Do Grappling Dummies Work? – Here are Some Benefits

You can see grappling dummies in almost every martial arts (BJJ, MMA…) gym and many people learn grappling with grappling dummies in grappling classes. Since there are truly many benefits of grappling dummies and this is why many people always consider training with them. I also benefited from them and improved my skills during my MMA training sessions. Without further ado let’s have a look at these benefits and below I also included my and my trainers’ experiences. Continue reading

Best MMA Instructional DVD – The Ultimate Guide

There is seriously a myriad of garbage instructional MMA DVDs out there. For example, YouTube MMA videos, which are made by “semi-pro guys”, are the most common examples. These “garbage” videos mainly consist of filler talk and generally, you just can’t get enough information. Well, honestly there should be a standard for making these videos. Anyway, there are actually really great MMA instructional videos which are made by real and successful fighters! There are two really great MMA instructional DVDs which get amazing reviews from forums. I also watched them and many commercial MMA gyms also use these for their classes.

These DVDs provide everything you need to know about movements (dodging, striking, clinch etc.), tactics, provide workout programs and more. Continue reading

Which MMA Gear Brands Can You Trust?

which MMA gear brands can you trust

There are many gears are needed for MMA. So many companies produce a variety of MMA gears and some of them are trying to produce. Obviously, there are some brands which know what are they doing and some of them don’t even have a clue about what they need to do. Over the years, I had many experiences with different MMA brands in MMA gyms and I am always active on MMA forums as well. l am also actively searching for products from both online and offline sources. Continue reading

6 Amazing Benefits of Wearing MMA Shorts

benefits of Wearing MMA Shorts

So why don’t we wear regular sports shorts when we go to MMA classes and gyms? Do MMA shorts really have benefits or are these just cool looking shorts?

Lately, I have been seeing many people come to MMA gyms with regular short types so I thought that I should definitely have a writing about benefits of wearing MMA Shorts on my site. Because it does not only improve your training quality, it also keeps you and your partner safe. Below you can find the detailed explanations of these and also my experiences as well. Without further ado let’s start with training performance benefits.

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Can You Really Use MMA Gloves for Heavy Bag?

Heavy bag training has seriously incredible benefits and many people would love to get these benefits with MMA gloves. However, can you really use MMA gloves for punching bag training? Well, the answer depends on MMA glove type a lot. One can be usable for punching the bag, another one can cause a serious injury and below you will learn all about these types, circumstances and I also have some experiences about it and you can also find it below.

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