Best Way to Hang a Heavy Bag – This method is for Everyone

Training with heavy bag has amazing benefits and being more fit is not the only reason. If I could use a heavy bag in my place, I would start using today. Ideally, heavy bag stand is best place for hanging it and if you have a heavy bag stand, according to its manual you can assemble the stand. And these have very affordable prices with good warranties. If you are interested, you can check out incredible stands’ features on here. With that, the method below is best way to hang a heavy bag for everyone. You can find a video which explains all the steps in detail.


How to Hang a Heavy Bag?

First of all, you need a space where the heavy bag can swing. So, you can move and practice your footwork easily. The video says that five feet swing space is enough. It is enough for striking but it is simply not enough for your footwork. I highly suggest that heavy bag’s swing space is around six feet. When you hang it to a heavy bag hanger, the rafter should support 4 times of punching bag’s weight.

If you have available space it is so easy to have a rafter and hang it to there. You can find all the steps in the video. Also, these steps are detailed and very easy to implement.



Keep in mind that if you get a heavy bag for kicking and not just for boxing, it will swing more. So you will need more space. There are some incredible quality mounts, which are made of quality and sturdy materials, on the market and these just don’t vibrate and have very long warranties (some have lifetime), if you will hang a heavy bag to a rafter, definitely check out these best heavy bag rafter mount reviews.

I actually have not a chance of hanging a heavy bag to my place and you may not have a rafter which can support 4 times of heavy bag’s weight or you even may not have a rafter. When it is the case, free standing punching bags can be a very good option for you. Also, their prices are cheaper than complete heavy bag sets, these are also much more convenient and very easy to set up. Free standing bags have round plastic base which allows the bag to move around easily. When you finish training with it, you can simply put it away. Also, base of free standing bag allows you to fill it with water and these bags are very stable. If you are interested, then check out the best free standing bags’ exclusive features and their warranty periods. I also use one of them in the gym and I am quite satisfied with my physical and skill improvement.

With that, hanging heavy bag training has their own unique features including practicing footwork and timing. It is simply the best place for improving these skills and if you have any questions about any of the steps in the video, please have a comment below.


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2 thoughts on “Best Way to Hang a Heavy Bag – This method is for Everyone”

  1. Hey Furkan,
    Great post, I especially like the video. I am a visual learner and having pictures and videos are great for me. I also like the fact that you provide an alternative for when you can’t use the heavy bag hanger. Great job with your post. I also enjoyed reading your other posts and can tell that you are very passionate about boxing and martial arts. It really shines through in your content. This is definitely the website to choose when I am looking for boxing and martial arts gear. Good job and keep it up!

    1. Well I always try having an alternative solution. For example I can’t hang anywhere in home and I know some people are exactly in the same position and you are welcome anytime Chris.

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