Which BJJ GI Brands can You Really Trust?

Every day more people start going BJJ gyms and obviously, Gi sales increase. You can literally see a myriad of Jiu-Jitsu Gi brands on the market and this is actually good in some ways. For example, many companies also add their styles so variation increases and another Gi might be a better fit for you. For example, when you wear another BJJ Gi you may show better training performance with it etc. However, having a myriad of brands is also bad in some ways. Because some of them just suck and are just waste of money.

Below you can find the overviews of the best BJJ GI brands and worst ones as well. Below, you can also find my, my trainers’ experiences and my research as well.

I also included which Gi brands can be a better fit for your body type.

Another reason for writing the article is that you may be in a place which does not have online shopping opportunities. I also could go to only some certain shopping centers just three years ago so I have been there. So if you want to know the older models of a company, I am sure that this writing can help you.

BJJ GI brand overview


Best BJJ GI Brands

Scramble: I am an average person (5’10” and 175 Lbs.) and Scramble Athlete is one the 4 Gis which I have experiences with. Considering my own experiences, it did not restrict my movement and considering the sturdiness it was “light”. I also did an online research about the brand’s popularity and apparently, it became insanely popular after Standard and Athlete models. So it is safe to say that this brand’s older products do the job just fine.

A lot of tall people also used Standard Version (model) of this brand without any problem whatsoever.

I actually ironed one of the older models (Athlete) pretty badly but it did not shrink much. At least I did not feel much difference. So it did not ruin the construction of it and many other Scramble Jiu-Jitsu Gis are made with the same materials. There is no wonder why these get good feedback for shrinkage. Many Scramble Gis tend to have a good quality finish as well. If you are interested in this brand, you can also see the review of Scramble Gis for more information. As a side note, many BJJ practitioners train with Scramble Gis religiously. It is truly popular and many people, who have slim figures, also prefer particular series of this brand.

Fuji: Most of Fuji Gis are fairly priced and these tend to be the lightest BJJ Gis on the market and many Fuji Gis have a bit extra room so you can move freely in them.

As a side note, Fuji Sports Sekai Women’s BJJ GI gets absolutely amazing feedback from many females.

With that, Fuji has a very wide range of selections. Some provide “more” freedom and some have more reinforced seams etc. These also tend to have higher ratings as well.

Many Fuji Gis have certifications including IBJJF and many of them can be usable in tournaments. Considering all of these Fuji is definitely one of the best BJJ Gi brands. I also used one of them and you can click here to find out all about it. The cords tend to do the job for many different Fuji models and I also had the same experience. As a final note, the current most popular models and some older models have GI patches to sew in your kimono.

Tatami: According to many online reviews and authority figures, Estilo series are superior to others. Even many of them claimed that older Estilo models provide better training performance and stretching qualities than the current Gis of other brands. Honestly, I don’t have any experience with Estilo series, however, there is a myriad of good feedbacks from trustworthy sources so I am assuming that they can’t be all wrong. So if you live in a place which has no online shopping opportunity you can go to a local martial arts store and there is a high possibility that you can find Tatami Estilo in there and I highly suggest you grab one. I actually saw this series a lot in shopping centers in Europe and this is why I gave this example. As a side note, many average size people give great feedback for Tatami. I also have good experiences with one of Tatami Nova Models and I have the “average” body type. I had trained with Tatami Nova 1.0 for 9 months and I have no complaints. Also, many long-legged people give good feedbacks for certain series of Tatami. As a final note, this British brand provides detailed sizing charts for all the models and fitting rates are higher than any other BJJ Gi brands out there including Fuji.

Fusion Fight Gear: These are made of fabrics which are lighter and wick the moisture quite fast so thanks to these qualities Fusion Fight Gear has really suitable BJJ Gis for rolling on the BJJ mats. With that, the price tags of these are generally way higher than the others. Other than these the company produces all the BJJ Gi models with care since all of them get at least decent feedbacks on forums.

