Cheap Punching Bag Stands for Budget Buyers!

While you are training with a heavy bag, it just needs to give you optimal swing rate. And a good quality punching bag stand accomplishes it and more. And I also know that many people can’t afford to invest a small fortune for it. So I gathered quality cheap punching stands which can do the job just fine and will be durable for a couple of years. I also have good experiences with one of them (the first stand) and you can find them within the writing.

Without further ado let’s start with the best one…   Continue reading

Best Heavy Bag Stand – Rock Solid Ones

When I was younger and while I was training with classic heavy bag, I used to fear that some guy with big muscles punch and knock down the entire heavy bag stand. Over the years, I have learnt that it is not easy 🙂 However heavy bag stands can lose its stability with time and buyers should consider having a quality heavy bag stand with a good warranty. In this short content, I will walk you through about quality boxing bag stand’s features, give recommendations for best heavy bag stands and their warranty information. Continue reading