8 Amazing Boxing Footwork Tips and Exercises

Footwork just has vital importance for boxing. It can help you get a better position to punch so it can actually help you to win a match.

It can even get you out of very difficult situations. With that, one of the most important things is that it helps you save some energy. There are actually MANY ways to improve your boxing footwork, however, there are certainly some exercises are just better and much more preferred. I did many training types for 7 years and I also researched many boxing forums and sites. According to these, I came up with 8 amazing ways (exercises and tips) to improve your footwork.

Below you can find these 8 amazing boxing footwork tips and exercises to float like a butterfly 😉


1. Plyo Boxes

This plyometric exercise provides you to have more explosive strength and having that increases the chance of knock Plyo Box Training for improving footworkout your opponent. Actually, it accomplishes this with improving the speed of your foot. That is first important benefits of this plyometric box training for your footwork.
Also when you work on your landing after a jump, you will improve your balance significantly. It is actually quite intense because we don’t land heavily on a ring like we do in any plyo box training including double feet or single step jumps. With that, single step jump is one of the hardest ways to improve it since one foot needs to provide balance.

Thanks to this training, while you are bouncing around, you will have better balance and move more comfortably. If you are interested doing this amazing training, definitely check out these best plyo boxes, there you can find a quality workout video as well.


2. Shadow Boxing and Focus Mitts

Shadow boxing is a place to practice punching techniques (hooks, uppercuts) properly. Because you are not under pressure there while you do sparring. In that way, you can find your own style while you do that and according to that you will form your own footwork and get better at it.

With that, you punch air during shadow boxing and you don’t actually practice getting a suitable position for your target. However, you can do that in a focus mitt session. It will be unpredictable and you will learn how to move and determine your position according to your target. This is just one of the incredible benefits of focus mitt training. If you are interested in doing this amazing training, check out these quality punch mitts and you can do this training with these boxing gloves. As a side note, you can do every training type with these pairs.


3. Jump Rope

There are many jump rope techniques and each one improves your footwork in different ways. And most importantly you bounce like you are in a ring. This training helps you do that effortlessly. With that, while you do double unders, switching foot back, side to side, you also learn how you can provide balance for different circumstances.

As you can see jumping rope improves your footwork skills all around and I think it is just priceless. These are just some of the reasons why boxers jump rope. Actually, there are some skip ropes which are just more suitable for doing all of these. These are tangle free and you can learn, do these different techniques easier. Here are these quality skipping ropes for boxing.


4. Punch a Hanging Heavy Bag

Free standing heavy bags are great, right? These are easy to set up and you don’t need to a place to hang them.

Well installing a heavy bag can take your time, however, heavy bag training has some amazing benefits and improving your footwork is just one of them. When the heavy bag swings, you will get to a suitable position to punch it properly. Over time this will be your second nature. However, when you do these punches, you need premium wrist protection and training performance, so heavy bag can swing more and you can get even more benefits. These are the main reasons why boxing gloves for heavy bag are produced. If you don’t get lazy during your session, you can surely improve your footwork.


5. Wear your Boxing Shoes!

Unlike regular shoes boxing shoes allow you to pivot so you can make way more powerful punches. With that, it also has grip, so you don’t lose balance easily while dodging from punches etc. Thanks to grip of your shoe, you don’t slide and this also does not interfere with your footwork.

Boxing shoes are also “light” and you can actually move faster with them. Also without boxing shoes, I actually don’t feel confident while training. Because the others just don’t have enough ankle support and you may even get injured.

Many other types of shoes don’t have at least one of these. After all, these are not designed for boxing, right?

So after you wear boxing shoes, your footwork will immediately improve. If you don’t have a boxing shoe or you may want to try a different style (less grip or a lot of grip) here are really good boxing shoes.


6. Condition Your Leg

This one is no brainer. If you have a more conditioned leg, you can work harder, move and bounce faster. With that just don’t do weight lifting exercises. You may have more muscles with them but what is the point if you can’t control them? Instead, there is some shadow boxing equipment which is just perfect for it. You can avoid the bad effects of bodybuilding exercises and get your legs conditioned. You can also have denser muscles at the same time. Does it sound wonderful?  I think it is 😉 If you are interested, definitely check out these resistance bands.


7. Have Good Trainers

A good trainer can show your flaws and tell you how to become better. If you go to a boxing gym just for a month you can see whether trainers are serious about their work or not. I had a trainer who gave an excellent first lesson in my old boxing gym but after that, I intentionally did some mistakes (not bouncing, not having proper form) he did not even care. So you will need to find trainers who care about their work. I said trainers because a trainer can see your 3 mistakes however that same trainer can miss 1 or 2.

I also have benefited listening different trainers’ advice. They can give you different perspectives. So definitely have good trainers.


8. Watch Other People

Boxing Footwork Tips and Exercises

Obviously, you can’t be the exact replica of a boxer and you need to form your own footwork style, movements etc. However, if you watch others and see how they move during sparring, it will definitely give you an idea of how to position yourself. And I recommend you to do that in a boxing gym and not on TV 😉




Conclusive Thoughts

Improving your footwork directly affects all of your boxing skills positively. I have been going boxing gym over 7 years and I saw these tips and training types have positive changes for many people’s footwork over and over again. I also did all of them and focus mitt training really helped me have a better footwork. Positioning my feet according to the target made a huge impact. I also have witnessed that two of my sparring partners had benefited from jump rope training. So I think you can give each of these a shot if you haven’t already. I hope that you enjoyed reading boxing footwork tips and exercises and if you have any questions or anything to share please just have a comment below.


Image Courtesy of USMC, wandus and The U.S. Army via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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2 thoughts on “8 Amazing Boxing Footwork Tips and Exercises”

  1. Ravihansa Rajapakse

    I really like your section on “Condition the Leg”. I have seen so many people working out only their upper bodies and completely forgetting the legs.
    To me, legs play a key role in excreting strength and maintaining stamina. As a boxer, of course, one needs to pay an extra attention to their legs!

    1. I also see that guys can punch speed bags for a long time but can’t even move properly for a minute and they try to catch their breath after it. It is just ridiculous. Conditioning legs is a key factor for having more stamina. After having it, you can also focus on improving footwork. Also over time, your foot will be lighter.

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