Top 4 Lightweight BJJ Gis for Practitioners

Lightweight Gis are great for many people who want to be comfortable during the summer. Also, as you may know, I do my jiu-jitsu training in Thailand and many gyms don’t have good air conditioners. So I am guessing that you already guessed how important a gi can be for people like me.

So I gathered really good 3 lightweight BJJ Gis for regular training. I chose them based on my, my buddies’ experiences and research on jiu-jitsu forums. The other one is a lightweight competition gi which is for people who want their gis to be IBJJF approved and want to enter the tournaments all around the world with it. Continue reading

Vulkan Gi Review – The Ultimate Guide

Vulkan is California based company and if you go to Fountain Valley, you just can’t miss it. The company mostly produces higher-end gis and this gi company is getting more popular by the day.

After I get a question from one of my visitors about my experiences with one of Vulkan Gis, I gathered two good quality kimonos and reviewed them.

Without further ado let’s start this review with a quite popular model… Continue reading

How to Wash and Shrink your BJJ Gi? (Very Easy Methods!)

When you roll on the mats, your gis will have blood stains, dirt and obviously sweat. So cleaning your BJJ gi regularly is just a must.

Also, you may find your gis sleeves longs or body parts baggy and you may need to shrink your BJJ gi for showing better grappling performance.

In this writing, you will find really easy methods for these and I also included a really awesome video which gives amazing tips about these. There are things which you should be careful while cleaning gis and after the washing section, you can find these as well. Continue reading

Hypnotik Gi Review – The Ultimate Guide

Hypnotik produces gis for competition, training, youth, and women as well. Other than gis you can find spats, fight shorts, boxing gloves, MMA mats and more martial arts equipment in the product catalog. But honestly, this company’s gis are way more popular and considering my own experiences, this company focuses on gis just more.

As a side note, I checked out the team of Hypnotik and I need to tell that I am quite impressed since this team includes Gracie National Champion, UFC veterans, ADCC Champion…

It also has really successful designers and there is no wonder that Hypnotik has a place in BJJ gi market with really good quality kimonos.

In this Hypnotik gi review, you can find all about the quality and popular gis of Hypnotik and there are actually some really interesting facts about these gis and below you can also find them. Continue reading

Atama GI Review – The Complete Guide

Atama has been around since 1989 and this Japanese word means intelligence. This company produces equipment and gears for MMA and BJJ including rash guards, BJJ belts, gis, MMA shorts and more. Also, many gi models are produced in Brazil.

With that, in my opinion, Atami is one of the good quality gi brands out there and some high authoritative figures in BJJ actually think that some of the jiu-jitsu kimonos are the best ones on the market.

I also have witnessed that this brand is fairly popular in Croatia and without further ado let’s start Atama Gi review with a popular model and see what is so special about these gis. Continue reading

Tatami Nova GI Review – Is It any Good?

Tatami Fightwear has a huge reputation among BJJ practitioners since it has been producing good jiu-jitsu gis for decades.

With that, a myriad of people wear religiously Tatami Nova Gi and roll on BJJ mats and in this short writing, you can find the reasons behind it. At the end of writing, you can also find some really interesting notes about this gi.

Continue reading