Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy Review

If you don’t have a partner or want to improve your grappling skills without hurting anyone you need a quality and versatile grappling dummy and this will surely benefit your ground work in so many ways.

The company (Celebrita) is based in Glendale and actually doesn’t have a wide range of BJJ equipment but the ones, which are in the catalog, have a quite good quality and as a martial arts site owner, I can vouch for many of the products of Celebrita. Continue reading

Overviews of Cheap Grappling Dummies for Budget Buyers!

I know very well that grappling dummies can cost a lot and not everyone is willing to break the bank for a good grappling dummy which basically costs a small fortune.

With that, there are a few cheap grappling dummies on the market which are pretty versatile and sturdy. So whether you think of getting a dummy for BJJ or throwing, takedowns (wrestling, judo…) you can get it without spending too much money.

Let’s start with the obvious first choice for BJJ sessions Continue reading

7 Best Grappling Dummy Reviews 2018

Having a good grappling dummy helps you improve your skills significantly and if you get a suitable one for yourself, you will definitely see a drastic difference in your training performance. And the cool part is that you don’t need a sparring partner 😉 I have been doing MMA training sessions with grappling dummies for a really long time and benefited from them in many different ways. I have a considerable amount of experience with them. With that, I also gathered information from forums, contacted authoritative figures… Shortly I did my homework and came up with 7 best grappling dummies on the market in 2018.

Below you can find the reviews of these, thorough buyer’s guide, and my experiences as well. Also, you can find sizing information on product pages or here for every dummy on this list. Continue reading

Century Grappling Dummy Review – The Ultimate Guide

If you do MMA, wrestling, BJJ or any other martial arts training, you definitely need a good grappling dummy since these have incredible benefits. You can basically improve many techniques such as takedowns, leg locks… with a good versatile grappling dummy and you can do these without a sparring partner!

Century produces many martial arts equipment like free standing bags, reactor bag and of course, it has really good quality grappling dummies on the market. Some of them are actually quite versatile and you can see them in many MMA, BJJ, and wrestling gyms.

Without further ado let’s start with the review of the most quality grappling dummy of Century. Continue reading