Boxing for Kids – The Complete Guide

boxing for kids the complete guide

Boxing has great benefits for everyone including kids. It can help them be more confident and have healthier bodies and minds.are kids safe during boxing training

Sending your kid to a boxing gym can be a tough call as there are actually many things to consider like whether you should send your kid to punch someone or not. Is it even safe?

if you are in the process of sending your kid to a boxing gym, classes etc. you might probably have a lot of questions and you can find answers to all of your questions in this boxing for kids guide. Also if your kid prefers practicing boxing at home, there is a guide at the end of the writing.

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Boxing for Kids

Let’s start this guide with the most common question which parents have.

Is It Even Safe?

Boxing is a dangerous sport. There is always a risk of dislocating shoulders, nausea… You can also have some serious injuries like a concussion.

There are also minor ones likes cuts, bruises etc.

With that being said, the most common injury is called boxer’s fracture. This happens when you punch a hard object. So as you can guess it happens a lot in boxing. However, the adults experience it more because they punch way harder and the gloves offer pretty much the same protection. So this risk is significantly lower for kids.

There are also neck injuries, swelling…

There are literally many injuries, which can happen, during boxing sessions.

So, saying that boxing is a safe sport is just wrong even if your kid has the most protective gears.

With that being said, the risk of injury can be reduced significantly as well. There are many commercial boxing gyms where a big injury is not even reported in kid’s classes.

There are a lot of reasons for that.

Trainers, referees watch your kids closely. They basically create a controlled environment. They are aware that you are hesitant to send your child to take a punch so they are even more careful than usual. That is actually a fact and I always experienced it wherever I am in the world. The protective gears are always double checked and they basically do everything which is necessary for creating a safe environment.

Also, many gyms don’t include sparring at all. In that case, head injury risk is basically quite low. So basically it can be argued that the pediatrics‘, who don’t recommend boxing, did not dig deeper. Because their main point is generally head injuries. In this case, it can be even argued that boxing is safer than many team sports because there is even no human element in the injuries.

When this is the case, the common type injuries are swelling, cuts and bruises. These can happen during any bag or mitt workouts. However, these are minor and easy to treat.

Considering that children have a proper training for punching then it is actually safer than many team sports.

Also, do you see that doctors, unions make statements which state that boxing is not safe and your kids should never step in the ring etc. ? According to my research, they generally don’t because they just don’t have enough data to support this claim. Trust me if there is, you can catch it on news every once in a while. On the contrary, many gyms can show that they have been teaching kids boxing for a long time without any serious injury.

So it can be concluded that you can send your kid to learn and practice boxing in boxing gyms. However, competing in amateur boxing is a totally different story and they can experience any injury type above including to find a proper boxing gym for kids

The Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why there is literally a myriad of boxing gym classes. So it is not surprising that many parents encourage their children to take boxing classes.

There are physical benefits like improving body composition, losing fat and it also has mental benefits as well and many counselors suggest sending “troubled kids” to boxing classes. Some of the reasons, why they suggest it, are improving focus and letting go of their anger etc.

So there is some serious demand for these classes.

You can check out the benefits of boxing for children article for more detailed information.

How to Select a Boxing Gym for Kids?

That is a common question which I got in the comment section frequently. Many parents would love to be thorough and I really appreciate that.

Firstly, determine your kid’s goal…

One of them is that is the kid serious about learning boxing? If he/she is, then they should go to a place which includes every training type. So they need to step in the ring and spar with other kids, do proper mitt training, speed bag sessions… As you can see I wrote “proper” with bold characters as many boxing gym classes for kids don’t do that properly. As it seems, it almost always turns to fun and they can’t learn how to do footwork, step drag maneuvers…

So if your kid falls into the serious category, ask trainers what the training routine is, attend classes for kids and you will definitely have an idea. Are they just passing time or do they try implementing the techniques properly? There should be definitely some yelling during these classes and many boxing coaches offer a customized plan for kids as they progress. These are the clear signs which show that it is a serious boxing gym and you can be sure that your children can learn boxing properly there.

With that being said, many parents want their children to lose fat and have healthier bodies and boxing is a great way to accomplish this goal and they can do it with boxercise. I am sure that most of you have heard of boxercise before. It is basically for people who do boxing to get fit. These classes are quite different and these generally consist of rigorous bag and jump rope routines. Some of these gyms even use punch trackers like Hykso to show results on big screens and this helps children to be more competitive thus they can push their workouts to the next level. So they can burn more fat and build more muscle mass.

