Boxing Basics for Beginners – Learn These Before Your First Training

Boxing is not a easy sport to learn and sometimes feel like the hardest physical and mental activity in the world. I exactly felt like this when I started training.  Even though I am not a total boxing expert now, I was a beginner just a few years ago. In this content, I will give you some insight about boxing basics for beginners. I wish that I knew all of them when I first began this sport. I am sure that  when you start boxing training, you will feel more comfortable, wise and hopefully have more knowledge with these tips.


Keep Your Form During Training

As a beginner, you will have hard time to control your stamina and breathing, You mightbest training gloves lose all your form in very short period of time and try catching your breath rest of the training.  This  is normal and can happen, especially if it was one of the first time which you wear your boxing gloves.  You might even say  ”Am I preparing the save the world? ”,  “This can’t be that hard! ”.  After this point,  you will probably start punching aimlessly. When that happens, basic thing to remember here is controlling the breath. It will get easier after you do more cardio exercises like jumping rope, running… These will improve the capacity of your lungs so you will have more breathing capacity and surely  feel better as overall.


As a result of these you will have more…

Energy:  People argue about this topic so much and not just for boxing. Basketball, bodybuilding… Some people say you should exert all of your energy during training. Some people say don’t. Even though I am definitely not a scientist , I can give you my experience and  what I have been through in past few years.


Should You Exert All of Your Energy during the Boxing Training?

In this particular topic;  I favor “not exerting all of your energy” , but with an addition. This addition is to push your limits for strength, endurance and all of your body’s capacity on different areas as well. However; you should stop training before you feel like you can’t even standing.

But important part is to make sure that you push your limits before you get that point.

boxing basics for beginners


Here is what I have been experienced just two and a half years ago:

Actually this writing gets personal a lot sometimes but giving  experiences is the best way to give insight to a beginner or anyone.  Anyway,  I sometimes did some intense trainings that  I can’t even walk after I sit and I was using all the supplements in world to recover well. Protein shakes, casein, glutamine, dextrose…. you name it. My kitchen was full of supplements. But I could not get stronger fast as I should. Sometimes I found myself  exactly the same physical condition as two months ago. Honestly, I got depressed for a while and thought that my genetics are not good for boxing. However; my university exams started and lasted for 3 weeks. So I had to cut my boxing session 15 minutes less than normal. God, I hated exams but these exams helped  me to get in right way for training.

I spent 15 minutes less for training, I was finally getting stronger and faster. I was pushing my limits without exerting ALL of my energy. So, decreasing time in training or just decreasing the intensity of training can be the thing what you are looking for. If you have hard time to getting stronger or better, I highly suggest you to try this angle.


About Boxing Gears

Always wrap your hands and use quality, safe boxing gloves no matter what. For a beginner, there are some certain aspects to consider like doing all training types with a pair. Also this pair should have all safety features etc… you can check out this amazing pair’s review to have more information about it.

Every training type needs different safety features. For example; when you do sparring, use boxing head gear, mouth guard and gloves with extra padding. You can have a look at here for more info about sparring. With that, you don’t need to use head gear in heavy bag session, you just need to have premium gloves which protect your wrists, knuckles and give you best heavy bag training performance. If you are interested to know more about these features, you can check these heavy bag gloves’ features.

When you have right boxing equipment, you will certainly have more training benefits.



Man, I remember first time that I trained with punching dummy. I am honestly laughing when I am writing this, I felt so damn stupid. I was like jumping rabbit around the dummy. All I can say  is that footwork will get better with time.


Basic Things to Do and Remember About Footwork

Learn all basic footwork, practice them and always be close enough to hitboxing sparring training your target. I think, my hard work paid off  around 8-9 months later for footwork.  But, at that time I was practicing alone. So, It can be less if a friend or trainer is watching you and corrects your mistakes when you train.

Also when you get expert at footwork, you feel like your stamina gets total boost. You will do same training with much less energy.



Liquid, Liquid, Liquid

After you finish training, everywhere will be sweat including your socks, shirt and even your cool boxing shorts. It is so easy to forget drinking when you are having such an intense training and this can harm you physically beyond limits. You may even faint. So during training, keep reminding yourself to drink water!


Boxing Style

I sometimes get questions like What is the best boxing style? etc…

There is not a particular style which works for everybody.  However, there is a different best style for every individual. Everyone has different weaknesses, strengths and physical attributes. Some have bigger arms, some have smaller legs, taller upper body…

You will form your own style when you get more advance. I strongly recommend you NOT to follow a particular style. This can even inhibit your athletic abilities such as punching power, speed and many more. You will surely acquire your own technique with time.


Warm up

Last but certainly not least WARM UP!  I don’t care how tough you are, you should warm up  ALL your muscles and warm upnot just your upper body. People tend to forget that they work their legs as well as their arms in training. Remember legs have most muscles of your body. So, make sure that you warm up your legs before training as well.


Warming Up Basics

Do some light rope jumping, train with light weights or run,  but warm up ALL your muscles. When you don’t warm up before training,  you will get the worst cramps and can’t sleep at night.

A beginner’s wisest move is to be open minded for training, style, intensity.. Of course you should follow certain set of rules but there are so many things which you need to experiment just for YOURSELF.  And you will find a suitable method for yourself to get better at boxing.

