What is the Best type of Cardio for Boxing?

Boxing has many cardio types and many people are looking for the answer of “what is the best type of cardio for boxing?” Actually there is not the best one for everyone but you can choose what is best for you and start doing it. I will explain this in detail below and after reading it, I am sure that you will find which cardio type is more suitable for your circumstance.

Without further ado let’s start with my favorite…


Battle Ropes

Battle rope training is one of the best ways to increase your arm strength while making you conditioned. This is why many boxers started including battle ropes in their boxing routine.

Boxers and people, who train boxing, want to improve their weak side and when you use the battle ropes, stronger parts are already strong enough to train with them. These parts already have enough muscles, stamina etc. but weak parts do not have enough of these.

As you train with battle ropes, your weak parts will get stronger and when you will get used to training with them then you can start training with longer, heavier battle ropes.

There are also many styles. You can mix it up, change variation a lot.

There are alternating waves, side slam, power slam… There are truly many techniques. You can check out the video below and see how these are done in a proper form.


As a side note you can train for explosiveness as well. For example you can do power slams, side slams etc. And doing these accurately with balance will improve your knock out chances during boxing matches and you will definitely spar better.

If you are thinking of including battle rope training in your boxing routine (according to professional boxers and me you should) have a look at these best battle ropes and start getting these amazing benefits right away.


Running and Basic Cardio Exercises

Running basically is fastest way to lose extra weight. You don’t have to learn anything. Well you just need to run 😉 For example learning jumping rope techniques can take your time (It is pretty haWhat is the Best type of Cardio for Boxingrd for me. I still can not do double unders properly) and you may you want to increase your stamina for longer punching bag, focus mitt sessions.

And that is really understandable. Many people, who are beginners or have more advanced skills in boxing, can have hard time to finish their boxing training. Running or any other basic cardio types (rowing machine etc.) will help you to get better stamina faster.

As a side note according to Runners World, 156 pound individual can burn around 112 calories during 1 mile run.


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is great for improving hand foot coordination and it is an incredible fat burning exercise. It can burn around 150 calories per 10 minute session.

However most important reason for why boxers jump rope is that jumping rope provides lighter foot and better footwork.

With that according to jumping rope technique some of your muscles stay contracted while jumping and it has aerobic effects on our body. Thanks to these two effects you will have way denser muscles.

As you may know that there are MANY jumping rope techniques including criss-cross, scissor, front to back etc. These variations make your brain work more and you need to react for what is coming next in less than a second (move your foot, jump etc.).

This is an extremely crucial skill for boxing. Because when you step up to boxing ring for sparring or match, you will decide your next move in milliseconds and react accordingly. This is why boxers, who jump rope a lot, move very calm during matches.

I also write very extensive post about its benefits and you can check it out on why do boxers jump rope.

Some jump ropes are just more suitable for practicing double unders and various other techniques. Also when you jump rope some muscles just need to work more and quality jump ropes make sure that will happen. For them have a look at best jump ropes for boxing. These will also shorten the adaptation period for different techniques (scissors, single foot hops etc.).


So Battle ropes or Running or Jumping Rope?

If you have weak body parts for example you may have stronger right arm or you may have less control over your left hand, then you may want to do some battle rope training.

Maybe you want to move faster, dodge better and have all around better footwork then jumping rope should be your cardio for boxing. You will also have better balance in the process.

However if you don’t have any time for learning how to jump rope and you may need instant solution for developing better stamina. Then running or any other basic cardio types will be optimal for you.


Physical Health

Even though cardio types increase blood flow, burn fat and have various other benefits, some of these may just not be atraining with battle ropes healthy choice for you. For example if you are “old” or scare of hurting your joints you simply need to avoid running and do low impact cardio types such as training with battle ropes or jumping rope.

I also had a disease in my neurons couple of years ago and I had to take cortisol for a very long time. Doctor said that doing high impact training types can increase the risk of bone erosion during that period. So I avoided high impact workouts when I took cortisol. If you fall in any of these categories you should definitely go with low impact cardio types.


 What about improving Coordination?

You can have better hand foot coordination with jumping rope. It is actually proven scientifically and I also included its details at the link under jumping rope section. Your foot will definitely move way better as you get better with jump rope.

As you can see that these cardio types can be pretty useful for different circumstances. You can choose one or mix it up according to your need and I hope you already chose the best cardio type(s) for yourself and if you have any questions just have a comment below.


Media Courtesy of Chris Hunkeler, Adrian Bryant and Dom J via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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2 thoughts on “What is the Best type of Cardio for Boxing?”

  1. Hey man, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on Cardio for Boxing. I always underestimated battle ropes. First I thought that they wouldn’t be a hard exercise, but I was very wrong. Battle ropes require quite a lot of strength and cardio. But I think there are different ropes for different levels.

    1. Hi Lois, I am glad to see you here again. Well many people are looking for an answer to how to improve stamina for boxing so I wrote this 😉 Also I am glad you found this useful.
      You should not underestimate the battle rope training ever. It challenges you a lot. Yes you are exactly right. Thickness of ropes obviously affects the weight. And some battle ropes are made of different materials… There are so many factors.. You can check out most quality battle ropes article. I provided a link at the battle rope section for you.

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