Bodylastics Review – Is This Resistance Band Worth it?

There are many resistance bands on the market and Bodylastics Resistance Band is one of the most popular products.

This company actually dominates the industry for very long time. To be exact it is close to 20 years. I even had trained with this product’s older model before it became too popular.

I also have been witnessing that many people do shadow boxing with this resistance bands in boxing gyms. And it is the first choice of many commercial fitness, boxing and MMA gyms as well.

Without further ado let’s start bodylastics review…


Bodylastics STRONG MAN Product Overview

Bodylastics ReviewTraining Quality Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Warranty: Lifetime

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Military grade materials
  • Perfect for every athlete
  • Does not snap
  • Includes warrior handles, ankle strap, door anchors and small anchor for anyplace
  • 8 anti-snap bands (each one provides different resistance level)
  • 3 to 262 LBS resistance
  • Different colors for different resistance intensity
  • Can be used anywhere (home, park, gym…)
  • You honestly don’t need to buy any resistance bands ever again
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with DVD (instructional videos) and carrying bag
  • Widely used in many gyms

I want to say this at first I honestly did not write that many exclusive features ever. It has truly many and it is simply the best resistance band on the market, period. I witnessed that many people do shadow boxing religiously with them. And many fitness, boxing and MMA gyms also prefer it for their classes.

It is made of military grade materials including reinforced latex and all materials are black coated for extra durability. Also thanks to D.G.S technology it won’t snap ever. Considering that can happen to many resistance bands I am sure that you will really appreciate this quality.

As you may have seen before products, which are military grade, always get excellent feedback. And the reason is that the products need to pass MANY tests so these can be classified as “military grade”. These tests include training results, durability, environment friendly and so on. So Bodylastics basically guarantees the results for you.

So why Bodylastics should be your first choice?

It basically provides resistance level for everyone. The resistance level starts from 3 LBS. and ends with 216 LBS.

I really think that many of us can’t train with resistance bands which provide 216 LBS resistance. I currently can train against 65 LBS. resistance and I have done many boxing training and resistance training (at least 2-3 times per week) for last 4 years. Over the years I also have experienced that many trainers, regular guys train with resistance bands. So I can easily say that I know this stuff. And I really don’t think that anyone will ever need 216 LBS. for resistance training. With that you will really have much room for improvement.

And I do shadow boxing with resistance bands for quite some time now and I really think that no one can use 216 LBS for any shadow boxing routine as well. Imagine that someone can do uppercuts against 216 LBS. resistance. I seriously think that person can fight with Wolverine and if he does not have the healing factor, that person can even beat him.

This set comes with 8 bands and these won’t snap. And as you may know that many injuries can happen if these things snap. And it is another huge plus of Bodylastics.

You can truly do many exercises with them. Because the resistance bands are very versatile tools and you have many anchor types including door and small type. Basically you can use these bands with almost any anchor types.

Considering that you have many exercise choices you simply won’t need any other exercise equipment and you can do workout in your own home. I don’t know about you but I really love doing shadow boxing or any training session in my own home comfort.


What about extras?

It comes with carrying bag and you will have access to online exercise videos. And these videos will show you how to do these exercises with bands. There are many basic exercise videos online but I must say that this company included very creative exercise videos there. With that the shipment also comes with exercise sheets. So you will have hard copies too.

The company also provides you satisfaction guarantee and if you don’ like the product in anyway you can send back the product and get your money back. But I seriously doubt that anyone would do that.

You can literally do infinite number of exercises and you can check out some of these exercises below.

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Price: The other resistance band sets come with only a few resistance bands and many of them do not give you any warranty whatsoever. However you will have lifetime warranty with Bodylastics. And you will have many resistance level options. Also let’s not forget that it has only top notch materials and literally guarantees the results. And you seriously won’t need to buy any other resistance band ever again. Considering all of these the price of Bodylastics Resistance Bands is actually good.

As as side note Bodylastics Resistance Band is produced because of many requests from military and secret service personal. So just from that you can guess the quality of this product. And I also know that many people, who do boxing training, use it for increasing hand speed.


Final Thoughts

All I can say is that Bodylastics is seriously the most quality resistance band on the market. You will train with it lifetime and there are many resistance levels. Also it has many anchor types. You can literally train with it almost anywhere. And keep in mind that it has both lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee, there is seriously no other product which can offer you both of these together. If you want to get premium quality resistance bands, check out Bodlastyics Resistance Bands on amazon. I also checked many fitness, boxing, MMA and Martial Arts forums, they always give amazing feedback for this product. I seriously did not see any single bad review from verified buyers on amazon and there are many reviews. I really hope that you enjoyed reading my Bodylastics Review and if you have any questions about this amazing product please just have a comment below.


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6 thoughts on “Bodylastics Review – Is This Resistance Band Worth it?”

  1. Thanks for the review of Bodylastics. Its assuring that you have used this product before and that it will gives me a product that will last a lifetime. Seriously this is a great site. Keep up the good work. But do you have a segment that is for a beginner into martial arts as a form of fitness?

    1. Hi, man you can seriously use Bodylastics for a lifetime. It is that great.
      I am glad you liked my site. If you will start training, there is actually a post for equipment segment. I am sure it will cover everything you need to know about equipment. For that, you can have a look at here.

  2. Wow! This bodylastic is an amazing product. Durability and training quality 10/10 that’s good to know. I followed the link you provided to amazon and it is a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I will be purchasing. Thank you so much!



    1. This product definitely deserves that. The material loses only a bit stretching quality after a couple of months and that is long for resistance bands. These ratings change from time to time but in my opinion, it will continue getting high ratings.

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