Title Gel Intense Bag Gloves Review – Is It Really Good?

Title is vastly popular and Title pairs are the first choices of many commercial gyms as well. With that, it also produces my favorite gloves too. However, Title became popular mostly with bag type gloves and there is a couple of reasons for that.

With that, is Title Gel Intense one of them? In this review, you will find everything you need to know about this pair and I also included a sizing chart as well. Continue reading

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review – Is It Really Good?

Venum has incredibly popular boxing gloves on the market. You can literally see Venum in every boxing gym out there. I also have many experiences with this pair.

However how Venum achieved such popularity with a good price?

In this content, I will walk you through all about Venum Elite, tell you my experiences and also you can find the sizing information below as well. Continue reading

Grant Boxing Gloves Review – Is It Really Good?

Grant has been around for decades and it is truly an old-school company. Last time when I checked, it did not even have an official site. It’s hard to believe, right?

Even though the company does not have an online presence, does it mean that Grant is bad? Well, it is certainly not. After all, Floyd Mayweather, Paul Smith Jr. and Austin Trout trained with this brand’s gloves during their regular sessions and also many professional, amateur boxers punch their opponents with it during matches. This tells something, right?

Below there is a really thorough review of Grant Boxing Gloves and you can also find a sizing chart as well. Continue reading

Venum Boxing Gloves Review, The Ultimate Guide for All Pairs

Venum is one of the most experienced companies about MMA and boxing gears. They produce boxing gloves for every need and every budget. I really appreciate this side of the company. In this Venum Boxing Gloves review you will find all Venum’s popular pairs’ pros, cons, exclusive features and also sizing chart for your hand.

Update (August,2017): I also included my latest experiences with two of these of these pairs.  Continue reading

3 Most Quality Boxing Gloves for Pads

Punch mitt training is really fun and teaches you many skills. You also get better at footwork and pad work has a lot of other amazing benefits as well and it should be definitely in your training routine. With that, there are some boxing gloves which are just more suitable for focus mitt training and below you can find the reviews of most quality boxing gloves for pads. I picked these from forums, my experiences (in Boxing and MMA gyms) and also got information from basically everywhere.

Important Note: All boxing gloves on this list can be used for all training types including punch mitt training and I also included a size chart and according to that, you can choose any pair on this list. Continue reading

Casanova Boxing Gloves Review – The Complete Guide

If you searched for Casanova Boxing Gloves, seriously you have my congrats. Because, only a few people, who train boxing, know this brand and even though you can’t find this brand in many countries, finally it came to Amazon. Well better late than never right? Even though I can’t get it for now (right now I live in suburbs of Thailand) when I get the chance, it will be my one of my pairs. Anyway, after I saw it on Amazon, I thought that I should definitely write a thorough review for it. In this writing, I also included my trainer’s experiences with this amazing Mexican pair and sizing information as well Continue reading