Which Boxing Equipment (Gear) Brands Can You Trust?

Ladies and gentlemen,

As you know we can’t just trust every brand’s product description. In fact, over the years I learned that it is the last thing which you should look at.

Also, keep in mind that a company can produce awesome headgear but boxing gloves of the same company can suck.

So I wrote these overviews for each equipment category.

With that generally, when companies produce a product, these don’t change the design much. This is actually why you need to know them better. For example, Winning made the headgear (FG 2900) lighter than the previous model and the liner of the new model is also a bit comfier than before. But still, the older model was quite good and had the same design.

Important Note: This writing mostly consists of my experiences with boxing equipment brands. When I wrote it, I felt like a diary more than a writing for my website. With that, I am sure that this writing will help many people who don’t have online shopping opportunities and people who want to know about brands in general.  

Let’s start with the most popular boxing equipment…

good boxing equipment company overview

Boxing Gloves

If you think of getting all overall good training type (double end bag, sparring, punch mitts…) boxing gloves, there are 2 really popular and good boxing glove brands which are Winning and Cleto Reyes. The design of Cleto Reyes (training types) is suitable for you to punch faster so you will have way better training performance with it. So it does not only look cool 😉 As far as I know, the company did not change the padding type and design for a decade but added more color selections like green etc. Also many boxers including Manny Pacquiao prefers Cleto Reyes.

Winning (training type) is referred as “pillow” in the boxing community. It is soft and really safe for your knuckles and wrists. There is lace up and velcro types and these are always at the top of good quality boxing gloves lists as well.

Have a Look at Most Quality Boxing Gloves List

If you prefer good quality boxing gloves for heavy bag, then you just can’t go wrong with Title. The front of the glove is way bulkier and Title uses the same padding type for bag pairs. If you will do heavy bag training, I guarantee that you can go with Title with any problem whatsoever. Rival also has a few top-notch pairs on the market.


Heavy Bags and Free Standing Punching Bags

Heavy bags don’t need to have many qualities. If the filler is distributed equally, it does the job just fine.

Seriously, heavy bags are like quesadillas, it is really hard to screw it up.

With that, if you are looking for a good quality cover material, long warranty period, and good price, then you can just go with Outslayer.boxing equipment company overview

What about Free Standing Punching Bags?

Well, unlike heavy bags, it is very easy to screw up free standing punching bags. These need to give good rebound rate whether these are full or not. You can actually go with Century and as you may have heard Century Bob XL (it is quite famous), it gives you everything you need for boxing (precision, strength…). I also have pretty good experiences with Wavemaster as well. The built was soft but still, it was a sturdy product.

Check Out These Quality Free Standing Heavy Bags

Alright, there are some companies you should avoid like Everlast. Last time when I checked Everlast has a myriad of freestanding heavy bags on the market and only 2 of them are good enough and get good ratings, have optimal rebound rates. Actually, one time I broke the inner tube of a low-quality Everlast bag and please keep in mind that I am strong but not that strong.

If you think of getting Everlast you got only a few decent options.


Boxing Headgear

Even though the design is not everything for a headgear, I would say that it is the most important thing. Since it needs to stay in place and should not block your vision. So far all of the Ring to Cage designs worked for me just fine and I trained with 4 different models (some are really old). Also, I used them at least 2-3 months during sparring sessions. The cushioning was always soft and did not bother me one bit. So, I would say that you can go with Ring to Cage.Which Boxing Equipment (Gear) Brands Can You Trust

Boxing Shorts: Just don’t go with no brand shorts! Other than that many companies produce many good shorts which allow complete freedom and provide comfort.


What about Boxing Shoes?

Rival uses top-notch materials and produces a variety of boxing shoe styles (low top, mid cut, high top, more grip, less traction…) and so far I always saw great reviews for them. I used only one Rival model, which was a low-top type, however, I am really active on boxing forums and I am an internet guy and I have some other sources 😉 According to my research, Rival produces good boxing shoes.


Conclusive Thoughts

In this writing, I included what I know about boxing equipment brands and the products. Even though these are mostly my own experiences, I have lots of experiences with a myriad of products so you can take my writing as a baseline for future decisions. Let’s face it, I rarely see that a company makes huge changes in the design. Because this takes really hard work and if a change happens, this company may need to change basically everything (from fabric location to used machines) So you can see some upgrades but don’t ever expect a huge difference. This is why you see names like Venum Challenger 2.0 or Twins Special Signature Fancy, which is completely same with Twins Special’s regular model. It has only a few more color selections. So I am sure that knowing boxing equipment brands more will help you. I hope that you enjoyed reading and from now on I will constantly update this writing with my new experiences and reviews which I trust so you can make a more educated choice. Seriously, I would hate if you get a boxing gear which sucks. These are already expensive and I just don’t want you to get a low-quality product. I hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about a specific brand or boxing equipment please have a comment below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


Image Courtesy of U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kristopher S. Wilson, AIR NATIONAL GUARD 127TH WING and Mario javier castaneda via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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4 thoughts on “Which Boxing Equipment (Gear) Brands Can You Trust?”

  1. Hi there, great post on the boxing equipment. I completely agree with the most popular manufacturers are not always the best equipment. I have had issues in the past with both bags and Gloves where I listened to people telling me to buy certain brands and they turned out to be very disappointing and poor quality.
    It’s great to see that with your knowledge you are giving true reviews if what has worked for you and I will no doubt take your advice for any future purchases I make.
    Thank you for a wonderful review.

    1. I actually had the same experiences and I remember that I was truly disappointed with “famous brands” and now I really try that no one invests money to trash products.

  2. Yeah I think everlast it a bit more consumer that professional in this area.

    Thanks for noting the what to look for when it comes to durable brands.

    What do you recommend for tape or straps?

    1. Man when it comes to Everlast I have a lot of experiences and not all of them are good…
      I don’t have a writing for tapes, however, I will post one tonight ; ) and I will definitely send you a link

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