If that is what you are looking for then kids can go to almost any commercial boxing gym, boxercise classes in regular gyms without any real fear of an injury apart from minor ones like cuts and bruises and they can achieve their personal fitness goals in no time.

How about the trainers in these gyms?  Well, the trainers in these gyms are extra friendly, unlike the trainers who are in local boxing gyms. So there will be no yelling, no angry trainers who are furious about ultimate guide to boxing for kids

In these gyms, sometimes there are sparring classes however it is light sparring and the trainers can interrupt it a lot but they do it so they can stay safe. The goal is not learning here. Basically, children don’t learn much during these sparring sessions. The main drawback of these gyms is that the kids actually don’t learn boxing in the right way and it is useless for more advanced people. Sure, they will have a basic stance and learn a few punching techniques in those gyms but when you consider more advanced techniques, defense strategies etc. they will not learn a thing after a couple of months in this type of gyms. So more serious people definitely go to more serious (local) gyms.

Guide for Children who Train at Home

Firstly, this option should not be your first choice because it is not a good or efficient way to learn boxing. Boxing should be learned with a good trainer in a gym environment. So children don’t get bad habits which can be quite difficult to get rid of in the future.

The other negative side is that children, who just want to get a sweat on, can get lazy during a session. They can just stop punching a bag. My little cousin even can’t finish a basic 3-minute heavy bag drill on its own. So it is not recommended that kids train at home. And I am sure that this would not have happened if he went to Wolfpack Fitness Boxing in Tampa which has excellent boxing instructors who even teach intermediate defense strategies to children.

With that being said, even though learning boxing at home is not effective it can be done.

Firstly, create a training area which your kids can train.

This area needs to be large enough so they can move comfortably, do different footwork drills and bag workouts.

Obviously, you need some essential boxing equipment and gears to train.

Firstly, you need a good heavy punching bag for kids. So they can learn how to punch, do classic bag workout routines which consist of 3 minutes. Also, make sure that you fill it according to kid’s weight as you don’t want it to be too tough so kids can punch it without getting injured. The cool thing is that these can be adjusted so when your kid grows taller you can adjust the bag accordingly.

Boxing gloves and hand wraps are the other necessary boxing gears to protect kids’ delicate hands and if the kids will do all boxing training types you can check out this beginner boxing equipment list. This includes other essential training tools like speed bag etc. In that guide, I explained why you need these gears as well.

Also, you need a proper guidance. It is actually really important and learning from a good guide can make all the difference. If you don’t want to spend any money, here is a very simple guide on how to do basic things like jab, how to rotate your foot, breathing techniques to help save you more energy while punching and way more.

With that being said, there are also good boxing videos and DVDs which are created for kids to implement movements, techniques in a simple layout as well. Most of these are created by professional boxers. These even give homework to kids and if your kid will learn boxing without a coach, definitely check out these instructional boxing DVDs and videos.

In this guide, you can find everything related to boxing for kids topic including whether it is safe or not, how to select a proper boxing gym for kids, how to build a boxing gym for children at home and more. However, if you have any other question, just let me know in the comment section!

PS: Bookmark my site as I am creating a training section just for kids!

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6 thoughts on “Boxing for Kids – The Complete Guide”

  1. Phomrong Hongsha

    This is a good boxing kid guide and perhaps, I’m hearing it for the first time as I normally thought boxing as a game for grown-ups and under 15 years.
    Of course, to be a professional boxer, one must start from a very early age and this where your article comes into play.

    You have also included the benefits of boxing guide for children article along with boxing gloves and gears and the best place to buy.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

    Wishing all the best.

    1. Starting boxing training from early ages is necessary if one thinks of becoming a pro as the kids can develop especially punching skills fairly quickly. Specializing boxing in early ages has significant other advantages as well. One can develop more defense and attacking strategies which can come in handy in the future.

  2. I’ve always had an aversion to boxing, you know its brutal , really do people need to throw punches at each other, can it lead to expanded aggressive egos in a males in teenage years etc etc. After reading this I’m looking at Boxing again in another light, if taught properly with the right emotional support and leadership I’ve begun to think it does have its place in the sporting arena. Perhaps my perspective comes from being a non aggressive female. Hey boxing may even be something for me to explore. Thanks for the article.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it gets really brutal. I have seen some horrible injuries including jaw fractures during light sparring. But the glove was not sparring glove and this lead to that injury.

      If it is in a controlled environment and the gears are checked properly before the session, the risk of injury can be reduced significantly. And I agree with you non-aggressive people can also benefit from it.

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