets incredible reviews, ratings from everywhere. It will give freedom for your speed bag and provide you SMOOTHEST punching experience. Also you can train with any size of speed bags. If these are appealing to you, buy your SwivelTek.

best speed bag swivel review

Amber Sporting is also a decent choice and will give best performance for your money.

If you are also looking for a speed bag to work in harmony with these swivels, then check out these best speed bags and their features. If you have any questions related to these swivels, please leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Best Speed Bag Swivels – Have Amazing Punching Experience”

  1. My husband is re-doing our gym and I think he’d be very interested in knowing about this, as well your article on the best speed bags.
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Loved those swivels and they look as durable and versatile as they seem to be!

    It’s not less important to have a good swivel for your speed bag than to have a quality speed bag itself, because if your swivel is too basic, you’re not going to get the momentum and proper movement of the speed bag after you hit it. That’s another factor to keep in mind when considering to buy one of those.

    As an amateur boxer myself I do recommend getting the advanced one even for beginners, considering the low price on it from Amazon. Just my 2-cents

    1. As you said the price difference is very little between quality and basic swivels. Seriously it can make the whole difference. Even you have the best speed bag and the platform, swivel can make everything the worst.

  3. I had no idea there was so much engineering involved in one of these swivels. amazing. you seem to have the best experience to provide a confident review for boxing tools, if you will. Thank you very much for your post.

    1. Good see you here again Brent, these are best swivel on the market.Really you can use them with any speed bag and still get amazing quality and I personally love SwivelTek LTX.

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