Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review – Is It any Good?

If you have ever been in a Muay Thai gym you probably saw that someone trains with Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. Even though it is not really popular like Fairtex or Twins, there are actually many people who do their training sessions religiously with Windy and there are many solid reasons for this.

In this Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves review, you can find everything you need to know about this pair and I also included some interesting and unique facts about the pair. There are also some tips below and these will provide you to get the most out of this pair as well.

Let’s start with the quick overview (exclusive features) and ratings of this pair and continue with the sizing information. As a side note, this pair has a good fitting rate! Continue reading

Adidas Boxing Gloves Review – Ultimate Guide

Adidas is really good at producing t-shirts, shorts, boxing shoes and also have good quality boxing gloves on the market. It is really hard to believe but some of them actually have really good prices as well! In this Adidas Boxing Gloves review, you can find the overviews of the most popular and good quality Adidas Boxing Gloves, my experiences with some of these pairs and also sizing information Continue reading

Ringside Boxing Gloves Review – The Ultimate Guide

Ringside has many quality pair types including sparring, training and heavy bag. I can also say that the company generally does not overprice the gloves as many other boxing companies! With that, Ringside also produces the pairs according to many experiments and research (University studies, boxers’ experiences etc…). Actually, this approach works for many pairs. In this Ringside Boxing Gloves Review, you can find thorough overviews of all quality Ringside Gloves and sizing information. I also have experiences with one of the pairs and I included it below. Continue reading

RDX Boxing Gloves Review – The Ultimate Guide

RDX is pretty well established British Company and it certainly became really popular in last years. Because it has certainly really good quality gloves on the market. Some of them are actually incredibly resilient and provide the same training quality performance for years! These pairs also have really good prices and this is another reason why it became really popular and in this RDX Boxing Gloves review, you can find these pairs’ pros, cons, exclusive features and also sizing information for your hand. Continue reading

Ring to Cage C-17 Japanese Style Boxing Gloves Review

Ring to Cage is one of the most trustworthy boxing companies out there. Other than Ring to Cage Boxing gloves I sparred with one of Ring to Cage headgears and carried my boxing gears with Ring to Cage boxing gym bag. I am actually a really HUGE fan of this company. With that, Ring to Cage C-17 is vastly popular however what are the reasons for that and does it truly deserve this popularity? Below you can find the answers to these questions, everything you need to know about this pair and also sizing information as well. Continue reading

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves Review – Should You Get It?

Fairtex has one of the most popular boxing gloves on the market but does it deserve this popularity?

You can literally see Fairtex BGV1 in every boxing, Muay Thai or MMA gym. With that, it has some distinct qualities and these truly separate this pair from any other gloves. Actually, this is the reason why it has such a popularity.

In this review, you can see these qualities, my experiences and also sizing information for your hand as well.

Without further ado let’s start. Continue reading