How to Improve Stamina for Boxing? – 8 Amazing Methods

how to improve stamina for boxing with medicine balls

Stamina is just more than vital for boxing. You can do everything better and with more focus. So considering that a match can end a couple of milliseconds later, you need to be in the best shape which you can be. There are actually countless ways to build more stamina, however, there are some superior and more preferred ways to do it for boxing. I gathered training types and tips below from my experiences, forums and various sites. I even had a chance to reach out to authoritative figures in boxing and you can find all of these below.


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Is Ringside a Good Brand? – The Harsh Truth

Is Ringside a Good Brand

I have been constantly getting questions about Ringside’s reputation and I thought that I should have a writing in this site about it. I have many experiences about Ringside equipment, however, I used only a couple of Ringside boxing equipment. These are boxing gloves, boxing shoes and a punching bag. I also checked out many customer reviews on various sites, forums and I also know my friends’ experiences about some Ringside Products as well and in this writing, you can find all of them.

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How to Improve Aerobic Endurance – 8 Amazing Methods

How to improve aerobic endurance with battle ropes

Improving your aerobic endurance will improve your training performance greatly. You can push yourself more and save energy. Another outcome of it is that you can do every movement with more focus. These are just some examples if you have more aerobic endurance. I do boxing and if you simply do any kinds of sports, you will need to have more endurance like I do and I recently got a comment about this subject and decided to write about how to improve your aerobic endurance. Without further ado let’s start with the most common way. Continue reading

8 Amazing Boxing Footwork Tips and Exercises

Boxing Footwork Tips and Exercises

Footwork just has vital importance for boxing. It can help you get a better position to punch so it can actually help you to win a match.

It can even get you out of very difficult situations. With that, one of the most important things is that it helps you save some energy. There are actually MANY ways to improve your boxing footwork, however, there are certainly some exercises are just better and much more preferred. I did many training types for 7 years and I also researched many boxing forums and sites. According to these, I came up with 8 amazing ways (exercises and tips) to improve your footwork.

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How to Improve Explosive Strength – 6 Amazing Methods

How to Improve Explosive Strength

When you have more explosive strength, it will provide a drastic and positive difference. You will be better at your sports instantly.

For example, if you do boxing, you will be more likely to knock-out your opponent and I am sure you will agree that it is vital. It is important for any sports. And I should admit that improving it is one of the hardest things to accomplish. It seriously requires a lot of hard work so I hope you are ready 😉 With that, there are some proven and amazing training types for how to improve explosive strength.

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Boxing Shoes vs Running Shoes – What is the Difference?

boxing shoes vs running shoes

When I first started going boxing gym, I remember that I was willing to pay $100 for boxing gloves and another $100 for boxing headgear but for some reason, I don’t want to pay the same amount of money for boxing shoes.

Many people also have the same thoughts and I know many of them especially beginners think that they can save some money by not getting boxing shoes. Even though some shoes like wrestling shoes can be used for boxing, some shoes just can’t be used for boxing. It may not have safety or training performance qualities.

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