Gameness Elite: Many of the Gis of the company are made of military grade materials and it is suitable for quick drying. So if you train more often I can easily recommend you to get one of these.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu: Gracie is one of the oldest BJJ Gi companies and these have that traditional look and feel. Considering the design and lightweight, many of the models are extremely suitable for lanky people.

Venum: These tend to be lighter than 1.6 Kg and have incredible thermal regulating features. Even though Venum mostly produces MMA and boxing equipment (gloves, shin guards etc.), this is another brand which you can see in many dojos.which GI brands are good

Hayabusa: Hayabusa always uses the latest technology for all of the products (boxing gloves, MMA gloves, shin guards…). Actually, these can be found in many best lists. Shortly, all I can say is that hard work and the latest technology always pay off. With that, you can see the company’s touch in every product’s design and I seriously just love it. Higher-end products are made of very good quality fabric and these are made for your body’s contours and tend to have great fitting rates. This is the most important reason why people use it in competitions especially Gorudo model is preferred a lot! One thing to note is that Hayabusa has a lot of different Gis and these have all the weave types including gold, pearl, double and single. This is actually quite good for people who want to try different weave styles and the same design.

Storm: Alright this one is totally based on my research. Many females, who do BJJ training, reported that they have amazing ground work sessions with this brand. As you may know, there are many companies which just suck at making Gis for women. With that, the cut and tapered waist get quite good feedback on shopping sites as well. Even though it is not really popular and you may not be familiar with the brand considering my researches women can give this a shot.

Vulkan, Kaizen Athletic: Many commercial BJJ gyms suggest these brands to children students and considering the feedback these seem to do the job just fine without breaking the bank.

Note: All of these gi brands are good and there is no particular order in this list. Also, the worst brands below also have no particular order as well. If you are interested in knowing about the specific models of these brands, you can check out these Best BJJ (Jiu Jitsu) GI Reviews.

Alright, these are mostly my, my friends’, trainers experiences and also I researched many BJJ forums and according to them, I gathered these good BJ Gi brands however even though these tend to produce better BJJ GIs you need to always consider the online overviews and keep in mind that even though I try providing as much as in-depth information, there are still many different models on the market and you simply can’t determine whether a brand always produces good Gis or not. Because each one of them has different quality. However, this writing can provide you “an insight” about these brands.

About Boxing and MMA Brands: Some of them actually do a quite a good job like Venum and Hayabusa. These originally started producing boxing equipment yet thanks to the hard work, these became good martial arts companies years ago. With that, keep in mind that there are many boxing and MMA brands out there. If the Gis are not successful, these companies immediately take them out of the market. So this is another factor to consider while buying a Gi.the worst gi brands


Worst BJJ GI Brands

As you know, Brazilian Jiu-Jıtsu is one of the fastest growing trends right now so there are many companies which started producing BJJ Gis especially after 2009. And many of them have no idea about stretching, sports requirements etc. So these products just suck. This is why there are many brands which are just bad. Below you can find the brands which have the worst reviews and feedback from sources which I completely trust and all references can be found at the end of the writing.

ProForce: These dry incredibly slow and also many of them just can’t be ironed. Since after a few months, these can become a smaller model and I am sure that if you see the price, you will immediately realize that you just can’t get any quality fabric in this price range.

Piranha: There are many reviews which basically say that they can’t move freely in this brand’s models. The reason just might be the extra reinforced seams. The fabric can’t withstand tear and wear for a long time so the company uses “extra” reinforced seams and this basically makes you harder to move

Important Note: I have experiences with only 4 BJJ Gis on the market and the information here consists of my friends’, trainers’ experiences and my extensive research as well.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that other than these there are many other bad Gi brands on the market but I just wanted to keep it short. So before you invest any money definitely read the trustworthy reviews!

See: The reviews of good BJJ Gis

Also, you can look at the verified purchase reviews. This is also my go-to source and can come in handy while buying a martial arts gear

I really hope that you enjoyed reading my BJJ Gi brand overviews and if you have anything to share about brands or anything at all, please feel free to share them below and I will be happy to talk to you.


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    1. Back then BJJ was not popular as today and there were many garbage gis. I know that the only weave type was single in stores.

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