Can You Really Use MMA Gloves for Heavy Bag?

Heavy bag training has seriously incredible benefits and many people would love to get these benefits with MMA gloves. However, can you really use MMA gloves for punching bag training? Well, the answer depends on MMA glove type a lot. One can be usable for punching the bag, another one can cause a serious injury and below you will learn all about these types, circumstances and I also have some experiences about it and you can also find it below.


Which MMA glove types can not be used for bag work?

Well, firstly you should not punch the heavy bag with competition gloves. These are built for competing and are not built for hitting tough items constantly. So firstly the wrist compartment is not going to stabilize your wrist well in heavy bag training all the time and I am sure that you would injure your wrist if you wear MMA competition gloves for punching bag session. The padding is also not dense or thick. The competition type MMA glove is only 4 oz. and it simply can’t protect your knuckles from tough punching bag. So you definitely should not use MMA competition gloves for punching bag sessions.


Which MMA glove types should not be used for bag work?

Alright, what do I mean here?

MMA training type glove’s padding can take a hard beating and still will last long because the padding type is just suitable for it. Whereas MMA sparring glove’s padding is not supposed to take constant and hard punishment all the time. The padding of sparring gloves is soft and due to the nature of the training, it should not deliver the shock well. So how can you hit a heavy bag with soft padding and get a good training? You simply can’t. However, sparring gloves should have all the protection in the world. So if you do heavy bag sessions with sparring gloves, you will be safe but won’t get quality sessions.

Which MMA gloves are ideal for heavy bag sessions?

Firstly, I want to tell you about my experiences, I had used two MMA gloves for heavy bag training but these truly sucked and I sprained my wrist with both of these. Back then these had “alright” ratings on shopping sites and to be honest I did not do much research about these pairs. After some time, I stopped getting bag pairs and I started getting training type MMA gloves and everything has been good so far. With that, I constantly read about people’s bad experiences with heavy bag type MMA gloves. So this just can’t be a coincidence. There are many MMA gloves for heavy bag which just suck. Firstly I want you to be aware of this situation. With that, you can use quality MMA gloves for punching bag sessions. These should protect your wrists and knuckles well also these are built for punching faster. The design and padding distribution provide that. For example, it is more padded at knuckle part and there is generally less padding at the upper side. This helps you to create more momentum so you can punch more powerful. If you are interested in this glove type, definitely have a look at quality MMA gloves for heavy bag. These get amazing ratings and my current sparring buddy just loves using his bag pair (one of the MMA pairs on that list) for bag work.

is it safe to use MMA gloves

You can also use training type pairs which are made for all training types including punching bag, pad work and sparring. These are a bit less padded than MMA bag gloves because it also needs to provide good ground work and mobility for your fingers as well. These are also a bit (around $10) more expensive than bag type gloves. Considering my experiences, I actually recommend these more since these are produced with more “care”. Because these are sold a lot more than any other MMA glove types. If you are looking for a good quality MMA glove for all training types, then check out my reviews of best MMA gloves for training. These are widely used and get also great feedback on forums as well. I also included my experiences in there.


Qualities of a proper MMA glove which can be used for heavy bag sessions

Firstly, it needs to have incredible wrist support, period. Because wrist injuries are very common in heavy bag sessions. If you punch the heavy bag with a glove, which does not have proper wrist support, well you may not be able to work on heavy bag for a very long time. Secondly, your knuckles face the most impact and the padding should absorb the shock well.

In order to find quality MMA gloves, the first thing that you can do is to read reviews and secondly look at the verified purchase testimonials on shopping sites like Amazon.

Can you really use mma gloves for heavy bag sessions


Obviously, protection helps you a lot however MMA gloves are way smaller than boxing gloves for heavy bag. So you should always have proper technique. Actually, I like it the most about heavy bag training with MMA gloves. You need to learn how to punch properly and what can be a greater motivation than keeping your physical health well?

If you want to do MMA training or think of competing in MMA, then you should definitely learn how to punch hard with MMA gloves.


Final Thoughts

Alright, now you know which MMA glove types are suitable for heavy bag sessions and even though you can use some MMA glove type for heavy bag, this does not mean that MMA gloves have decent wrist support or have good safety qualities. So I highly recommend you to have a look at reviews of gloves before you buy it. Because low-quality gloves can seriously jeopardize your health and there can be many injury types like spraining your wrist or fractures.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions just have a comment below.


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