These are all I can say about boxing basics for beginners. If you know all of these before your first boxing training session, I am sure you will be a giant step ahead of other starters. With that, I am sure you will be two giant steps ahead of others with a top notch pair. If you are interested, then have a look at this perfect list and their exclusive features. If you have anything to add or ask please leave your comments below. I will be more than happy to talk to you.


Image Courtesy of Joseph M. Buliavac, SimonaR and tpsdave via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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24 thoughts on “Boxing Basics for Beginners – Learn These Before Your First Training”

  1. Hiya Furkan. I love the article and learnt a lot about boxing. I was attending krav maga classes and boxing or sparring was one of the disciplines in self-defence. one thing you haven’t mention is to guard your face from incoming shots during a warm up in the ring, I know from my experience it was crucial to the footwork and how to box. when reaching the stamina and it,s intensity during training, you know you become very fit very quickly.

    1. Hi Micheal,
      You are right, but I only cover basics so far in training. Actually these days I am working on content for sparring techniques and You can find extensive tips there including self defense Thanks for pointing out by the way:)

  2. Boxing sounds like a great sport for building up strength, sometimes I wished that I had a punchbag to get rid of some of that pent up energy.

  3. Super article! As beginners we have many questions and many things we don`t even remember to ask to inform ourselves about. Thank you for collecting all these advices into one article. Very helpful,keep u with a goood work.

    1. Actually yes so many people just dive into and sometimes forget to look further before begin. I just posted new article about boxing gloves for beginners you can find some helpful content in there.

  4. Boxing is a tough sport. You are very correct, the cardio and energy go hand in hand. You need a good degree of endurance and physical and mental capability in this sport. I had practiced martial arts and I know how both of these can change your game. Thank you for your great tip for beginners. My son keeps on talking about boxing. If he ever says he wants to join, your site will come in handy. Thanks again for the information.

    1. Yeah the one understand the ones already doing the sport before:) You can check it out article about kids boxing. You are welcome and I hope he starts and I will be more than happy to help you anyway I can.

  5. I haven’t tried boxing before and it certainly looks and sounds physically demanding. I used to go for body combat classes in the gym years ago and even that was very tiring. I agree that warming up before any sporting activities is very important.

    1. You will be even more exhausted after punching heavy bag:) You always should warm up before training. I hope to see you more on here.

  6. As I read through your article I was thinking of the Rocky movies. All the points you mentioned are in the movies, from warming up, footwork to eating correctly.
    How often should a person train to improve on boxing would you say?

    1. When I write I think lots of movies including Rocky:) Your question is actually depends whether you do workout with heavy bag or do sparring…
      You can check out my other articles and find some necessary info there. If you can’t find what you looking for you can always comment and e-mail to me.

  7. Hi,

    I agree that boxing can feel like the hardest sport in the world when first starting out. It’s amazing how difficult it can be both technique and the stamina aspect. I think you make a great point about keeping your form when practicing because it’s the best way to prepare yourself for a match.



    1. Hi
      well technique matters the most. It affects stamina, power,speed…It feels nice to give great information. You are welcome Robert.

  8. Hi,

    I have no directly related experience to this except for years ago, I took Karate. There was quite a bit of training that was directly related to form and movement. From this article, it seems like that might be a bit of the same way that boxing works. Great information. Very well written.

    1. All mixed martial arts is actually related somehow. Even almost any of them you can use punching bag to train. Thank you Kathy

  9. Hi Furkan, like the boxing ideas. Reminds me when my brother tried to tone up when he was in his late teens. He was athletic all his life up until he graduated high school. He tried strength training and from what I saw some boxing related workouts. I have watched boxing but never tried it for myself but the training parts I have experience with since warming up and training your body is taught even when boxing isn’t in the picture. Something that it looks like you may have forgot to mention is a way to warm up is stretching every part of your body. Looses up the muscles so those cramps you mentioned are less likely. I can’t tell you how many times charlie horses kept me up at night. I actually prefer Gator Aide or Power Aide to water. My chemistry teacher in college did an experiment with electrolite drinks and water with her and a friend. Turns out her water drinking friend exercised less than her because she cramped more during exercise because she lost more in sweat. But to each their own. I know what you mean by footwork. It is always good to start small and gradually work your way up to train your body. Good tips for increasing stamina too. Keep up the good work Furkan.

    1. wow quite a story jana. Warming up is essential part of all of other martial arts and other sports as well. Actually yes warming up includes stretching and getting ready for training muscle. Well I exactly experienced when I was younger and were doing other sports. It is quite interesting and true Jana. Drinking water and liquid to avoid cramps is so important to function muscles correctly. I hope to see you more in next articles.

  10. Wow.. Im really interested in boxing
    You just told us best of basic informations
    im really interested in what you write
    keep the good work

  11. Hi Furkan. Great article and great information. I also started training recently again and I am thinking about taking up boxing for the sheer sport of it. I have great upper body and lower body strength and I think I will enjoy a little boxing.

    Your information gave me a lot to think about and a lot to incorporate in my training too. Thank you. I will be coming back for more tips and information on boxing for sure.

    1. Hi Marlene, ı am happy to put your boxing training gloves again:) I think you will enjoy too. if you have strength try to work on more of your balance though in training. have nice time with punching bag Marlene.

  12. What a great article and so true! My nephews are boxing for a couple of years now and when I go to a match of them I can really see that it all has to do with technique and breathing. It is a difficult and tough sport, but very exciting!

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